The update 2.10



What is the volume and mass of the grains of salt. I need to start measuring how they will effect the arrival of my V.


The following is a joke, please don’t take it to seriously!

@Team If you have a little more time to waste, I condescendingly ask the following of you.

When determining the exact approximate hour to the nearest 20 minute interval, could you please ask if the final Chinese courier will smoke one or 2 cigarettes on his way to delivering my package. I will pay him 80RMB to forgo the second smoke.

Also I need to know if this is WST time or EST and it’s difference to GMT. If possible the time in China. But I can work it out from any other time. (However, I prefer you waste your precious time rather than mine.- As you can see I am busy responding to occasional silly and idiotic posts on the forum)

As you well know, I have waited patiently thus far, and now the last 48 hours of delivery time are going to be quite critical to me, and now depending on my mood, I will probably need to know down to the last possible moment of time. But as I said, that will entirely depend on my mood at that time. You will just have to wait and see how I feel at the time.

OMG I just realised, if it’s raining on the day of delivery, then my parcel could be delayed by a traffic hold up or accident and add another several minutes or hours to the delivery estimate.

As you can see I am happy for you to provide a best estimated time, and from that you can see I’m not so arrogant and stupid as to hold you to to a promise of a guaranteed quoted time.
Because if you make the mistake of guaranteeing or promising me a time and it’s wrong, there will be hell to pay with my expletive ridden tirade in response on this forum.

I hope I have made myself clear here, because I only care about the delivery time of “MY” V, and I don’t give a damn about the delivery time of anybody else.


Please make sure there is NO cat hair in my package as I am allergic to cats.
I love them but my allergy precludes me from having or being near them.

I hope this post is not considered by our beloved Finnish members as “vittuilu”, because it certainly is not such a thing.

It is in fact what we in Australia, New Zealand, UK, USA and most English speaking countries, consider to be an exercise in the “Tongue firmly wedged in ones left cheek”.


No. They are Just too smaller to Be able to do student discounts. They would need to manually verify every student etc.

Also they dont have The margins that MS has. MS is so big that they easily can sell those for student with lower than low margins


Couldn’t you just buy one Samsung SSD as end user? I’m pretty sure it would be possible get a single one to do the tests on own with those prototypes you have?


I wish I could.
The problem is that the prototype devices we have are all assembled, and we don’t have any proper machine to disassemble the device in Finland office (we tried once, and the screen get broken…). So we are not able to install Samsung SSD to test now.


No I won’t, but thank you for your input it is valuable and rich in content


hey. Thanks for the update guys. Hopefully everything works out, like you want it to.
One question to the @Team: Why @Xinjie hasn’t a blueisch background??


We’re positive the timeline will work out :slight_smile:

Also, we’ve got to manually set the color for every post of a staff member when posting - this is to making it easier to distinguish ‘super highly official’ posts like the latest one from Xinjie from the ones where we talk about which cheese is cheesier :wink:


Ah, ok I though it works automatically when once set.


In time the volume and mass of the grain(s?) of salt is supposed to become smaller and smaller. :stuck_out_tongue::relieved:


I should deserve the prime off topic post author color. I vote for pitch black. :grin:


I’m not a student and while I have a mortgage, car, childcare and lots of other things to pay out for I do understand that a student discount might not be possible for a product already priced so competitively - especially when compared to Microsoft’s current Surface range.

It would be relatively trivial to offer an educational discount limited to people with a valid .edu or email domain (not sure of what educational institutions use outside US and UK). Such discounts are often minimal; a token gesture even, which probably allows for some level of acceptable loss where non-students use a friend or family member’s email address to place an order.

Of course, acceptable loss isn’t necessarily possible for a small company that’s already charging much less for a product than it probably should.


As a student I don’t get why there would be a student discount. It’s competitively priced by cutting out the middle man. EVERYONE gets to enjoy a reduction in cost. I couldn’t afford the surface i7 with the student discount as it is :joy:. The V was still cheaper


Is it me, or does China have tons of Holidays, These people like to party. I may move there… :slight_smile: :grin:


Yeah I personally think you guys should never do student discounts and should instead make highly competitive devices. Off to a good start!


Not as often as Japan I feel. Keep delaying my chapters by what feels like every other week.


They usually don’t take holidays aside of that, or only very short times like a long weekend or a week, even if they are allowed more. @Mohammad_Hadi


I can’t wait for the device. My SP3 just got pretty much filled up with only 13GB storage to spare. I am looking forward to the 1TB SSD on my Eve V.


SInce there will be some upgrade to the 1 tb ssd
is it also possible to upgrade from the 256 to the 512 ssd for the I5 versions?


New update from Konsta here