Three liner update 13.07



they payed Emdoor for the Samsung’s screens. Emdoor will make the down payment for the Sharp’s screens


Will the screen change have any impact on the pen/stylus function or is that independent?


They are independent form each other. So pen will work as before!


So, the big question now is how will you cover additional costs (new screens more expensive, refund for previous screens may take time to reach EVE’s account(s) etc.)? Will EVE be able to survive that as a company? @Konstantinos


The screens were originally bought via emdoor i think, and the supplier agreed with a refund. So emdoor has also done the down payment for the new screens, so eve doesn’t need to worry so much about money being stuck somewhere i think.
Maybe i’m wrong tho. @Konstantinos


Bearing in mind the various delays to date - it’s actually a nice bonus to be getting an improved screen at no extra cost - it pretty much compensates for the delays till now, just need the V to ship in August/Sept …


In the end financial data of EVE is not something that is our business.

Konsta also stated that they have calculated the new costs and they are fine with it


Great news @Konstantinos. The new Sharp screen sounds awesome. Glad you have a direct relationship with Sharp which hopefully will reduce risks as it’s their reputation on the line. Great work team and a shout out to Sharp for stepping in to support this project. Keeping my fingers and everything crossed all goes well with the tests of the new screens.


They could easily have a credit for the PayPal issue. This is done now. Now they can have new money because of thousands of people signed in to the waiting list for Webshop. I don’t think that they run out of money in the current situation.


Well the waiting list doesn’t give them a penny.
Taking orders via the web shop could generate quite some cash flow, but it seems Eve had no need for that at this point.
Which is a good thing.


the waiting list is worth millions of dollars… 10.000 people waiting for giving eve in average maybe 1200 bucks are 12million bucks sales in near future…


You didn’t get my point :thinking:


This is awesome! Sharp came through strong this time, and now I am pumped! Now I can’t wait for the V to arrive :drooling_face:


So… We get a better screen. Will the CPU get upgraded too?


There is no better CPU at the moment.


I’m afraid that would be a major change, as it can’t just be removed and swapped with another one but it needs instead a whole set of changes on the motherboard and possibly the internal design.

While desktop CPUs are easily swapped with other ones, the miniaturisation requirement on portable devices require the CPU to be soldered on the motherboard. This often come with customisations tailored around the CPU, making it impossible to swap between CPU categories, which would be required to have a better CPU as the current one is already top-of-the-line for the Y series.

Maybe in a future revision?


Well, thats not a major change, its another computer i think.


I find some times the discussions entertaining to say the least.

I m really curious to know for most cases, where all that extra need for a better cpu is generated, maybe then I see something I might have missed? or I dunno. Everyone seems like well into it. :joy:

anyhow… one more is over… sigh…


Who was the previous supplier?


That information was never shared. Doesn’t really matter anyhow as we’ve moved on.

Bring on the Sharp!


I have been critical that Eve is not moving quick enough to address the screen situation, but I think the quick commitment to switch to Sharp is a good move.

(I had previously said they should go with the supplier they had only because we’ve not seen quick moves from Eve previously, and this was based upon my anticipation that a screen supplier swap would take forever).

Great to see a quick move by Eve with conviction. Looking forward to seeing how this plays out.