[Unofficial wiki] - maintained by boistordu - referencing of the case open/closed/status unknown for flash sale of december


FYI: EVE is not responding to any payment processing issues at this point. They only provide their form letter stating EXPECTED deliveries, but there are no tracking numbers provided.

That EVE beliEVEs that they could get away with this type of a business practice is … .



My nickname is not in this list.
Please check my case.

My request number is 9721 and 13490.


It is NOT an official EVE list. All what the forum-member does here is collecting data of what he sees on the forum and data he receives from other forum-members.


update 2018/7/27

I ended my nightmare

My credit card center informed me that the money has been refunded

it is finally over

Thank you guys who have been helping me.

I hope you also have a good result.


Good for you!!! Maybe now you can get something more readily available and from a company that stands behind their products and promises.

From your own experience, you can decide if doing business with EVE is worth the frustration.


I guess you can update my status if you feel inclined to do so.
05/08/2018 1:04 AM EST.

filed claim to paypal through resolution center, awaiting response/ refund.

I had enough of this, with all the post about the defects and problems and especially there being close to no support or even feedback from the company… I’m done with this… maybe I’ll check back in after a few years when they have had the time to get their stuff together. for not I’m going to invest in a new rig and then maybe later I’ll get a lenovo x1


partial update.
Sorry but even if it is the summer I still need to work :slight_smile:
You are welcome if you want to help…


Status update: I went to my credit card company, faxed them every email and some screenshots, and they granted a provisional refund, provided Eve doesn’t contest it over the next two months - and that was a month ago.

Hated to do it as I like the premise behind this project, but you can now get a Surface or an HP Spectre for comparable price and specs, without the 9-months of stonewalling amid poor cash flow and questionable business practices…


I’m not sure how relevant this is to the wiki, but I applied for a refund when the option became possible.

Good work on setting up and maintaining this. It’s nice to have some pure solid data readily available, and not just meaningless claimed percentages.


Dear @boistordu!!! Thanks for the post…

I’m still waiting for my delivery as you noted. So far I have no news or answers from EVE. I’m sending periodically emails to support but the answer is always the same to wait and refer to the “exciting” news to come.

It’s really frustrating considering we paid the laptop in December 4th. I work for one of the most important sports company in the world and we were seeking to use and possibly promote the laptop, but even that, they didn’t care…

I really have my frustration to the limit, understanding the case we are going to receive a piece of technology already old…

Today it’s August 27th… and I bet the update will be wait for September…

The worst is they even don’t seem to care about the loyal customers who are still waiting to receive… I’m thinking if we should join forces together and sue them all together the ones in Europe for fraud…


please sue them… someone should really teach them a lesson


Thanks for the answers guys.
If we should sue them, then we should first need a lawyer firm that would be able and competent and willingly enough to accompany us with this journey… which is not that easy.
I will update soon with some interpretation of the data


I was using the same logic as your number 1, but it has since died so I am now forced to use my phone and old Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 to do anything computer wise. If I was still working and not Disabled, I would probably have cash to get another computer, but all my cash is tied up in my V so I am forced to wait. Of course this is mainly due to my early decision to support Eve as a company and went past my PayPal 180 day refund timetable. I accept that I may be a fool, but one can’t cry over spilt milk already on the floor. I hope I do get my V soon, I miss having a real computer. I really want to see a user friendly company succeed when there are so many greed only companies we are forced to deal with. I just can’t tell my wife there is another shipping delay past August. When I told her about the end of August shipping date, I thought she was going to put my head through the flat screen tv!! If I tell her it won’t ship until maybe sometime in September or later now, she may end up collecting my life insurance proceeds!!! :rofl::rofl::rofl:


but be aware that the data is not complete.


Did you count them and made the difference with the 65% claim ?


Do you really think you have every customer’s order delivered or not delivered in your database? Debatable would be how many of those you have, but it is common sense to assume that there are customers who never show up on the forum.


I’ m asking you geniunely an honest question.
Not being offensive here nor defensive. So I will repeat my questions. Did you do the calculus between the 65 % claim and the amount of people on the list who has not received their V ?


is this question to me? If so, no I did not, I do not find it necessary to calculate numbers coming from a certain amount of people interacting on a forum…
Why do you ask?
I also am neither defensive nor offensive. I just want to make people aware that this thread is not an official neither reliable database. It is, in my opinion, an attempt to get numbers out of what has been posted on this forum. (to achieve what, I do not know).


Okey so you don’t know. That’s everything I wanted to know. Thanks for your answer Astrid :slight_smile:
And by the way Astrid, did I or did I not repeat that it was a personal initiative ?


What important is, is how ppl perceive this thread, not what you wrote.

If they think this is officiall, then you have to increase the clarity, that it isn’t.