The update 2.10



This was asked before and rightly or wrongly, the answer was no due to the complexity of the number of model variations this leads to.


How about a cap? It would be a great addition and more out there than the T.


My search-fu on the forum is failing me. How do we confirm again if we’re Early, or Limited? I know I’m not Hyper, and I’m not taking the SSD upgrade (500GB is MORE than enough for my mobile device, considering I ordered the i7). So no “weirdness” other than being unsure which batch I’m in.

Thanks guys. Looking forward to my Christmas present!


just check your mail for “backerkit”. There should be a mail from “Team eve” ( which says: Thank you for updating your pledge! In the text below you can see if you are HEB or EB or LB…


@dibadibadu That doesn’t say. It says I was a “reserved” one (I paid a bit up front, then the rest later) but doesn’t say any of those “keywords” you mention. I even went to the backerkit page itself and it still wasn’t a help.


reserved Birds are called “reserve eve V i… Limited Bird” what makes me think that you are a LB.


If you paid a bit at the start and the rest sometime later (was it january?) then you are a limited bird. If you paid it all upfront you are a hyper early bird.


That’s what I thought, but thanks for saying it. I know it was explained some time else on this board, but I just didn’t remember WHEN exactly.


Did the screens arrive at Liabao already?


They have gone through Chinese customs and will be at Liabao tomorrow or day after tomorrow. Everything is going smoothly now!


Thanks for the quick response.


You are welcome!

By the way screens arrived today to Liabao! I am just waiting for the pictures from them then I’ll make a post :slight_smile:


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I wonder if the pics will show the bonding process. That would be interesting to see. Konsta, we await your new post :smiley:


Exactly dudes! Hope to get them tomorrow :smiley:


From your Original Post at the top:

You seem to be “on schedule” for that, as your post above saying they’d arrived there was on the 11th.

Let’s hope that the bonding beats the schedule. We all want everything early!


I know you’re being a little tongue in cheek, but personally I’d value care and quality over getting the V early


I assume he is trying to say he wants it early but yet in fantastic quality. The 3 tri-factor of SG customers needs, Cheap, Fast, Good.


I want it today!

But I’ve waited this long, better that it be right :slight_smile:


If there’s one thing I’ve learned from playing video games for a majority of my life. Don’t rush things just to please the crowd (or shareholders…) Time and resources show that the product will shine, but if it rushes out and the critic are mostly negative. Then it’s both a waste of time and money making the product.

But hey at least we know it’s coming out this year (for the early birds anyway…)