Tiny liner update [11.08]



You said that the 1tb ssd probably need to take 8 weeks of time to deliver. Do you mean that the new screen also requires ~8 weeks to deliver??


Hey guys, don’t get too optimistic. Eve is still facing great challenge in terms of giving excellent quality in display quality.
I know Chinese so, if you need help, I may try to translate the wordings more natively than Google for you all.

It says that the screen power cord is overlapping with a TP line, which may cause interference. By googling what 水波紋 means, it means that when you take a picture of the screen with your phone, you’ll see the ripple. ( Which means that the screen is flickering that our eyes cannot determine, yet it’s flickering)


The plastic frame needs to reduce plastic ( I think it means the thickness, and the frame needs to remould

Pogo pins needs to reduce plastic , remould
Under the read text,重新開模, it means they need to redesign the mould,( which means pogo pin redesign???)[quote=“mirv, post:12, topic:9032”]

CAD3.jpg1201x791 285 KB

Black text:

Chóngxīn jiāgōng rè yā luómǔ/M1.4
2 Wài jìng 2.0mm
Re-process press-nuts/M1.4 * 2 OD 2.0mm

Red text:

Luómǔ xūyào dìngzuò
Change nuts

The screw needs to be modified, perhaps make the inner circle larger ( thinner bezel for the screw??? )
Under the read text,
The screw needs to be customized built ( so additional time for quality check and test for fitting)

They need to modify 0.3mm for some space ( don’t know what for, I don’t know the terms of 被空)

Hopefully I am able to help you all


@iKirin and @Konstantinos two quick questions:

  1. Could you clarify, if the housings need to be modified to fit the new screen, what are you referring to in saying that you can’t change the housings?
  2. How many housings do you have that will need to be modified before your supplier starts manufacturing ones that won’t need to be modified for the new screen? Enough for Hyper/Early Bird batches, more? (If there is some business reason you can’t disclose this info that’s ok too)


The hyper early & limited birds are made so they are the ones requiring the additional piece. The ones that will be made in the future will already be designed for the sharp screen and thus will have a newer housing matching the functionality that is achieved in the older (hyper early & limited birds) housing plus their extra piece.
I think that’s what you wanted to know.


Well er…:flushed:

My mistake. Don’t know how I missed that.


May the Hong Konger assist with the Translation? XD Anyways:

1st Slide: Plastic Frame Less Plastic-Change Mold / EXTRA CNC WORK NEEDED

2nd Slide: POGO Pins - Change Mold, Less Plastic / NEW MOLD

3rd Slide: Rework - Heat Press Nuts / 2x M1.4 Screws, 2mm Outer Diameter / NEED TO PRODUCE NUTS

4th Slide: Need to add 0.3mm of space

5th Slide: Ribbon Cable is intersecting with TP Cable, Big Risk for using wave-patterned cables.

This is the best I could translate! @Team could hit me up if you need any translation work done in future updates! :wink:

Edit: Nice update!


Thanks for translation dudes :slight_smile:

Let me answer questions that came overnight.

  1. Housing will not have to be reproduced again. We would just need to make modifications. All future housings will be like in the CAD.

  2. Housing rework will take around 10 days after we start next week. So it will not delay anything.

  3. 1tb update will be done if we find stock for them so we will not have to wait 8weeks.


About that 1TB option: since it’s much easier to find SSDs being sold one by one instead of in big batches, would you consider to let users ship an SSD to you while the tablets are being assembled? The reason I ask is because you’ve mentioned before you would offer paid upgrades after the device is bought. So maybe you could do the same before even shipping it? Of course, you would need strict compatibility requirements, maybe a whitelist of compatible models. People would still be able to buy used SSDs or take them out of their old laptops if they’re compatible, according to their financial ability. That’s quite important because SSD prices are really crazy high right now… It might actually be worth buying a used SSD for $200, $50 for expedited shipping to you and some more for your work instead of paying $350 + work to you (according to current market prices)


Awesome news. Looks like a September/October timeline is definitely feasible. As a limited bird backer, I am definitely booking those two months into my calendar!


Sorry, but that sounds like the worst organisational nightmare I could imagine. Fuck ups guaranteed.


1 TB sounds right.
And a t-shirt
Happy to pay


I would happily wait 8 weeks for my V since it is an Early Bird, I would probably have to anyways :sweat_smile:

Maybe it is possible to swap all X Hyper Early Birds who want 1TB to the early birds to get the SSD sourced and the first X Early Bird pledges go up to Hyper Early birds if they do not want 1TB? Since this would not be mandatory it should also be no Problem since it is no new delay for anyone. :slight_smile:

For the EB the 8 week should be short enough, or am I wrong?


Good to see the retrofit work for Screen and Housing mechanical changes visible to us, @Team, is this not possible? Ask Sharp to align to our housing model, I am sure we will have to do the 2nd round of sample screen testing and also will impact final screen delivery?


@razaknk While it would be possible to ask Sharp for that, I think it’d take much more time and since we’re not the only ones using that Panel (or will not be the only ones in the future - at least I think because that panel is A-MEI-ZING) so Sharp would not want to change it just for us.
If we adapt our housing in those small ways it is much quicker and we’ve got less to test as we’ve just got some small adjustments on the housing.


The interference is worrisome. Hyper early birds and early birds are going to be the guinea pig for Eve. If it’s 6-8 weeks to get screens, another week for production, we are looking at November delivery…


that’s pure speculation.


The timeline will be communicated once the tests are completed and the order is placed with Sharp (because then a delivery date will be provided, which is the standard process related to a supply chain).

And yes, HEB and EB all along were guinea pigs in a way… that comes with IGG if you misinterpreted that before. Still we should not be speculating about delivery timelines, Eve is criticized all the time for putting out too optimistic dates, but user speculation about dates too far out could cause harm to Eve’s reputation (even if no official claim from the team), thus please refrain from it!


HEBs and EBs are promised the same devices as everybody else and I trust Eve to also deliver on that promise. We’re the guinea pigs as in our devices are the first production run, but it’s still the exact same devices than the one’s after. (the only difference might be the changes in the CAD drawing shown by @Konstantinos since HEBs and EBs will get these added to their finished housings and the others will have the housings produced with them, but that’s minor imo)


How is a user subjective estimation hurting EVEs reputation? This is a forum, if someone estimates October/November it still is his subjective opinion, not EVEs official…
And seriously, past user “too far out” estimations were even quite too optimistic when compared with reality…
Very small chances that the officially communicated timeline of August/September for HEB is possible, so September/October, meaning October/November for EB.