The update 2.10



I guess that having not student discounts isn’t that big of a deal, as V is still cheaper than Surface Pro (for example), without any kinds of discounts.


I guess that delivering to Syria and North-Korea can be also bit more complicated… :smile:


Do you mean the V units will be shipped from China to USA warehouse via air?
Just try to get an idea when will we actually receive the HEB V at home.


If I would be an Astronaut, I sure would get a one. :slightly_smiling_face:


Syria, probably depends on where you live there, i doubt tho that ppl. in NK are allowed to buy a foreign device, or even know about it’s existence.


I can’t wait to get my hands on my V :grin:. My MacBook Pro 13 2011 is gradually losing performance. I can’t even be bothered to browse my photos on here anymore cos it takes too long to load a preview.


Sweet! Glad to hear the screens are in and production will resume soon. The Chinese do enjoy their holidays; hope everyone stays safe. Keep us posted on any developments that might affect delivery times. Keeping my fingers crossed for no more delays.

Thanks for all your hard work, guys. Patience can be difficult, but I’m certain the delays are worth it. Might have to treat myself to a bigger hard drive just to thank you (if I can sneak it into the budget).


From what I’ve seen they all use Lenovos on the ISS. We need to get a V to them! Think of the marketing benefits! Plus, surely a pen-based computer would be super handy up there…


Most likely because some of the models are easily serviceable which you want when you don’t have the luxury of being able to send back to the manufacturer to repair :P.


You can’t just use the SOON™ that’s Blizzard Entertainment property :wink:


That is great to hear that you have receive the sharp’s screen for the hyper early :bird:, I think. I’m limited :bird:, so two month to wait than my V. That is alright, I’m patient for receiving my wonderful 2in1, the V. I hope that there is no further delays.


But this mean that eve has some price restrictions as right now I can buy the new Surface pro (2017) directly from Microsoft store for 1170 (i5/ ram 8 gb / 256 SSD ) , and the Surface pro 4 ( 2016 ) same configuration for just 1000


Yes but Microsoft sells the keyboard and pen separately, while Eve includes them in the box. Also if you could add some currency labels to your numbers that would help.


yeah you are right for this point but for me I just need keyboard ( rarely use pen for drawing or writing ) and even if we added keyboard price it would be 1270 for 2017 configuration and 1100 for 2016 , however few days ago Microsoft on Amazon made very nice offer ( buy i5/8 gb ram for 1170 $ including Keyboard price ) , I’m fan of V laptop as I believe in eve Company & Community but I wish to get it for competitive price than surface pro !


Boom! Great news, thank you @Team for all that you’re doing.

I start a 7 week residential training course on Jan 15th and really want my V for this. This sounds possible, even allowing a generous amount for slip for my Limited Bird i7.



You may pay less, you’ll get less too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This definitely is the update we’ve all been waiting for :clap::tada::fireworks:

Thanks all for the effort you put into this and the effort that’ll still go into the next steps! I’m looking forward to finally holding my V within the next 30 days (knowing that it could be 31 or 32… :wink: )


Is there a link to this deal because I haven’t seen it anywhere.


@Konstantinos Is that they will be shipped either the Monday or the Tuesday? The rest of that week is November you see.


Will you be asking for the hour of the shipment or the minute with your next question?
I’m fairly certain that dates will become more precise the closer we get, but four weeks out are difficult to predict (it’s not like they already today have to order the shipping truck and have to pay extra if the truck has to wait). He stated the week of the 30th and it has to be taken with a small grain of salt. It’ll happen. Soon.