There are no small journalists, only small stories - Reviewers take note!


We are extremely surprised and humbled by the amount of requests for review units. But a fact is, there are only so many units to be sent for review. So we must of course prioritize and orchestrate the review unit shipping in a way, that fits the whole the best. Therefore:

If you are interested in a review unit, and you are an aspiring, eager tech blogger/journalist/writer, then have the community give you a review unit!


Cover the Indiegogo launch of Eve V in the way that you want. Then simply link that story here to this thread (with only short intro/addition, if needed at all). Community members and other people get to see your piece (good for you, aye?), and give you feedback. How exactly is feedback given? Through likes.

The link with the most likes by the end of the Indiegogo campaign gets the price: A review unit among the first shipped batches.

You can find pretty much all the necessary info on the community, it is yours to use.

But hey. Eve-Tech is the odd one out in tech field, so here again we even the odds: Even if your review does not get the most likes but it hits the heart of Team Eve, you can expect a fiery lil' device Eve V coming to your doorstep :wink:

…Addidition made after first replies: Naturally it is in the interest of Eve people and the community that the “big” reviewers review Eve V. This is “of course”. And while we have asked for input before, and made those connections with the big guys, we also want to give an even playing field for the ones we have not yet contacted. They are chosen by community on this thread. However small, new or rebellious the reviewer is.

Before the discussion has been going on here:

and here:

So, there are no small journalists, we are sure everyone is doing their best. It is the story that counts. Here you have a proven interesting story. Make of it what you wish!

Game on…

ps. few tips: You can choose freely the moment of coverage for biggest impact. Is it now, is it a bit later? Constant coverage maybe? At the last days of Indiegogo? And remember; jolly spirit, even some rebellious stuff is usually what evokes like-clicking on this community.


But among the talked about reviewers, Michael Fisher, MKBHD, Engadget would be great. Left out The Verge cuz they start comparing everything to Apple, which isn’t always fair when there is such a huge gap in prices.


I’m a small German product reviewer with about 2.000 Subscribers on Youtube. I’m really interested in getting a review unit because this would be a cool project and I am totally convinced from the companys way. About me, I’m a 18 year old, IT lover, student and so I’m not able to afford much for stuff like this. I would be really happy if I can bring the companys way to the German people and to promote this really interesting Laptop.

I would be really happy if I can get a review unit.


I think that Linus Tech Tips should get one. He loves new peeps coming to the market and with his huge community Eve will be popular. and because i love watching his videos :stuck_out_tongue:


totally agree! He is a good dude.

What Press & Influencers should we send our baby to ?!

This is getting off-topic here now.

The idea is to have the aspiring reviewers get one of the earliest review models by getting backing by community. Thru links to their Eve V Indiegogo-coverage.

Linus etc. are of course some of the big reviewers out there, and there is plan for those :slight_smile:
But we also want to give the so called “smaller ones” a great chance. This one.

Instructions on the original post.


We’d love to do a feature at Editors Keys - We’re the company who makes those colour coded shortcut keyboards.
This new laptop/device looks amazing. We deal only with video editors, audio editors and graphic designers. All of these people would love something like this!


Sorry but I’ve never heard about you guys. What exactly do you do? Only understood it’s something related to keyboards. Is it a cover that attaches to the keyboard? What material is it made of?


Hey Artur

We created the colour coded shortcut keyboard at

If you go into any post production, editing house or recording studio around the world you will likely see one of our keyboards there for Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop etc.

It’s an actual keyboard with the shortcuts on for the various pieces of software. (We also have recording equipment too, under our studioseries brand.)

If you’re making a high powered tablet PC, this market would love them!


Nah, if you go to a recording studio you will find guys using macs with mac keyboards trying to memorize all the shortcuts. Because they don’t like keyboard stickers. And because they don’t like anything that doesn’t have a bitten apple on it. Or does your keyboard have an apple? :smiley:


Hey Paul,

We don’t make the stickers, these are the full keyboards (the real deal! :wink:

We also make the ones for Apple too: Plus covers for MacBook Pro’s


Anyway… It would be great to review one and support the EVE!


That’s what I meant - I’ve not seen any of your keyboards because they don’t have an apple on them so studios don’t use them! :smiley:


So you basically paint the key caps with useful shortcuts for post production, editing houses or recording studios?


Всем привет, если сдесь есть русскоязычные пользователи, проголосуйте за млй клмментарий чтобы увидить обзор нового крутого гаджета от Eve на русском языке. Сделаем кучу тестов, сравнения, эксперименты и т.д. Может согласуем конкурс. Мой канал на ютубе Microsoft Live. По всем вопросам


Please speak in English :wink: so all people here understand :slight_smile:


I did a Google Translate and this guy is referring to Russian readers of this forum and offering video reviews in Russian. Thought I’d make it easier to figure it out for others :slight_smile:


Yes, it is right) thnx)


Hey yes that’s right. In programs like Word you need standard letters, but in Adobe Premiere for example each one of your keyboard keys becomes a different tool (Like cutting, edit in, stop, play etc.) So if you’re doing a lot of editing (Or as a full time job.) The keyboards are essential.


Tbh what would really be awesome would ir you could design a cheap way to make keys with little screens (could be like eink) so you could change the labels however you’d want. There is already a solution but it’s prohibitively expensive. If you managed to make something like that you’d make a lot of money in licensing and even selling keycaps.