Trackpad, left mouse button doesn't click (no haptic feedback)

The left button of my trackpad gives very little haptic feedback. It doesn’t click, especially if it’s in a tilted position. There is a slight click if I move towards the middle of the pad, but on the bottom left corner there is nothing.

The right side on the other hand clicks very nicely and provides great haptic feedback.

Does anyone else have this problem? Was this maybe fixed with newer versions of the keyboard?

I think it comes down to tolerances - there was an issue with the first revision of the keyboard (one of many) where the clicks were not ‘clicky’ enough which should’ve been solved quite a while ago.

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Alright, thanks for the info. I will get in touch with customer service about this and see what they say. I have barely used my V and now that I am I have noticed the problem.