Thunderbolt 3 External graphics card :-?


Thunderbolt 3

They did not mention nothing about the external graphics card connection possibility. I want just to know for a fact that is possible for this device or not…I have faith in this product (and my money…) I don’t want to have negative surprise after I buy the product.

“With Thunderbolt 3’s top speed of 40 gigabytes each second, your files MOVE. In a heart beat. It also lets you chain-connect multiple devices, such as two 4K displays or even to external graphics cards. Transfer data and take care of the charging simultaneously, you can also establish 10 GB/s Ethernet connection between two Thunderbolt 3 equipped devices.”


Yup, it does support eGPU, at least until now Eve always promised that. And they’re even considering making their own (not overpriced) eGPU box :slight_smile:


Definitely getting one when it comes out :heart_eyes:


I would definitely consider an eGPU if one became available. Razor has one, but the case alone costs $450 then you have to add a graphics card.


How well will the i7Y handle gaming with an external graphics card?


Theoretically, eGPU is supported HOWEVER it must be programmed correctly in the UEFI, some laptops with Thunderbolt 3 required BIOS updates for it to work so I presume there’s something on the UEFI level that needs to be checked. I’m no hardware programmer so I cannot tell for certain.