Thunderbolt 3 Docks tested with V


Hello, Does someone know this dockstation ?

In your opinion it could be ok for V ?


Note that that is a usb-c dock and not a thunderbolt dock. It’s just “thunderbolt compatible”


Thanks Phil, I think I will buy an HP Elite


According to this product page it is possible


includes availability of usb-pd from most egpus


I bought a usb-c (not thunderbolt) dock from ali express from ugreen. It works completely. I had some initial connection and recognition issues, but a reboot and reattach solved those.

  • power delivery: yes, pass-through PD
  • 1x HDMI: 2560x1440 is max of my monitor, box says 4k support@30Hz
  • ethernet: yes
  • 3x usb 3.0: yes
  • micro SD: yes
  • Compact flash: yes

Drawback with these kinds of docks is the short (15cm) connection cable. But this isn’t the target computer form factor.


Guys, my working dock combo goes like this

Dell Business Dock WD15 - Thunderbolt and charges the laptop
1 monitor connected via HDMI
1 monitor connected via VGA
My USB mouse and keyboard combo will not work with the USB dongle when connected to the dock

Configurations that did not work consistently

  1. Dell Business Dock WD15

  2. Monitors connected via Display Port

  3. HP Elite Thunderbolt 3 Dock

  4. Monitors connected via Display Port


Thanks for the info.

What issues did you have with the HP Elite Thunderbolt 3 dock?


When the monitors were connected via Displayport they’d randomly disconnect.

Just this morning I’ve had an Intel graphics driver and Windows update through and the monitors haven’t dropped off once using the setup below

Dell Business Dock WD15 - Thunderbolt and charges the laptop
1 monitor connected via HDMI
1 monitor connected via VGA


Do you still have issues with USB dongles with the dock? I can’t use USB-A dongles with my HP Thunderbolt dock. My mouse cursor pauses and I have static with my wireless headset. They are fine when directly connected to the V and also when connected to a USB-A hub connected to a V USB-A port. It’s like there are latency issues, which shouldn’t be the case with thunderbolt.


Update on the Pluggable Thunderbolt 3 dock:

I bought a Akitio Node to house a Nvidia 1050 TI card and have found a few problems. I really like the unit and wanted to enhance my graphic system to support a flight simulator. But, the Node wants to be first on the TB3 chain, but doesn’t have a pass-through capability. (Nor does it have a charging PD function).

I had it working for a while with the Pluggable as the pass-through, but the system kept connecting and disconnecting and drove me crazy. I really like all the ports on the Pluggable unit, expecially the Ethernet and displayport connections, but I can’t get the Node to stay connected.

For the moment I have taken the Pluggable out of the setup and am running the Node as the only TB3 device, and the Standard charger plugged into the upper USB-C port. I’ve gone back to using wireless for my Internet connection.

I brought one of my externally powered USB 3.0 hubs out of retirement and it all seems to be working for the moment.

I’ll keep it this way for a while, but in the end I think I’ll build a dedicated system for the flight sim and install the Pluggable when I get that done.



Hi Borf,

Isn’t the WD15 a usb-c connector and not thunderbolt?
Because the WD15 looks like the perfect dock for my needs so I wanted to check.

Also, you mean using HDMI + VGA to plug external monitors, but the WD15 mini display port seems problematic?
Lastly, you say you were having problems with the mouse and keyboard, can you elaborate a bit more?



Good point. I’ve removed the WD15 from the list.


Recently I bought a Dell TB16 thunderbolt dock, all the connections worked, and it did provide power, so far I have no problem using it.


I am using Plugable thunderbolt 3 dock and till now having an awesome experience. No issues faced.

#40 seems working. I’am using it for 3 hours. Charging OK. I have conected ext. display via hdmi and keyboard/mouse via usb… No problems yet.


I have been using for a while but I noticed that keybord is disconecting and mouse move is not sometimes smooth and it freezes for aprox. one sec. In interval of few seconds keboard indicators flashes. Sometimes key press is repeated multiple times, sometimes key presess is lost. I tried another keyboard and mouse. Ext. display works good.

I thought that is problem of dock so I replaced it with But the problem is still here.

Right now I have keyboard connected via dock and mouse directly to V and it seems OK.

Any idea where is the problem? Does anybody have the same problem?


I tried these two

Both having problems with wired mouse and keyboard connected via usb.


I have a wireless dongle for my mouse and headset. Neither work properly in the HP Thunderbolt Dock I have (but both work fine plugged directly into the V). The mouse freezes (very much as you describe) and the headset has a lot of static. It’s as if there is a latency problem, which makes no sense given the thunderbolt bandwidth. Can’t tell whether it’s a problem with dock: reading comments about the dock, there are a lot of complaints about it not working very well. However, the 4K screen works fine with it.


I have found some discussions related to Dell laptops and dell dock. In this case it was BIOS problem - so maybe someone from Eve could clearify this.

I will submit a ticket…