UK - when, if ever will the V be available?


Available as in, can handle before buying or available via on-line stores such as Amazon.

Although the price is good for the specification, it is still a lot of money to pay out if one cannot ‘feel’ it first.

Is there a return policy I can peruse?

I see the LB (Ordered before the Chinese New Year), are due to ship but what about today’s orders? When can they be expected to ship? When can we expect full production?


As of right now, never. You can check out the details about why at

Refunds will be given of you make a request within 48 hours of payment. Returns are accepted within 14 days of receipt of device.

This is in accordance with EU consumer protection laws: a customer who is purchasing something online should be afforded the same liberties and someone who made a purchase in a physical store - the 14 day period is for the customer to handle the device as a substitute for the in-store experience you just described.

All the terms and conditions are on the website, deviously hidden behind the link titled “terms and conditions”.

LBs placed their order before Chinese New Year 2017, I think you are referring to the people who purchased from the online store.

So far - based on the information made available - online store purchases are set to be produced and shipped within March.


Can I be really Wicked and ask why, “As of now, never”?

Is the V always going to be a ‘made to order’ computer which evolves/changes?

Followed the link but did not find an answer, perhaps it is hidden behind another link?





It’s in the name. :+1:


You could try to meet up with someone near you in the UK that has a V, so you can see what it’s like before you purchase.


Where do you live?
What county or area?


Oh that’s an excellent suggestion. Vs are known for being very… sociable, their owners are pretty friendly too! (albeit a bit eccentric… sometimes)


I live in Essex, Chelmsford and travel.

However, if my experiences of trying to get a user group together for a car is anything to go by…

However fingers crossed because I need the V by the sounds of it!


I would agree and strongly encourage that you do that.
I believe there are quite a few V’s in the UK

But from what I’ve heard though, there’s one particular area that I’d recommend for you to stay away from.
(Unfortunately I can’t make this area public, hence that’s why I asked where you are. I’ll tell you privately later.)

I hear the V owner there is sometimes prone to fits of rage and anger, and it seems that no amount of sweetness or candy has softened him.

AH! Essex you say. I hear the girls there are something special. Car owners are a bit odd though.

I must consult my Google map before seeing where you are in relation to the other guy.

Back soon

Thank godiva for Google Maps.

He is about 4 hours from you on the A1.

So no need to tell you where exactly, lets find someone closer for you.

That’ll take a bit longer and Wickedly is the specialist for that part.


You actually need a map! I thought everyone knew where the Essex Boys hang out!

China? Whereabouts, anywhere near Zhenghou?

As for Australia, I AM coming!


Zhengzhou is almost 750km directly west of where I am when I’m there.
I’m in Huangdao an area on the southside of Qingdao. It is now the major port and growing business area with a FREE trade zone.

Currently in Perth for the next month or two.

China is too cold in winter for my liking.

Always wanted to check out Essex but never made it.


I know Huangdao. I was in the Wudalianchi, Dandong area travelling from Zhengzhou recently. Gave the CNY a miss this year, as you say, to cold.

Would the ‘raging’ person hail from Geordie Country?

4 hours from me up the A1 IS Geordie land! I have family across the River!


there’s @fongster and @Constantine in your area. You can meet them when you travel to London or the Rochester area…


Thank you for those suggestions.

However, I avoid London (unless you mean outside the charging zone) and never get near Rochester.

I do visit the NE of UK where I have family or any place between Essex and Sunderland alongside the M11, A1/A1M and/or A19. Or, I do plan a trip to Sheffield before 11th April.


Take a look to this: Worldwide map of V backers


Thank you for the map. Similar to my car effort but I have a feeling this will be more successful.

There is one person in Cambridge whom I shall PM.


You’re in luck mate, I normally have to go to Ipswich for work once every fortnight. However I catch the train so I’ll only be available during lunch between 12 and 1. Happy for you to come by the office during that time on one of those days. PM me if interested.


Thanks for the offer mate but I want my son to come too and he is only available PM at weekends.

I do appreciate the offer though.