The update 2.10



I remember there being discussion about whether the Creators update would be included out of the box, and I think the answer was yes, if it was available


That’s understood, I’m asking about the version number (I.e. Fall update already on board?).
Konsta said he would enquire by MS.

@scuff yep, the if is what I’m about :slightly_smiling_face:


Should be Fall Creators update as this will be released by Microsoft in October 17, 2017.


It might be that the Hyper Early Birds don’t ship with the Fall Creators update as it’s pretty close to production however I’m pretty sure that the Limited Birds will ship with that. :slight_smile:

But let’s wait for the reply @Konstantinos gets from our partners at Microsoft regarding that :smiley:

EDIT: Seems I magically summoned his answer ASAP :wink:


Yes we will have latest windows version on V. RS3


OK, I guess I gotta throw a like here.

Good job finally getting over that annoying hurdle. Must be such a relief.

I imagine it is like being in a group project and finally being able to submit your assignment in spite of one members of the team letting you down and screwing up their bit, forcing you to cover for them for the sake of the group. We have all been there.


That will save a lot of time rather than the update coming through - as per recently on my old XPS M1330 reserve laptop this weekend


Just to make it clear what that RS3 stands for:
(No, it’s not an Audi in this instance and I had to look it up :roll_eyes: .)

RS3 = RedStone3 = Redstone 3 = Fall Creators Update

New emoji panel, yay :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s great. When do us hyper-early birds need to make our SSD decision by?


Have to hand it to you - well done, getting through all this adversity. And you will make a lot of people very happy very soon. I will opt for the 1 TB SSD.
And I guess, by January, we will be onto the next product.
However, for EVE the important thing is to make good money now. Because a company needs to have reserves to survive and develop the next big thing.
Joy all around.


Have you decided the final price? And will be there students discount as in Microsoft stores?!


Yeah, the final price would be nice to know.


Great news!!.
I think this was already answered Somewhere. But which company Will handle the shipping?
And how much time (days? Weeks?) Will it take to be delivered to Portugal/spain?


There will not be student discounts as EVE can’t really offer those as the prices are already really competitive


@Poda As mentioned before, we will likely not offer a student discount - it’s pretty hard for us to check if somene has a valid students license. We might look into it in the (distant) future but for the foreseeable one we’ve no plans for it yet.

@PBem We’re using a big shipment company that’s also used by other large companies - the shipment company will be decided on the exact location.
We’ll deliver pretty much worldwide - a delivery to Antarctica might however not be possible :wink:


The sales period hasn’t been finally confirmed, but it might ends before we get the full testing result of power consumption, due to the SSD deliver schedule.


Hopefully they deliver to the ISS :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You never know. Maybe an astronaut will want one.


Ok. Fair enough.
I’m an HEB, just asking if after being shipped it Will take some days to get here or another month


That should be a matter of days, provided there are no natural disasters, grumpy customs officers or mailmen with sticky fingers.


OK. That will be a pity if the information to help us decide on the SSD upgrade will only be available after we need to make the decision. Hopefully there’s something that can be done.