Three liner update 13.07



Have you already had the sharp screen working on a prototype? It seems a little to good to be true.

Also for the non-backers, I think I speak for everyone when I say that we are worried about the future price (apparently also compensating for the backers devices), and the delay as well :wink:


@Konstantinos Am I correct that in this new world order, you’re working with Sharp directly – rather than through a 3rd-party supplier?

Also, would it be safe to say this new relationship with Sharp is primarily thanks to the immense media coverage in the recent months?

Lastly, I want to thank you guys for being so dedicated to quality. I know a lot of people give you guys shit for delays and what-not, but there are a TON of machines on the market that are rushed to market with sub-par parts. I’d much rather see a machine that is delayed a bit, and maybe a few months behind on tech (not saying the Eve will be) – but built like a tank – than see an unreliable cutting-edge machine.

Keep up the good work, even though I’m late to the game I’m very much looking forward to purchasing one of these machines when they’re publicly available!


I’m with Robin as well… Deliver my V and I’m willing to add a bit more (upto $50) for that Sharp screen…


Woop! Great news that there is light at the end of the tunnel and it’s getting brighter!

Forgive my lack of tech understanding, but does that have any bearing on the ability to get 120hz display? That I imagine along with the superior battery life would be a flagship killer for sure!


If you are not a gamer i would say it’s pointless to have a high refresh rate screen, but maybe someone else can give some more input in to the feasibility of this except apple did it for pr. in the iPad pro.


Having a variable framerate refresh could also help battery life. If you are looking at a still image, the refresh could drop lower, saving some power (at least that’s the claim).

For gaming (especially if we use an external GPU) you could get the higher frame rate.

I tend to agree that it’s a first gen idea, but maybe in 1-2 yrs it will be standard and we’ll take it for granted…I remember when people were against high resolution (anything about 1400x1050) displays… :slight_smile:


Just a super nitpicky thing about the OP… watts per hour isn’t a unit of energy consumption. Joules/hour or just watts :stuck_out_tongue:
(i couldn’t unsee it after i noticed)


Thank you for the update and for everything you’ve done and continue to do. Thanks for putting the customers and the community first. And best of luck!


Best EVE update ever!! I’m so glad that the team went with the Sharp display. An extra 2 hours of battery will allow EVE to boast about the V having 14 hours of battery life.


This is a VERY needed batch of good new guys! I can’t wait to see what the final timelines are going to be. I’m very excited for the new screen as well! I might chew my fingers off in the meantime… but I’m sure it will be worth it!


Yeah exactly media coverage helped hugely. And yes relationship is direct!


This upgrade is Evesome !!
Enjoyed following your updates on progress.
I hope i could get the Sharp screen Vs during your flash sales!


There it is again… this incredible happiness while reading this update :heart: that’s the spirit of EVE!


Thanks a lot for your persistence! Great job. By the way @Junwen_Sim your creation of “Evesome” is top notch :-)))


Your latest update has uplifted the spirits i have for the V @Konstantinos and it’s ignited the excitement that was dulled as a result of the past couple of updates (all because of irresponsible supplier). It’s an exciting upgrade and i hope everything goes to plan and the screen swap will be effortless. Awesome job @Team :muscle::clap:

I would also like to emphasize at this point that i also echo the same opinion as @BlackEagle have regarding minor changes. Let’s not get carried away with the postponed delivery and start tinkering around with a formula that was popular and is already awesome to begin with. You know what they say, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” :wink: Just focus on the screens and deliver :grin:


Awesome - or Evesome - news (kudos to @Junwen_Sim for coming up with that great, new adjective!)!!! Congrats to @Konstantinos and the entire @Team! You guys have done amazing work navigating though the screen complications. It looks like you have not only solved the problem, but also achieved a significant upgrade to the Eve itself. With a better screen and longer battery life, I am sure the Eve will sit at the top of the comparison charts when the reviewers write their critiques. Even more than before, I am looking forward to receiving this beauty!


With the new screen, I think that the V will be, with no doubt, the best 2-in-1on the market. I hope that the price won’t levitate too much. I know it can be challenging, but a price between 849 and 899 for the M3 model would be great.


Best 2 in 1 for the price.

Dell’s 2 in 1 is $2800CDN+tax - almost $1000 more than what I paid for the V for the i7 model.

Dat screen tho…

Dell XPS 13.3inch 2 in 1


Good job, guys.
I like Japanese Punctuality. They usually commit a time that they make it. Even at a cost if it must!



As far as the other supplier goes, i dont remember exactly but as i remember that you said Eve paid him in full already to “speed up process” or did i misread. @Konstantinos cuz i think most deals you want to pay the 50% deposit first then other 50% upon completion to protect both supplier and company. oh well. live and learn. Either way, the Sharp screen looks fantastic, looking forward to seeing it on the V. and that energy consumption FTW