Three liner update 13.07



@Konstantinos @Team
Thanks for the Update! As already mentioned, I dont wanna go anymore with your old supplier. Go with Sharp and in future you will have great options with Sharp as a great Display Developer. I also know this Display you wanna use Now, very great Device


That’s the secret weapon killing Surface Pro!!

Awesome!! Good job!!@eve

How’s the screen look like? As the new generation of tablet/PC screen tends to borderless, eg. DELL XPS 13/ HP ENVY 13

if the sharp screen like such borderless/micro edge display, that not only beat few more years ahead :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, thanks @Konstantinos for the excited update and looking forward to hearing more and more good news until get my V on hand.

One of the big fans from Hong Kong :hugs:


Yes @So_ony,
I´m with you. @Konstantinos [quote=“Konstantinos, post:1, topic:8449”]
Power consumption around 3 watts per hour at 100% brightness :star_struck:
[/quote] GO WITH SHARP please :slightly_smiling_face:


If you guys can deliver the Eve with advanced techs and great quality after changing the screen manufacture, i am ready to donate small part (up to 50,-) to compensate the loss for the screen/ or you guys can sell other limited accessoires, so that peeps can support you.

And I think you guys are on right way by overcoming such tricky game of 3rd party :blush:


Awesome news! Perfect way to start into a Thursday! I am sure that this will compensate for delays, hurdles, pain of waiting, and a lot more. I am excited that there is an option with Sharp and it will improve the overall device experience. So I am looking forward to it and keeping my fingers crossed!

@Ho_Yi_Lee They said with the new screen it’ll be tight and they’ll be operating at a loss for the IGG sales. That does not mean that their funding is all gone (which they received previously from MS, Intel, Finland, etc. Also, at that point in time, I believe that the pre-orders will provide a clearer picture of what Eve can expect (and they will find out whether they have to bridge a certain timeframe). And last but not least, nobody knows the terms that Sharp provided, maybe the discussion was really positive and Eve was granted a long payment term for the initial batch (just speculating) which would not immediately hit the cash flow… so please don’t see it so negative :slight_smile:


this is great news, many a thanks to the team and Konstantinos for the hard work they have done to bring us here. Hopefully this will be a beginning of a strong relationship with Sharp!


I am impressed with the impeccable and forthcoming update @Konstantinos delivered! Thank you for that!
@Team is there anything you need from the community to support you somehow?
Thanks guys!


Valid question @Ho_Yi_Lee!

Yep we agreed with Emdoor that they will make down-payment for the sharp screen. But we are already looking for ways to secure additional intermediary funding right now!


Thank you so much for all of your great responses!
Thank you for understanding that we have all the best intentions!

The best way you can support us @Nicolas_Klug is to believe and us and WE Will deliver awesome stuff!


Thanks for the awesome update! @Konstantinos So will everyone be getting sharp screens? Or will some people get the originaly intented screens? Are you guys trying to get a refund from the original screen manufacturer?


Yeah everyone will be getting sharp screen. We just need to test it to confirm 100% that it works! And then for sure!


Bezels in 2in1 are handy, especially in full tablet mode. Because of that, bezels are a natural part of V design - and not really screen-related.

Maybe for the next product : )


@Konstantinos, if delivery is August/September how long will it take to do the FCC stuff again, and testing of the panels, bonding, wear tests, mini mass production run and anything else and then producing hyper early birds and then the rest? Are we possibly looking at Nov/Dec, Dec/Jan ? Will you be able to provide a conservative estimate? If not now, (if some research is needed) then when?


Great to know we’re going to get Sharp screens (pun intended!). Let’s hope there’s no need of changing anything besides that cable. Let’s flip! :slight_smile:


In case the 15 screens fit and you manufacture prototypes from them and you need someone to test one of them - I volunteer as tribute! :grin:


All if the adjustments should not that long. I mean we are really looking to ship Vs to backers August - September. But hang on in there! We will know the more accurate Timeline from sharp very soon!


As for the Adobe RGB coverage we will need to measure it. It should be more then current screen but I don’t think it will be 100% We will let you know!


Thanks Konsta, that sounds good, i guess when rephrasing the question it would be how long it may take to do all needed background stuff after the screens arrive, i guess from your reply it may be a ~month, which sounds very good! fingers crossed :sunglasses:


Actually we will start reworkijg immediately when we test samples out. So generally speaking we should be able to get all the needed changes very quick!


Great work Eve team! You guys are working hard and I can do nothing but applaud your efforts. Sadly I just purchased another ultrabook because I can’t really wait that long :slightly_frowning_face:. Although i won’t be buying the V, I will continue to support you guys, and hopefully i’ll be able to do more than just verbal support in the future! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: