Three liner update 13.07



Hello Eve Family!

This update is very positive!

Last week in the two liner update we have received a lot of good ideas and suggestions from community members on how to make the best out of the screen situation. I would really like to thank all the community members that contributed!

So here we go!

###What supplier have we decided to go with?

After considering all of your feedback we realized that the best course of action would be to proceed with Sharp with full speed. While still having the current screen supplier open for now as form our past experience we learned that it is better to have more rather than less options.

###Will Eve make sure that Indiegogo backers will get the best screen option?

Yes we will make sure that we will go with the best possible option. Right now Sharp looks like the best screen on the market as well as the best fit.

###What screen options have Eve considered? Why Sharp is the best one in Team’s view?

As mentioned in the previous update we have reached out to screen manufacturers directly and had a lot of proposals.

Our minimum requirements were:

  • Size: 12.0 - 12.6 inch
  • Aspect ratio: 3:2
  • Brightness: At least 400 cd/n2
  • Contrast ratio: At least 1:1300
  • sRGB coverage: as close to 100% as possible (95% lowest)
  • Any crazy cool innovative feature is a plus :smiley:

####Our current screen:

12.3 inches

  • 2736x1824 resolution
  • 450 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1400 contrast ration
  • Oxide
  • 100% sRGB
  • Power consumption around 5.5 watts per hour at 100% brightness
  • Earliest availability: Supplier information unreliable

###So here were the screens we were offered and their specs:

#####Screens that met minimum requirements:

12.0 AUO screen

  • 2880x1920 resolution
  • 400 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1000 contrast ratio
  • Power consumption around 4.7 watts per hour at 100% brightness
  • Earliest availability: September
  • V changes required to make it work: Major.
    Touch panel and houding need to be resized and reproduced

12.3 Sharp screen

  • 2880x1920 resolution
  • 400 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1500 contrast ratio
  • Sharp IGZO
  • Power consumption around 3 watts per hour at 100% brightness :star_struck:
  • New power saving technology allowing even further power saving
  • Earliest availability: August - September
  • V changes required to make it work: Minor.
    On paper (3d model + datasheet) it fits perfectly just needs longer connection cable from PCBA to panel.

#####Screens that did not meet minimum requirements

see them here

12.6 BOE screen

  • 2880x1920 resolution
  • 300 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1000 contrast ratio
  • Power consumption around 7 watts per hour at 100% brightness
  • Earliest availability: 4 weeks time from order
  • V changes required to make it work: Major.

12.0 Panasonic screen

  • 2160x1440 resolution
  • 400 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1000 contrast ratio
  • Power consumption around 6 watts per hour at 100% brightness
  • Earliest availability: 4 weeks time from order

12.3 Sharp screen

  • 1920x720 resolution
  • 390 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1000 contrast ratio
  • IGZO
  • Power consumption around 3 watts per hour at 100% brightness
  • Earliest availability: September

12.3 LG screen

  • 1920x720 resolution
  • 400 cd/n2 brightness
  • 1:1000 contrast ratio
  • Power consumption around 5 watts per hour at 100% brightness
  • Earliest availability: September

13.0 JDI screen

  • 3000x2000 resolution.
  • Earliest availability: November
    We have not received full specs as it is currently in the development and would tneed major housing redesign as long as very long lead time

And there were bunch of other options but they were a clear misfit. Some of the nice screens were exclusive to certain companies.

###Could you explain why Sharp screen is the best one?

To be frank to the last moment I thought that this can’t be happening. As V already had the best 2in1 screen out there when it came to color performance, resolution, etc.

But then we saw the Sharp screen and boy it was gorgeous!

It is simply the best 2-in-1 screen out there. Why?

  • It has best color performance.
  • It has tremendously low power consumption comparing to any other screen in the market. Because of screen alone V would get around 2 extra hours of battery life (we will need to test the screen to know exact power savings)
  • Also it requires the least changes to the V comparing to other options we have discovered.

Main disadvantage comparing the new screen?

It is more expensive :money_mouth_face:

But hey! Who cares if we can get technology and performance straight from year 2020 on our 2017 device? :smiley:

P.S. As mentioned IndieGoGo backers will not have to pay anything extra for Sharp screen!

###What is the state of things with Sharp now?

Pretty damn good! We are moving full speed with them. For the past few days we were signing all kinds of agreements and getting set up in their system.

Sharp team is awesome and very pleasant to work with!

So key updates on Sharp:

  • We are doing all of the paper work needed to order screen in advance so that we could move very fast once we confirm that Sharp screen works on V
  • Sharp is sending 15 samples of the screen that should reach us this Saturday or early next week.
  • We have done preliminary evaluation of the 3d drawings and datasheet with our mechanical and hardware engineer and sharp screen seems to fit perfectly on paper!
  • We only need to see if screen samples work well on the and if any minor adjustments are needed. We will send screen samples to our housing and touch panel suppliers for evaluation too.

We will keep you posted on the progress. As soon as we have new update we will let you know! Now things are looking amazing!

There was a terrible delay, but it looks like we will end up using one-of-it’s-kind screen that beats the hell out of competition for at least few more years ahead! :smiling_imp:

###Previous supplier

Still no news…

###Shipping timeline if we go with Sharp

Sharp is looking very promising on the timeline too. Once we will order screens to cut done lead time we agreed that Sharp will ship us partially as soon as they have certain amount of screens. This will speed up the whole process quite much!

We don’t yet know the exact timeline but we think that if all is moving as fast as it is now we will get screens Aug-Sept. We will let you know exact dates when we have some estimate from Sharp. Now it’s just us guessing.

###To sum it all up!

I hope this whole struggle with screens will make history! And all of our backers will get a truly unbeatable device very soon. So let’s get a bit of patience and see how the testing goes and what the final timeline is looking like!

Thank you all passionate people!

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Thanks for the detailed update mate. Can imagine this is a testing, stressful and difficult time for you personally as well. Keep your head up and from someone who was frustrated a month or so ago your efforts and communications have turned me around.


Thanks for the update, this Sharp screen keeps sounding better and better, that extra battery life will surely be appreciated by everybody! Keep up the good work!


Even better battery life? Awesome news. Looking forward to August - September.


These are great news!
But I really hope that it won’t be delayed after September, my current MacBook Air is dying and I’ll need a new device very soon…

Has anything been decided on possible changes on the Eve V before it goes to production? (full size SD card reader maybe? ^^)


We are looking into possible changes right now! We need a bit more time to evaluate those as we are fully focused on Sharp screen right now!


Great news :muscle:
I’m glad that we looked for other display options ^^

Thats :cow: :poop: and ridiculous


Awesome !!! I was one of the frustrated one…but I see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Thanks Konsta!

If patience is worth anything, it must endure to the end of time. And a living faith will last in the midst of the blackest storm.
– Mahatma Gandhi

EVE V is worth waiting for…


Awesome news!
I’m so pumped to get those sharp screens, can’t believe it’s becoming reality! And that power consumption just woooow!!! :heart_eyes:


Fantastic news! It’s good that I stayed up late and decided to have a quick check here before I go to bed. Thanks for the update @Konstantinos, you just made my day!


Awesome news. The sharp’s screen are just magnificent. Thanks @Konstantinos for this cool update. More battery life is a plus for any one :slight_smile: . Waiting a longer time for even better screen :drooling_face: that don’t bother me at all. Good luck for everyone in the @Team. I hope that the screen’s sample sending by sharp are far better in quality than the current supplier. I just need my V during September or maximum October :wink:


Hi, I hope still to find a solution with the actual provider to not run out of time.
Sharp seems to be the next possible alternative. As said many times before, the competitors are not waiting in the meantime and sharp screens available between Aug/Sept could bring us to a delivery date of oct/nov for the hyper early birds.
By having made some bad experience with an indigogo campaign for 3d printers (maybe some of you remember buccaneer) I am getting a little bit in fear if EVE is able to compensate half a year of no incoming revenue from sales of the web shop, just costs…

Technically, I hope to get improvements in the meantime for GPS working (not in the latest protos) , and an option to improve the V i5 ssd capacity for paying a litte bit more. in addition I hope for a better maintenance option to open the V case easier for exchange of battery / ssd.


Valid point Zwen.we really hope that latest shipping date would be September. We will still keep current supplier open but we have no way to influence them


What is the name of your previous screens supplier?


As the only price communicated so far was 799 for the M3 model, how much will the new screen add?
5%? 15%?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the new screen :slight_smile:


Manufacturer is Samsung, supplier is Korean-Chinese distributor. It’s a long Chinese name. And we don’t want to share it because of that previously signed NDA


It’s a bit hard to tell right now. We are really focused on shipping V’s first. Bit probably in the range you mentioned


We’re worried about the survival of Eve too :persevere:

Not being able to sell any more devices in the meantime, are the team and cats :cat: well fed?


Right, thanks for the quick reply!

May I suggest that you bring up the web shop asap? Only after you know it is the Sharp screens of course. But Even if you don’t have a definite timeline for the web shop deliveries by then, I think it would be good if potential customers could see what is available in terms of accessories, replacement parts and so on.

It would provide a feeling of the V being “more real” even if it’s not for sale yet. And people being able to ogle at a product they have to wait for makes them more eager to get it. :wink: