Two liner update 07.07



Hi community!

We are sharing updates right away as we have some!

As you know having struggles with our screen distributor (first quality issues, the followed by unforeseen delays on supplier’s side, confidentiality agreements) we decided to consider other screen options out there. Weekly we have had conversations around this topic with the manufacturers. We have constantly been searching for plans B, C etc. And with Computex electrifying the industry about the V, screen manufacturers have started to listen!
So here’s the update in the nutshell:

###1. Current screen distributor situation

We still don’t have an update on the current screens from our distributor. They are constantly changing the reasons for not being able to let us do the QC as well as force confidentiality agreements on us not allowing to share the real situation we have. We don’t yet have screen from them and in case if we decide with a better alternative we will get a full refund. We knew that screens are important for project timeline and we have paid for the screens all the way back in January

###2. Screen upgrade. Alternative screens

We have currently found 2 great screens that would be available to us one form Sharp and one from AUO. They both would be an upgrade to our current screen. They are really great. Here is shortly about each one of the screens:

  • Sharp screen has awesome specs in every way. It comes with a new technology for back light that consumes only 50% of what current screen we and other companies use. It would as a result giver a substantial boost to battery life. Also sharp screen has higher 2880x1920 resolution and deeper colors as well as great Adobe RGB coverage

  • AUO screen is 0.2 inches smaller than current 12.3 inch screen. It has 2880x1920 resolution and it is used on Lenovo miix 720. It has lower power consumption as well and no PWM (backlight flicker) You can read about the screen and how it compares to surface in this review:

  • We have also identified possible screens from Panasonic, LG and JDI. Next week we will ask for samples if the specs look good

We are now waiting to receive sample shipments and after testing them we will know if we need to make any changes to the touch panel or any other component on the motherboard.

We will now test the screen samples mentioned above and will let you know the results asap so that we could choose the best option.

###3. Timeline

  • If we will get screens from existing screen supplier there is a chance to get devices produced by the end of July

  • If we switch to alternative better screen we are looking to August - September (potentially we could update something else in V in that case)

We don’t yet know the exact timeline for the alternative screen as we first need to test them and then get final confirmation from vendors on the timeline. We have received AUO samples today and Sharp samples are coming next week. In case of changes are needed to touch panel or other components we will need around 2-3 weeks to implement them and reproduce the components that need change. Timeline will be defined by screen shipping schedule in our view

4. Gameplan

We will push all of the possible options at the same time now (existing distributor + new manufacturers). We will act as if screens from original distributor (current screes) are not coming and will focus in speeding up Sharp, AUO or any other screen option

We will have rough timeline updates from screen manufacturers next week or early on the week after that. We will have exact timeline form screen manufacturers once we have tested the screen, agreed on terms and timeline. We will push for this to happen as soon as possible.

###5. Do I need to pay extra in case if screen gets upgraded?

It is true that screen options that we found (especially Sharp) are substantially more expensive than the current screen we buy. For example Sharp screen is using unique tech (very low power consumption) and is better than Surface pro or any 2-in-1 screen out there.

We will not charge anything extra on Indiegogo backers as we find it simply unfair even if we do end up paying more for the upgrade. Upgrade will affect future V pricing nevertheless (but it will still be an awesome deal)

We also would like to hear what is in your view best course of action:

###What course of action would you prefer Eve to take?

  • Ask current distributor for a refund and get a better screen for V than it currently has. Making it 2 in 1 with the best screen on the market
  • Keep the relation with current distributor open and go with the fastest option
  • Other (please tell what the other option is)

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Thank you all guys! We are focusing on the best for the backers and community! We hope that after this you will get even better piece of tech!

Remember! Many big players are with us on this, pushing the V out ASAP. They all understand your frustration and future potential.

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Thanks for the update. The Sharp screen sounds awesome. What about the maximum brightness spec?

Since it’s already July I wouldn’t mind the additional delay to August or September. I know others we have a different opinion on this.

Some open questions:

  • What about the anti reflection coating? Is it also possible with other screens? The Lenovo Miix review show a high brightness of 400 nits but very poor outdoor visibility due to heavy reflections. So I wouldn’t want that screen without coating.
  • To make good decision we need more specs like: contrast, brightness, possiblity of anti reflection coating, PWM yes/no with Sharp, power consumption for a screens, color specs and so on.

Btw: It gets harder and harder to wait, but I love to see this project evolve and make such a great device with so much love for perfection.


Great Update Konsta! Thanks for letting us know that you too cannot hold your feet still :wink:

Should be no problem at all, because it is a feature of the digitizer (Glass + Touchscreen above the actual screen).


@hellBENder Valid question!

As this Sharp screen is very new and uses some innovative tech. I got spec sheet that says CONFIDENTIAL all over it:) I’ll ask sharp for what I can tell (hope that everything) and share the spec sheets right away.

Typical brightness on sharp is 400 typical - 450 nits max. there will be no no glare issues as we use anti-reflection coating.

Ill try to post spec sheets asap!


Awesome update, thank you!

At this point I would definately go with the new screens as this current situation is what it is. Of course if the new screens lead time is something major, then i would reconsider (don’t think it will anything major though)


screw the lousy unreliable screen manufacturer and get the best screen from sharp
Been waiting for months now, might as well wait a bit more :slight_smile:


Thanks for the update, I would be fine with a August-September delivery as that Sharp screen sounds pretty awesome!


Well, any upgrade is great, also getting the device fast is great… so the question is that are we willing to wait for added value for V? With the current situation with the screens I would say getting an upgrade would be lovely, as getting the screens “fast” might still have us wait nevertheless. If the color reproduction, resolution and battery life is better, then there’s not problem for me to wait a bit longer. But if the current screens would arrive for example on Monday, getting the V faster would be bittersweet…


Also the poll :wink: Guys it’s like they ask you “Do you want a free upgrade to something superior” :slight_smile:


Just to put things into perspective, the iPad Pro screen vendor is Sharp, so there is a possibility that we share many cutting-edge features that the iPad has.


Obviously, as a few others, i’m frustrated about the whole screen situation. That being said, since there is nothing we can do to change what has happened, all we can do moving forward from here. Personally, I see no real way of doing that other than switching to a different screen, especially considering not just the Hyper early Birds and Limited Birds, but the whole of the community and people coming from outside who will want the best device! So I say we almost have to go with the different screen, be it AUO or Sharp. While I hope the delay won’t be as massive as September, I#m willing to take that risk/sacrifice for the added value of the screen, given the benefits we get from it. If we go with the Sharp screen, afaik, we could even reduce bezel size, which (personally) I’d really welcome.


thanks for keeping us updated. :thumbsup: Although I really want to have my V in my hands i am fine waiting a bit longer - especially if that means getting a better screen. It’s amazing to see how dedicted you are to the v and try to make the best out of this annoying situation.
Can you also change the screen (like auo or sharp) even if the current distributor would be able to deliver them now? (idk i you can talk about this agreement with the distributor - nda…corporate bs :angry:)


Time schedule is already delayed, so i don’t mind to w8 for a bit longer to get my bad ass V.
“Sharp” got my vote becoz of its reputation from a long time, when electronic device from japanese vendors dominated asian market in high class segment.

If its screen is forged for high class device, just use it (without price adjustment as your promise)


My two cents would be, if you don’t want to use your current distributer for future sales of the V you should ditch them now. No way should backers get a screen that is worse than what new buyers will get.

I’d be happy with the sharp screen with a bezel reduction.


about what exactly are we talking here? There were some minor things that I can hardly remember right now, although the were some heated discussions :wink:

  • there was something about LEDs on the keyboard? (capslock or fn lock?)
  • bigger battery? :yum:
  • big sd card?

I thought most parts are already paid and finished, so what could be changed?

I’m in Norway right now, mostly far a from the Internet, so I can’t check that all out from here, sorry :sunglasses:


Like many others… I’m a Sharp fan having been involved in Aerospace applications. … I’m not anxious to have my V with current supplier given their poor performance so far… I’m happy to wait.


Thanks for the update @Konstantinos.
The initial screen manufacturer seems not to have taken Eve seriously, I don’t see a reason to continue doing business with it.
I really would like to see your tests of the Sharp screen, it seems a very good alternative.
It’s just too bad for the delay again but it is to have a better machine :wink:

During the time you will wait for the new test screen to arrive, could you take a look at a possibility to upgrade the storage to 1TB ? (not free of course but as an addon)



I vote for the sharp screen. I doubt believe the extra picked will make a difference in normal use, but I am interested in reduced per I consumption (always) :slight_smile:

Thank you for keeping on this @Konstantinos… You and the team are doing good work.

Btw - I know the challenge this represents for many others - my heart goes out to them, regardless if the path chosen.


The Sharp display panel is physically the same 12,3 inch size as the current Samsung display panel, so the bezel width should stay the same.

Known specs so far: Sharp 12.3 inch 2880 x 1920 display panel (1:1500 contrast ratio, 400 nits with 450 nits max, LTPS, low power consumption).



Hello, is a shame to hear about the delays and issues caused by external factors. I actually had a quick question regarding the price increase in regards to the new sharp screens.

Unlike most here I’m not an early backer and only discovered Eve a month or so ago, realistically what sort of price increase would be expected? And would it still be cheaper than the latest Surface Pro?