The V Hits The FCC


Is it time? :thinking:

Edit: User Manual Link Here if the one in the article doesn’t work:

Getting 150 units calibrated

Interesting to see the user manual. And there will be stickers! :grin:


I love our new quick start manual! :smile: And we get STICKERS!!! :grin:

There’s also some cool photos to check out on the FCC page if you follow the link included in the article: OET Exhibits List For FCC ID 2ALIV22BF001


Im super stoked to see my name mentioned in the user manual :smiley:


Congrats to everyone who got their usernames featured in the V’s User Manual :+1:t2:! (I’m super salty :joy:)


boo, I’m getting

You are not authorized to access this page.

when trying to open the manual.


I never even read the thread (and gladly didnt read the FCC article) just to get surprised, when I finally get my V :slight_smile: I prefer that over being mentioned in the Manual :tipping_hand_woman: I’m not even sure, if I could’ve contributed anything :joy:


Spoiler alert for those who don’t want to see thr manual.


If netkid23’s link doesn’t work for you, I have a copy on OneDrive:!ArvWszgYMcN3n8o6mWC-Eg0QbVF38Q


The manual is tiny :joy:


Interesting. Also, I think that’s the first picture of the PSU that will be shipped with the V (in the external photos link).


My wish came true :heart_eyes: stickers :heart_eyes: :joy:


Where do you plan to stick it?


On my little sticker wall :smiley: and maybe on my car, usually i don’t like stickers on cars :smiley:


Nice to know :laughing:


:heart_eyes: YES PICTURES :star_struck: