Thought my spectrum was Faulty, turns out it was a bad BATCH of cables

I got my new spectrum, and was very excited and impressed with the way it looked, coming from an old Acer monitor this was a huge step up.
the monitor worked fine, everything enabled 4k@144hz, G-sync, HDR all good.
the second day, I started to get the screen blanking, it never disconnected from the computer, just blanked for a moment, this started to happen very regularly to the point i couldn’t use it.

This is the issue I was having: EVE Spectrum Screen Blanking and Artefacts Issue - YouTube (issues around the 0:55 mark)
as you can see the monitor worked at 4k@144hz most of the time, it would then blank out and return.
the cable i was using was an “Alogic 2m Ultra 8K DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable ULDP02-SGR” just good enough to drive the monitor MOST of the time, but not quite good enough to run it ALL the time.

I tried the regular troubleshooting moves, tried a different cable, fiddled with the settings, tried the monitor on HDMI instead of DP, nothing worked.

After a bit of back and forth with support (which didn’t get me far to be fair) I found some reviews online for the cable I had bought in preparation of receiving my new monitor. A number of reviews posted around the time I bought the cables (plural) said they had huge trouble with them, sometimes even causing the computer to not boot.

I went out and bought a new (and cheaper) cable of the same length that was rated to DP1.4 and gave that a spin and voila, problem solved.
The HDMI cable I had also didn’t support HDMI 2.1 so that’s why I had a worse experience trying to use that.

Being the first time I’ve had a monitor that runs at a resolution and frame-rate like this I’m not that familiar with display port and it’s foibles, glad I was able to diagnose this before I sent the monitor back and cancelled my other order.

TL:DR, Not all cables (even expensive ones) will do what they say on the tin.