Unbox Therapy follow up video on the Eve V


You are Correct!

I suppose that was the original and only purpose of this forum.

But it has not been used for that purpose or in any good or organised way for a very long time.
Now it has degenerated into a forum of criticism and complaints.

That was never the purpose of the forum, it cannot and never can be used for the purpose of guiding the management in how they should or could run the business or company. That would be and has now demonstrated and shown to be commercially suicidal.

A forum like this is really nothing more than a disorganised committee.
Committees do not work in a commercial environment.
As somebody once said:- A camel is a horse designed by a committee.
A business needs leadership, certainly Not a committee.

This company has great leadership, but unfortunately they started to mistakenly believe the voices screaming from this forum. Instead they should have believed what was in their hearts and in their own minds.

This forum has been allowed to very nearly destroy their passion, dream and original purpose.
I know that it came close, but the management is still here and that fact alone, shows me they still have their dream and passion intact. I’m certain and I know their passion and dreams would be feeling severely battered and bruised right now.
However as I said the passion, dream and purpose is still firmly intact!

I stand by my comment Shut It Down and do it fast!
At least until it’s needed for the design of some new product or evaluating a new idea.
It should be used for Nothing else - Absolutely Nothing Else!


I believe that if Eve Tech had good support, the forum would not go in this wrong direction. People complain here because they feel powerless elsewhere. In my opinion the beta tests of the device were too short and nothing came out of them. All technical problems that occurred in HEB and EB are duplicated errors from the beta version.


here we go again masters is re-inventing the reality. As I already said to you, you are lying. On purpose or uncounsciously, I don’t care but as a matter of fact a continuous line of lies.

Where did they follow anything from here since December 2017?
Was it us that ask them to make the money transit through PayPal?
Was it us that ask them to continue to sell Vs when they actually sought only a way to replenish their account to deliver old orders ?
Did they upgrade the machine because of us ?
Did they add anything to the package because of us ?
Did they change their management protocol because of us ?
Did they change of CEO because of us ?

Nothing at all.
Even their communication channels and protocols didn’t change because of us. What they did was on their own. What they communicate was utterly, as proven already many times before with examples about data breaches for example, the bare minimum that they could have done. Even Tesla did communicate better than that about their delays.

They even didn’t provide you with up-to-date bios, nor drivers for you who got a V. Which is quite urgent to do according to different posts and certainly according to the intel breaches.

So if you want to talk about the previous community members who did make requests to eve-tech and who got satisfied but then grieved the budget then go for it. But make amalgams.

Actually, If they would have followed some advices we wouldn’t be in this mess of miscommunication in the first place. ( and I’m not talking about the non delivered units)

Even sending so many units to people with broken ones was their choice, certainly not mine.

And before you put yourself as a victim, I’m not criticizing @TheDestiny because he’s stating his view on this matter without telling what happened which is not your case here.

And as I can see nor unboxtherapy nor you have still understood the judiciary line here. The people complaining are not doing it about a startup which is seeking founds on indiegogo and Kickstarter but a supposedly installed private society who needs to respect the consumer rights act https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2015/15/contents/enacted
https://europa.eu/european-union/life/consumer-rights_en in some parts of the world at least. I guess both of you are consumed in the same liberal shit views where it’s « your money, your loss »


Terrible video for Eve.

I get Paypal may have screwed them over, I don’t know enough about it. But if it’s true they’re saying they are going to ship this month, I think that’s pretty outrageous.


@bleach it has been true all this year. We have repeated posts about it at nearly each weekly update and I’m pretty sure you even reacted to one of them


Sorry, I was unclear. If it is true that, if you go to their order page, they say they are shipping new orders this month, I think that is quite unlikely. I don’t think that is fair.


Don’t worry @bleach I correctly understood you and as I said it has been true the whole year and we have several posts about it asking konsta to remove it and he never did. And as I said too I m pretty sure you reacted already to one of them a few months back. It was already outrageous in June and it still is.
One more proof that this « committee » as @Masters888 called ourselves, never had any power to bend policy of this company.


You are correct. I had just assumed they would remove it.


The kool-aid is strong.


@tenkay - very likely something way stronger than Kool-Aid.



Please make a Crowdfounding project for all those people who want their money back!

I trust Lewis, I don`t trust EVE


According to Eve all Indiegogo backers received their device, which goes inside with the fact, that there has been no complaints from Indiegogo backers about missing devices (only some missing accessories).

For me this definitely reduces the credibility of Unbox Theory.


Those who got their V are classified as fanboy today :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Oh :drooling_face:



I thought the 1TB HEB were still missing?


Nope. We got them earlier this year (mine was one of the last, in April).


I’m glad he felt the moral drive to post that video. It seems like the responsibile thing to do on his part; though I certainly don’t blame him for any viewers on his channel that like the V and purchased it with his approval of the device. In the end, it was their choice. Just like buying and waiting past technical refund dates was some of our choices.
HOWEVER, this was after the Campaign. While the company’s small and foundation size did seem questionable, at that point I certainly thought I was paying for a device that simply needed to be put together and sent out in a few months or so (after they sorted out some lingering campaign things). Perhaps I was naive, but I wasn’t going into it thinking I was investing in a brand-new never-before-produced-product. I was going in with the idea of supporting a budding company already started that I hoped would rise more and actually be a viable Microsoft/Apple opponent.
It’s all rather tragic, honestly. I don’t want to villainize the company, and I don’t want to villainize myself/those who still cling to belief in Eve, but at this point I don’t know if I’m still being a head-in-the-clouds dreamer. I still love the ideals of this company. Even rereading their main website. But ideals only mean so much when there’s a possibility of them being unable to rectify this HUGE mess.


1.6 million views now. I’ glad to see youtubers like UT bringing up this issue to the table and raise some awareness for it. Silly me who shelled out my $$$ on something that’s still not delivered over a year. While some people had said some harsh words on the forum, most of us had sympathy for EVE and are reasonable human beings who want a refund/product. There’s nothing wrong about customer inquiries about their undelivered products. One way or another, EVE’s failure to fulfill orders in a reasonable timeframe will damage their corporate image and lead to a loss of trust regardless of the existence of the forum.

At this stage I’m more disappointed in my own decision than EVE’s management & communication. The cost difference between Surface and V can’t make up for the productivity that I could’ve had in the year 2018. (And that is ignoring my frustration and the amount of time I’ve spent on following up with this issue).

I’m sad.


Can relate, and here I thought I was saving money going with Eve a year ago.


There is also this one: