Units Received - Thank You!

So yeah they have arrived. I was slightly worried when I also saw my outer box and the one of inner boxes was also affected (related to box damage also mention by other members of the group).


Kudos to the packaging development group. Both panels are flawless. Now I just need a video card with the nuts to drive them :slight_smile:

I do have to say though I am having an issue with getting them to be detected over the USB-C DP, might be configuration issue on my end.
Edit: Realize my mistake with USB-C connection for DP, requirements not met my guess for the display dock, for my work laptop.


Good to see your monitors have arrived! Too bad the box came damaged, but at least the monitors themselves were unharmed. Enjoy the Spectrum!


That’s some nasty box damage, but great to see for the team that developed the packaging. It has done what it was designed to do; enable the spectrum to survive international shipping.