Three liner update 13.07



Amazing news Konsta.

Many thanks to you and the whole team for all your hard work.


Sensational Effort for a job well done.

Thanks for the great update.

Now just get to it and keep doing what you are doing.

I can see you are on the right track and the extra battery time will probably take the Eve V to the front of the pack and justify the extra time the backers have waited.

As you said this will actually put the Eve V in front with possibly market beating screen technology that is “Leading Edge” and will also help Sharp get a better name in the industry by helping you and the team.

Again Well Done!!!


Great update! Thanks @Konstantinos !
I really like the Sharp alternative, and well structured/presented information by you!

I’m still very curious about what possible changes you are coming up with.
But let me emphasize that (comment: my opinion) the timeline should be set by the screens and as soon as everything related to them is finished I would produce and ship the devices. If any minor changes can be done within that given time frame I’d gladly be open for it, but please don’t let any of them add additional delays if from the screen perspective production could start.


Better battery life…that’s great! The battery life was the thing that really pushed me over the edge when I was debating whether to buy in or not. To get even more is amazing and well worth the wait since it comes via a screen upgrade. Thank you @team for being so passionate about making the V a top notch device. I’ll echo what @BlackEagle said. Any updates that can be squeezed in are welcome but I’m 100% happy to get the V with it’s current specs once the screen situation gets sorted. You guys have put together a great device and all compromises (SD slot, cameras, etc) were well thought out and discussed with the community. Keep up the good work!


@Smyler316 and @Black eagle agree. We will not compromise the schedule for minor update!


Fantastico!! Hats off to @Team!
With even greater power saving, just simply amazing!

One mini request, if possible would it be possible fasten delivery schedule as I have have conference to go in late August but I’m early bird batch only.


I’m glad to hear the good news. And I think the good is well beyond whether there’s a better screen out there. I’m excited about the Sharp screen. But I’m especially excited that you’re finding the experience of working with Sharp so positive. I’m sure that’s relieving for the team but it’s also reassuring to me when thinking about possible servicing or warranty needs down the road.

I know it’s the glitter of the new and the better, but I haven’t been this excited since first finding out about the V and backing it. :clap:


Fantastic news, and it’s good to have Sharp as another big backer in the Eve dream. Clearly they recognise the potential of the company.

It’s also a relief that they’re dealing with you in a decent, professional manner. Which must be a huge change at this point! I knew you wouldn’t go wrong with Sharp - they didn’t become the top dog in LCD screens by jerking their partners around.

Edit: To confirm @Konstantinos does the Sharp feature 100% Adobe RGB as previously stated? That would be a HUGE differentiator and could make this the go-to device for photographers and artists.


Awesome !!! Better screen & better battery life sounds very great !!! Now I’m looking forward for the scheduled and the possible changes in your next update… Thanks a lot for your update they are always very waited !!!


How can u order the stocks for hyper early birds? Did the previous supplier refund to you? If, IF, they take loooonnnggg time to process ( u said the company starts with E guaranteed you a refund), you just don’t have enough cash flow to order. Any precaution to sidestep this?


a question: would it be possible to start shipping hyper early and early bird backers at the same time once screen are in ? At this point, I don’t understand why the segregation.


Awesome to hear the Sharp team is a pleasure to work with! And the tech sounds sweeeeet!!:sunglasses:

@Konstantinos maybe I missed it but I don’t think you said if the Sharp screen covers 100% of sRGB, could you confirm?


What is stated is sRGB coverage and not Adobe RGB !


And you know this how?


the reason they segregate them is that the 500ish hyper early birds also act as a test run - if something goes wrong, they “only” have 500 defective Vs. not 2600 (or however many EBs there are) However, Konsta has already said they will minimize the time between as much as they can, and even suggested they could ship out in batches.


They said they were losing money


The previous update said “great Adobe RGB coverage”.

Which, yes, is not 100% Adobe RGB coverage!
But I wonder - what percentage?


Good news indeed. Thanks for the update.


Thats great!!

what about sRGB?

@Team what if current/previous supplier delivers eg. next week great A displays which were passing QC? I personally opted for the sharp version in the latest update and I am willing to wait more time if we can get this even better device ;). But just for curriousity, will you send them back or take them?

And thanks again for the great update :heart_eyes: we already have great battery life and now we are going even to increace it.
You are the best!!


Great news ! :heart_eyes: