Touch Pad issue


Has anyone face this annoying issue with the V’s touch pad. It works fine most of the times, but sometimes it suddenly gets weird that you cannot control the cursor where it is going. I kind of moves around a bit even if you don’t want it to. This issue gets fixed only when I restart the system. I think there is some issue with the software or drivers which gets reset once restarted. Is it a bug everyone is facing, @Team are you guys aware of the issue.


While I can’t personally recall facing it on either of my Vs recently, I believe I am familiar with the problem. I’ve experienced it on a number of other windows machines as well, so I believe it’s “just” a Windows issue, rather than a V spesific issue.

But all I really can say to help you on the matter is that if you haven’t contacted support yet, you should do so through Support –

(Also, updating to the latest version of Windows might be a good idea. I’m always on the insider previews on my devices, and I can’t remember experiencing this on what is now the latest official update.)


It could be a screen hiccup too: ghost touches.


If your issue is about like this: you can move the mouse cursor, but it only moves a little, or it just clicks randomly, even though you are just moving the finger ontop of the touch pad – for me that happens quite often (i have a lot of problems with the keyboard) and a solution i’ve found is to detach the keyboard from the V wait 2-3 seconds and then attach it again.

If it doesn’t work the first time try again.

Hope this fixes your problems.


does it only happen via BT? or also plugged in?
Only BT - I had that happen with my BT (not Microsoft) keyboard for the SF4… comes and goes…


for me that problem always happens via bluetooth, and only sometimes via pogo pins -> that’s what i tried to describe above.


I don’t use the keyboard in BT mode, so it happens with keyboard plugged in. Detaching the keyboard and then putting it back on did solve the problem. Is it really an issue with windows, because I use one windows on my office laptop which is a lenovo and have never faced this.


Nope. it’s they keyboard.

Wickedly put it better into words: