Thunderbolt 3 Docks tested with V

Thanks Michael,
I finally ordered a titan mantiz ( website). I will have it next week I hope and I will post my impressions to the forum.

I ordered the Mantiz Titan and their shipping experience was perfect. It arrived yesterday and after updating the Ethernet through win10 device manager. It has worked perfectly so far with the tests I have run, It fully powers the V. I have only tested with a single monitor not a 4k one but as a docking station it operates.

The one downside so far is one of my external USB 3 drives doesn’t work with it, I think the Titan doesn’t provide enough power it is Toshiba with 2TB so multi-plate HD and requires a bit more power. It works with the other more newer USB drives though.

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You may want to try one of those double prong usb cables, what will feed the hungry disk through 2 usb outlets.

Thanks AML,

the external USB drive did actually come with a 2 outlet cable (power+power/data). However the Titan’s dual USB 3 ports don’t power it enough. So as a test I bridged it using an external powered USB 3 hub and it works. Fortunately this is an image back up drive and it is powered fine by the V. So it looks the folks at Mantiz didn’t allow for this kind of power consumption from the USB ports. No big deal in the scheme things as the dock fulfils its function.

For a 4K pass through dock it provides the same functions as the DELL TB16 for half the price, so I would say it is well worth it.

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Good news and a valuable cost hint. :hugs:

Now I have Dell dock WD15 in work and the freezing and keyboard connecting/disconnecting happends as well. So I assume that that this is not dock problem. Does anybody have the same problem with keboard and mouse connected via dock?

Anyone have tried to Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock? I am thinking of getting one as it would include nice array of ports. It’s little pricey but still under 300 euros which is kind of decent for a TB3 dock?

I will try it, I have this docking at home.
I hope to do this this evening.

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The answer is yes it works, at least for what I have tested (ethernet + hdmi + usb hdd). The V is also charging.
This dock is delivered with a 65W adapter so it is ok.
You need to, first, install the driver ( ) when not connected to the docking, then reboot and then plug the V to the docking.
The thunderbolt driver will ask you if you want to connect to the dock, you say yes and voila :slight_smile:


Thanks for testing. Might purchase one then for home.

You might to take a look at, it cheaper than on the Lenovo website.

Cheapest price here in finland is about 250 euros

Hi, just got my Eve V. Still in it’s box so far. I’m coming from a surface pro 3 with docking station. Of course, it doesn’t work with the Eve. I wanted to know what solution you could advise so that I can use the Eve V with two other monitors? Thx in advance for your help. :slight_smile:

I finally got around installing the firmware and the driver you linked at. One thing I noticed was that previously the dock’s ethernet port operated only at 100 Mbps which was pretty disappointing. Now, after installation the speed is at 1 Gbps, yay! :slight_smile:

Note that you need to install also Intel’s thunderbolt bus driver from here:

That fixes the “Base System Device” with yellow exclamation mark in device manager. It becomes “Thunderbolt™ Controller - 15D9”.


I have the CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 3 dock. It has been working well for the most part. Ports all work, charging as well. There is some flakiness with the connection - with a minimal jostle or bump of the cables, the connectivity can get interrupted. I’m not sure if this is an issue with the cable that was included, or the ports themselves.

I don’t know if you saw it but Lenovo has a new thunderbolt dock with an integrated GTX 1050.
No idea if it would work with the V.

Caveat - I have that one for my wife’s Lenovo and it often drops the keyboard/mouse connection. I’ve not put enough time in diagnosing (maybe just a BIOS update). Be aware before buying.

Is the Lenovo Thunderbolt 3 dock still working for you?

Is the titan mantiz dock still working for you?

Yes, currently using a 4k monitor with it. It hasn’t missed a beat since I received it last year.