Unofficial poll: Which of these ideas should be Eve's next device?


Various innovative ideas have been purposed over the last year. Which one of these do you think should be Eve’s next big device? (I ordered the options by view count to be fair.)

  • Flagship smartphone
  • Laptop capable of high performance and gaming
  • eGPU box
  • 2-in-1 laptop/tablet capable of high performance
  • 10-inch tablet
  • Wearable computer

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Maybe you could add “High-quality mid-range laptop computer”. Seems there was some discussion about that as well.


@Team: Could you please add this option? I can’t edit the poll after votes have been cast.


I think we should wait with voting on this until the point in time when we are ready to start actually working on creating a new device. Who knows what ideas might pop up in the meantime?


Do you mean we should close the thread for now? Just making sure I understand. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, I am totally fine with whatever results should end up on top. At this point, it looks like the smartphone is the top one most people here are wanting. I may not agree, but that is the beauty of compromise: better ideas often come from different viewpoints. I look forward with optimism and excitement if a smartphone is Eve’s next big thing. I am positive anything they produce will be cutting-edge, feature-rich, and unbeatable value.


I am not necessarily saying to close it. I am only saying that there is little point in voting on future products right now. I also want to mention that I think it would be far better if the Team itself would do these polls, as official ones are more likely to get more attention.


I would definitely buy an EVE phone. I’m so frustrated in Apples decisions in iPhone development lately, so I must migrate to something else. I think iPhone 4 was the pinnacle of their innovation and it has been stagnated since then. I have an iPhone 6 and it’s ok as a device, but it’s just not worth the price.


I would really like a smartphone that I can root and install whatever OS on it, Tizen, Cyanogen OS, and all the others, without voiding the warranty.


Maybe it could serve as some “back then people thought that …”

Trends change, people change :relieved:


Food for thought in hindsight? :slight_smile: For what it’s worth, it is a fun thread for friendly discussion.


The options of a wearable computer and smartphone doen’t sound smart to me, now.

Sure it might be what the current customers want, because they don’t need another tablet/laptop in some time.

But it wouldn’t be a good idea for the EVE company, to start from scratch.
Now they done all this effort, got all the manufacturers and been through the whole process.

I think now is a good time to reevaluate and think about a bigger laptop for different needs or another version of a 2-in-1 tablet. Also they can try a eGPU box or a dedicated gpu like in the surface book which goes great with the V and would increasing their portfolio.

As the company increases, and i hope manpower aswell, they can start thinking about a smartphone later on.


I am right there with you, @Jan. That is the logic I have stated behind the 10-inch tablet I am hoping for. I believe Eve should first build a strong reputation and expertise in one category first. Then, as they gain traction and hire more employees with their increased revenue flow, they can diversify into other markets. I also know from speaking with fellow engineers already out in the field that it is quite hectic switching from one design to the next when it is radically different. Given this, I think the eGPU, laptop, 2-in-1 and tablet options are probably the most realistic considering Eve’s current market and financial position.


I’m pretty sure we have discussed many more possible devices than just these :smiley: But for now, let’s focus on eGPU and other accessories, shall we? :slight_smile:


Yes and it’s a way to process pros and cons of whatever the “real” decision might be in the future. I’m voting for a phone now, but I might also be interested in a laptop. In an ideal scenario for me right now would be a new phone for spring 2018 and a laptop for summer 2019. Only “problem” is if V proves to be what I think it is, I might not need a new laptop for ages… Or then the next thing is going to be supercool thanks to this community and I just have to get it whatever it is😁


I just sorted the top threads propose by view count and posted them as the options you see. There were many, many more below them, no doubt, but I chose the ones with most view counts to date. There are already accessory threads. This is just about what should be Eve’s next big device. :slight_smile:


They have already stated they would be interested in trying out other product categories. I’m pretty sure many of their partners are also useful for making smartphones, but that’s just me speculating. What I know for sure is that due to Eve ideology, they don’t form strong bonds with their business partners. They’re a small and flexible team, and that allows them to choose whatever is best for that specific project instead of relying on ols relations. This also gets them better prices :slight_smile:


True, but I am sure @Konstantinos and the rest of the @Team would eventually like to have a steady, more comfortable income flow so they don’t have to survive off of just ramen noodle and potatoes (or whatever discount foods that growing startup employees in Europe live off of). :slight_smile: Establishing some sort of roots and reputation somewhere would help them build up a wealth of liquid assets for other bigger and better projects to follow.


Well, that’s what Mr. KK told me himself :smiley: They do want to remain a small team, they don’t want to be “yet another” manufacturer. Being small and flexible allows them to have this special appeal to customers, and these guys are so awesome they’re actually working for the idea rather than profit. Oh, and since they have ~20 people working they don’t need money rivers flowing to have a good life :slight_smile:


i thought OnePlus (i own a OP 3) produces the best high-end Smartphones for a cheap price. Since the 3t was released and the price was going to over 450€ for a 64GB model, i discard this thought.

(Still great devices)


I think smartphone would be a suicidal option.

In the end, though, what we can do is help Eve when Team will actually start thinking about what’s next in refining their ideas. Right now they are knee deep in pre-production, with production run coming any day now - and from my experience that does not mean there’s place for anything else.