Two liner update 27.06



Hello Eve family!

As promised here are the latest developments! We are updating you to keep you posted even when there are no new news.

Firstly I would like to ask you all guys to withhold from speculating. There is no discussion about V not shipping to backers! We have spent 3 years on this project and we have a huge amount of people wanting to buy V, some of the biggest magazines and influencers are looking forward to get Vs for review as well as we have an AMAZING community supporting us. Microsoft’s and Intel’s support is highest it has ever been. And everyone we show the V to is really impressed by it!

We have now done everything on supply chain and finance side to make sure that production will happen as soon as possible. We have paid for all of the components and made sure production lead times are the lowest. So all of the Indiegogo devices have been paid for to our manufacturers.

####So with all that being said. Here’s the update:

1.We can’t provide you an update on the screen QC status yet due to our supplier’s strict request. We will let you know the situation once there are major news!

2.For some time now we have been reaching out to all the possible sources who could assist us on finding alternative supply source. Here is the list of the leads we have as backup options:

Here is the little poll as well, to get the community’s opinion.

###What screen would you see as the best alternative to current V screen?
We don’t have the spec sheets of all of them yet:)

  • JDI 12.3 inch 3000x2000
  • AUO 12.0 inch 2880x1920 (Lenovo)
  • Sharp 12.3 inch 2880x1920 panel (1:1500 contrast ratio, 400 nits, LTPS, IGZO, low power consumption)
  • LG 12.3 2736x1824 (SP5 panel)
  • BOE 12.6 2880x1920 (Asus transformer pro)
  • Panasonic 12.0 inch 2160x1440 (Huawei Matebook)

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WE UNDERSTAND how frustrating the delay from our side can be. Let it be known that also for Eve there is only pain for from this, no gain.

###One thing I can assure you is that V is an amazing device and you will love it! We really can’t wait to ship it to you. You really made a great choice!

We will let you know immediately as we have major news!

And for the last note we are really not going or disappearing anywhere :smiley: Here is the picture from our meetup with some backers in Helsinki the other day.

One liner update [16.08]

If we really change screen, will there be another poll with the Top X voted screens with full specs?
Since it is right now hard to choose without proper data^^


JDI 12.3 inch 3000x2000 (Lenovo miix 720)
AUO 12.0 inch 2880x1920

I think it is the other way around, the Lenovo Miix 720 has a 12.0 inch screen with 2880x1920 resolution from AUO



As @Patrick_Hermawan said, JDI 12.3 is not the Lenovo Miix 720 display.

Maybe it’s the Microsoft Surface Book display… it’s the only one i remember with that resolution…


FYI Original screen specs (extracted from homepage)


Surface Book is 13.5", I think its the new HP Spectre x2


Do we know who the manufacturer is?


Is it possible to estimate when there should be major news about QC status?
and possibly also when we will decide to move to another screen manufacturer?


No information about this was publicly disclosed, if I remember correctly.


Yeah that description of the SHARP screen. Really seems you favour that one :slight_smile: Voted for that although the BOE 12.6 inch was tempting, would love to push the screen size up a little. Would it be possible to fit it into the device and how does that screen fare quality wise?


As far as I know, the Asus Transformer 3 Pro (BOE) has problems with the brightness, I would stay away from that one.


which screen would be the brightest?


@Konstantinos Thanks for the update. Am I correct that changing the screen type/manufacturer would mean redesigning the motherboard and housing? Do you already have an idea if any of those screen options would be easier/quicker to implement? I really hope Eve can get the screen quality you want from the current supplier.


Draconian NDA can be a pain in the A. Sorry to hear about the supplier requesting for you to stop the information flow. Is obvious that they are not used to the open way of doing things that EVE is going with.

I Do think that a proper poll with full specs for choosing a different panel should be done. In the mean time the Sharp one is the better looking one.
It goes without saying, but I guess that none of those are going to be provided by the same supplier as the current one. Isn’t it? It makes no sense otherwise to change panel.

Unlike current one. Would it be posible to make that new supplier to agree before hand to be more open towards end users?


To answer some of the questions here:

  1. We know that poll is not in any way final yet. We are now contacting vendors directly for the price, lead time and spec quotes. We will update the specs as soon as we have them

  2. Screen change would not require motherboard redesign as long as it is within 12-12.6 inch range. We might only need to adjust the bezel size.

  3. We will announce major news as soon as we have them. We really can’t give you an estimate as to be 100% transparent we don’t know yet either. We think that this week we will have them. it really depends on the supplier. Really we are bound by confidentiality agreement!


Can you at least confirm that the screens have finally arrived to the facility you have some control over and are being QCed?

That you do consider other options is significant. Tells me volumes about the situation. But that would mean another delay, so: how much more delay would that add to the project if you have to buy screens elsewhere?


Does this poll mean, that you/we gave up the current V Screen?:fearful:


No it does not (not right now at least). This is just plan B.


The poll is not final or “official”. Eve is just checking what would the community see a good option

EVE doesn’t have the real stats from the other suppliers. It all depends how mch they do have screen and how fast can they deliver if they dont have them in stock etc


This is just a backup option at least for the future.
We can’t disclose any information yet on the current screen status as we have mentioned. It’s all due to supplier level agreement.

I will update community as soon as humanly possible when we have an update!

As for the other screens lead time we are now talking to suppliers and checking it out. We will let you know once we know lead times for different screens.

As you guys asked we provide updates as we get them or even if we don’t have any. So if we don’t know something we will tell we don’t know.