Tiny liner update [11.08]



Ask Sharp to change their design…

That’s a somewhat unrealistic view surely given Eve-Tech and the V current state of development and market size. OR were you just being mischievous :expressionless:


Well, they already promised out of warranty repairs and upgrades, so I assume they have a plan for that :slight_smile:


Used SSD? Im not sure one might want to do that, since the financial benefit of doing that, cannot really be compared with the estimated drive wear, the shortened life span and potential earlier catastrophic failure taking your files with it. Now could all these be avoided in a brand new SSD? For sure no, however beeing the first owner, having all the manuf. warranty at your disposal, and some theoretical guaranteed HOPs is imo considerably better. But for the rest, I’m in the same page with you, I have already a 960 evo waiting for its V. For sure its a logistically more complex, but hey, its also a small contribution towards some costs if we consider that we take the cost of the drive ourselves, and yet, we are talking about 500 devices, not even thousands, of which I’m not sure that all of us want to have that 1TB ssd, which immediately brings the extra logistic burden to manageable levels, and of course together with the will, it can become reality.


It’s a fact, not speculation. I’ve already reached the final straw for this device. They promised on igg that it would deliver in Feb for heb. They missed that deadline now by 6 months. That’s called false advertising. They failed to secure the screens, which we are now waiting for. We only received samples, not even the actual product. So I am not even being optimistic with my November deadline. Like I started before I had to purchase a ipad for now to get work done. It’s a waste of $950+ dollars on top of my fully loaded V + accessories.


Apple devices have a rather high resell value. Just sell it after the migration to the V.
Or sell the v.


I understand why you’re angry but…



Yes, if they had put November I’m quite certain it’s going to effect their sales. I wouldn’t have backed them had they told me November. There were many other people, students, workers who complained that they needed a refund because they were counting on the v to be delivered in a timely fashion. This isn’t a toy. It’s a tool. Why put $1500+ down for a tool you can’t use for close to a year after you paid for it?


I’m sorry that I finally break my silence but this is getting too ridiculos.

If you’ve ever seen IGG projects then you should know that something like delays have happened. It’s not called false advertising, as pointed out by @MiukuMac - there’s a reason IGG and Kickstarter hadve ‘Estimated’ at the dates because shit happens.

In regards to failing to secure the screens, I’m lurking around quite a bit and like 99% sure that @Konstantinos mentioned somewhere that they paid the screens in January or so - I’d not call that fail to secure the screens but rather getting f***ed by the supplier. And it’s fucking annoying that the V is delayed, I’d have wanted a V like 2 months ago as well - but it’s how things are.

And to reply to your final post - there was a quote quite a while back on IGG/Kickstarter which pretty much sums up all of that.
'You’re throwing money at a promise. Expect that money to be gone FOREVER. If you get anything back, then great.'
It does not go exactly like that but pretty similar.
Oh, and also I think they did not expect to be delayed as well.


I’m glad you don’t speak on behalf of Eve :slight_smile: @team.


Since I built my own house, I know a fair deal about “putting money up front” (a lot of it) without any guarantees that things will ever actually work.

Anyway, if Eve is guilty of something it isn’t false advertising but perhaps having a little too much optimism and faith in their supplier which turned out to be… well, not quite what everyone hoped. If everything had gone according to their estimates, they would have been able to ship the device in time.

Don’t worry, it’ll still come out before Star Citizen.


Problem here was that EVE team misinformed backers as they said that product (V) is fully ready and they need money for parts and only thing which is missing is some community testing.


Wait when EVE announced that V was fully ready?


I hope the interference wont’t be a big problem


As I remember from the campaign - there were presenting that davelopment is fully done they are in a period of testing and they need money for parts. It was presented that only thing left are - community testing, final assembly and shipping to clients/backers …
If you compare it with simmilar campaign and product - GPD Pocket - they made simmilar promisses but they delivered.


And with that money they bought all the parts including the screens that had a bad quality in the first batch and the next batch is still not delivered (but paid since January).


So they should use lawyer and get that supplier to pay … this is how it is working in business I know.


But using a lawyer won’t bring us the devices in the next 2 years, because we all know courts aren’t that quick…
Next thing is: In the business I know, people move by pressure. The market is that big, that not every request will be fulfilled. They prioritize based on the amount of pressure put on them. Big fishes in the market create more pressure than smaller ones because failing to deliver will likely lead to loosing a customer.

Eve has known in advance, they do not have enough power to pressure the suppliers by themselves, so they teamed up with Emdoor, a not so small loan hardware developer. They did the hardware development based on Eve’s (and our) specs. But apparently even Emdoor didn’t have enough power to create enough pressure on this supplier. Therefore, it seemed Emdoor wasn’t worth enough to this supplier - at minimum the effort was to big.

Eve is getting bigger and therefore can create more pressure and more momentum. This is the thing that lead to the current possibility with Sharp.

Could they be prepared for such things happening? No. Did they do the best possible to solve the issue? In my opinion: yes.


I’m not sure about that as EVE lost too many potential opportunities/markets with V already - end of school one, summer holiday one, hype after Computex one, back to school and Thanksgiving one - and they are very close to lose Black Friday and Christmas …


But they surely will catch the “V finally shipping” hype and the “IGG backers gets free spec upgrade for free” press rumor :wink:

And shortly after that there will happen the next big marketing driven “sale”, because after christmas there comes spring sale, then easter sale, followed by “The NeXt big sale” :tm: and “The After Sale Sale” :copyright: :smiley:


In that time - there will be new products … at least announced …