Trump Wins US Presidency


What a YEAR! I’m just looking forward to ordering an Eve V on the 21st.


Maybe now its time to send one V to Mr Trump :smiley:


Gosh, elections are going wrong EVERYWHERE. In Lithuania we just elected a party that has no political opinion at all (they tried to initiate talks for coalition with both socdems and conservators at the same time), Estonia has some trouble getting a stable majority in parliament from what I heard… This year is f^%$d up…


I honestly can’t say that went wrong… I definitely wasn’t a fan of Trump although I honestly did not watch much of anything he had to say up until his acceptance speech. However if that speech is any indication of how he plans to run the country and his opponents’ apparent lack of facing her supporters’ was any indication of how she would have run her government. Then I congratulate him and look forward to the next four years.


he sadly brings massive uncertainty. This has been the first time he has some high level political post.
He is anti muslim. Sadly most terrorists are muslims. But then there are tons of common muslim people who want a peaceful life. He is outspoken to gross levels. I just hope all goes well with the world.


You look forward to a wall from Mexico and totally ignorant foreign politics? A racist who hates women for president! Maybe if you had watched some of the debates you would know that he has nothing to do with politics, his comments are often conflicting, he’s just against everything. He clearly doesn’t know what he’s doing.


Democracy has one huge flaw: in most places people aren’t informed well enough to vote - from illiteracy to prejudice - which makes those people very easy targets to manipulate.

These people don’t know either enough of politics (for example how you run a country - there are numerous policies you can defend) nor of the situation of the country/place (although in this globalised world countries have seen their powers greatly reduced).

Only with knowledge can you vote ‘well’.

There is another thing that discredits the democratic system and makes it unfair for who corrupts it - politicians love to tell lies or make bold promises they can’t fulfill. But in reality, this is only a consequence of the knowledge (or in this case its absence) of a great number of people who, by not being informed, pose themselves in a situation where they will believe anything others say.

There is, therefore, the need to have the media deconstruct every little argument/lie/promise so people can get informed. The sad truth, though, is that the majority of the media is owned by big groups, lobbies, who serve their best interests.


@Artur Lets not forget one of the roots of the US Election Problems, the Electoral College.
I was just reading up on it again, and its funny, because I stumbled upon this and, of course, this


Totally agree with you on all points. I don’t have any respect for him as a person… But from what I read into his speech. I don’t believe any such wall will be built, he may build a few fences just to be symbolic. But on the other hand. There were just two candidates. Upon losing she immediately sent someone to say she wasn’t coming to address her supporters. People who had given up months of their time in support of her. She hid in her hotel room.
America needs a strong president. Someone that can stand up in a crisis, not go hide. I don’t believe she was qualified either.
I totally agree with @tiktoktoyatoya as well as many others that have concerns but in listening to his acceptance speech I see someone who has been hastily educated and someone who wants to work to make the country better. Hopefully in four years both parties can bring more electable candidates forward.
Until then I am optimistic that he will have smart people to advise him and I am optimistic that he will do what is right, not what he had suggested during his campaign.


I wouldn’t call Trump “strong”. Never. He’s just a clown who doesn’t know what he’s doing. And especially he’s dangerious to the rest of the world. He already said that Estonia pretty much belongs to Russia, and he’s not planning to act according to NATO agreements in case something happens there. He’s nothing more than a Putler’s personal puppet in US government. There is a quite big chance that history will call this election the start of World War 3 sometime in the future.


Tbh, I feel most disappointed about the fact that he still doesnt believe that climate change is real.


I don’t think he believes any worldwide problems exist… He only cares about hating minorities, immigrants and women.


It is going to be a interesting 4 years for the USA. Only time will tell what he will actually do. I think people fed up with career long politicians and that is the way they voted. At least that is my interpretation. Were they truly informed or not, who knows. Or were some that were informed and they just did not care. Only time will tell.


From what I read and interpreted on what I read from Trump-Supporters it’s that they’re fed up with the “PC” culture (political correctness). (At least part of them)
I personally am a bit afraid for all the minorities or that he attacked during his campaign or other ‘factions’ like the LGBT and similiar.

But only time will tell what Mr. Trump will do - and I, even as an european hope that he f*****g acts like he did in his speech after being elected and not like in those speeches before the election.


100% sure someone wrote that speech for him. So the best he can do is listen carefully to his advisors and do exactly what they tell him to do, because he’s too dumb to take his own decisions… I too hope he does that. But I’m afraid of his opinion about NATO. That made Putin happy, apparently.


It’s quite unfortunate. A majority Senate and House that deny climate change, and now President-elect… I’m fearful these next 4 years will have an extremely destructive impact on the future of our planet all to fill the pockets of politicians hungry for money from the fossil fuel lobby. Oh and Donald Trump, reality television star, will also have access to the second largest nuclear weapons arsenal in the world (behind Russia).

What a time to be alive. :sweat_smile:


What a time to live on the border between Europe and Russia… :sweat:


i feel sad for USA. Both candidates weren’t worth it. Here in India, a state called “Uttar Pradesh”, there are two major politicians “Maya” and “Mulayam”. Both are head deep in corruption charges. But UP doesn’t have any option. The USA elections were similar.