Tiny liner update [11.08]



Mini Update guys:

We have finished evaluating mechanical changes required to fit new screen. You can see them in RED in power point below. Sorry for not having stuff translated:)


Good news is that we don’t need to scrap currently produced housing. We need to pay extra 30-50USD per device to get those changes done in the already produced housings.

Waiting eagerly for the next week to get confirmation on this amazing screen!

Community Digest 14.08

Baaaammm!!! First :smiley:


changes right? :wink: sorry to pick on typos, thanks for the update and have a great weekend


Given the extra charge and the screen upgrade, have you guys thought about offering the ability for backers to throw some extra dollars your way (optional of course)??


Amazing news. That is really great. Have a really awesome weekend.


Sorry I was typing it up from my phone))) after hearing your feedback I want to make sure you get news as I get them:)))


Yes definitely! We are thinking to offer Tshirts and hopefully 1tb update for backers.


Great News thanks for sharing the changes needed! :smiley:


Thanks for the update.

30-50USD for changes + Extra display cost - ouch!!


Assuming hopefully that the changes will only be required for the first 500 devices and not the ‘early birds’?


Hey, that’s super awesome to hear, since it means less costs for you and less waiting time for us. Great.

Btw, I have no portable device since several months, but the V sounds so f*****g awesome (or can I say: everything else is so poorly designed, or heavily overpriced and poorly designed) that I didn’t even think about getting something else, despite all the delays which mean that I can’t sit outside… But I’m sure it will be worth those more than 6 months of suffering on my desktop :yum:


Here is the text in the CAD models translated with Google Translate, so apologies in advance for the poor translation.

Hopefully someone with better knowledge of Chinese can translate more accurately (especially 水波纹风险很大 in CAD 5).


Black text:

  • 塑胶支架减胶-改模/
  • Sùjiāo zhījià jiǎn jiāo-gǎi mó/
  • Plastic bezel minus glue - change mould/

Red text:

  • CNC加工
  • CNC jiāgōng
  • CNC machining


Black text:

  • POGO PIN 改模减胶/
  • POGO PIN Gǎi mó jiǎn jiāo/
  • POGO PIN Change mould minus glue/

Red text:

  • 重新开模
  • Chóngxīn kāi mó
  • Re-mould


Black text:

  • 重新加工热压螺母/M1.4*2外径2.0mm
  • Chóngxīn jiāgōng rè yā luómǔ/M1.4*2 Wài jìng 2.0mm
  • Re-process press-nuts/M1.4 * 2 OD 2.0mm

Red text:

  • 螺母需要定做
  • Luómǔ xūyào dìngzuò
  • Change nuts


  • 需要加工0.3mm避空
  • Xūyào jiāgōng 0.3mm bì kōng
  • Remove 0.3mm to avoid interference


  • 屏排线与TP排线交叉,水波纹风险很大
  • Píng pái xiàn yǔ TP pái xiàn jiāochā, shuǐ bōwén fēngxiǎn hěn dà
  • Screen cable and TP (touch panel) cable cross, water ripple risk is great (risk of signal interference is great?)


Tiny Rick for tiny updates :smiley:


So will you make the addition for currently produced frame bodies and then update future frames to not need the addition?


As asked before are these Costs only for the first test bench or for every device so the average add on is maybe only 10$ ? Agree to let us give an option to support with some extra money spend (optional)… please don’t calculate this into the 1tb option.
Theses changes seems to be expected I guess. I am interested about the timeline. I know we have to wait for some more analysis but my guts feeling tell me we never get everything done Including test etc up to August September delivery date. For sure I am still hoping…


@Konstantinos , did cad 3 pic really don’t need changes to the housing already produced?


T-Shirts and 1 TB? Sounds great :smiley: I’d take them both…


Is it a new carving in the current housing, new housing or is it an additional part that’s retrofitted/attached to the already created housings? :slight_smile:


The existing housings will get recarved to fit the new screen. So no new housings needed :slight_smile:


Yep, pretty much! :slight_smile:
We can’t really change the already produced housings, but we can make sure that the next housings don’t have to be adapted! :slight_smile:

@zwehn Sorry I might have missed your previous question, but as answered to @Mohammad_Hadi, the extra costs we only have for the Hyper Early & Limited Birds as we’ve got the housings produced already for those.

As far as I know we won’t increase the price for the (still potential - we’re still looking for them as 1TB SSDs are super hard to source right now) 1TB upgrade, as if we e.g. pay 1000€ over a 512GB SSD, we’d just go to the next nice, big number that covers our costs & gives us also a bit of profit - e.g. 1200€.

For the timeline, we don’t know exactly for sure, my gut feeling is depeding on how fast Sharp can move if everything is alright we will have the first Hyper Birds arriving at the End of September - but that is just my gut feeling as well as a bit of my hope and not backed up by and numbers I’ve got :slight_smile: