The update 2.10



Eve Family,

I have news we’ve been all waiting for.

This Saturday 720 Sharp screens have arrived to our warehouse and are in our possession! :muscle:

Here’s proof:

2000 more screens are coming on 2nd - 3rd week of October

This is a major achievement since May! :tada::confetti_ball::tanabata_tree:


Thank you all for believing in us! You have all done an amazing job! Without your support our team would not be able to handle this period!

We can finally say:

  • Hyper Early Birds estimated to ship end of October
  • Limited Birds estimated to ship end of November

Expect no major delays from now on!

This is what will happen next:

  1. There is a massive Chinese National Holiday from 1.10 - 08.10, nothing happens in China during that time but we will focus on checking that everything is ready for production.

1. Screens go through direct bonding process at our touch panel factory, Liabao

  • Liabao will receive screens on 09.10 - 11.10
  • Bonding of 720 screens take around 6 days
  • Screens with touch panels attached are shipped to Emdoor on 16.10 - 18.10

2. V production & shipping

To ensure the highest quality we will produce devices in small batches and check each batch after its produced. To make sure device you receive after so much waiting will be of highest quality

  • Emdoor receives screens with touch panel on 20.10 - 22.10
  • 20 devices are produced, stress tested and checked by factory manager, Eve Team, 3rd Party QC team and Emdoor engineering and management team. This will take from around 23.10 - 25.10
  • 100, 100, 200, 300 devices are produced during the week of 23.10. Each time batch is made it is checked thoroughly
  • Devices are prepared for shipment & shipped on the week of 30.10

This is an approximate schedule. There should be no major deviations from it!

We will know exact schedule for limited birds after Hyper Early Birds are produced. We have all of the components for Limited Birds in the warehouse.

Current estimate for Limited bird batch shipment is end of November! Again there should be no major deviations from this now! :sunglasses:

All good news come at the same time!

We will be launching Eve T-shirt and 1TB SSD Upgrade Sales very soon!

You will be able to experience our online store for the first time at
We will send out a newsletter to all of the Indiegogo backers as well as make a community post on how on exact date&time sales will go live!

How and When can you upgrade your V to 1TB SSD and get some V-shirts?
Community Digest 14.10

Great News! Thank you. :grin:


So when will you open the web store?


Seriously though, I’d appreciate a bit more specific timeline… Is it this week? Next week? The week after that? Maybe next month?


We aim to open store for t-shirt and SSD sales this week. If all goes as planned it will be Wednesday 5pm :smiley:
Store is ready we are just waiting to get set up with the card payment vendor


Yayz!!! 20202020202020


YES! Let’s go people! Vs for everyone!


Well done! Great news as expected.

Thanks for update.

I can confirm the China day/Autumn holiday (Golden Week).
I am still here in China until the end of the holiday break, Then I will fly away.

Nothing is happening in China, except everyone trying to go for a holiday somewhere else and travel where ever they can. Only the small local shops are open.

It’s bloody chaos here, the roads yesterday were jammed packed with freeway gridlocks across China and traffic jams blocked solid in some places for over 100km at a time. Toll road gateways 16 to 30+ lanes wides blocked and frozen solid.

People are calling for motorcycle food delivery of food from the city centre to tens of kilometres out on the freeway where they are stopped for hours waiting for the traffic to move. Many are playing cards or games on the side of the freeways while they wait for some movement.

It has been said that 430+ million cars have hit the roads of China, to travel to their different destinations.

I decided to join the holiday crowd last year to only find it was a stupid idea…
This year my wife asked me where we would go for the holiday?
My answer was to stay at home and watch movies etc. Then I reminded her of last year, and she said “Oh Yeah, good idea, lets stay home”.

here’s just one site talking about it:-


They’re almost here!!! :small_red_triangle_down:


Agree, best way to spend the Golden Week is to stay at home, and waiting for the update of V :rofl:


Great, great and good news. Thanks of the update :star_struck: . Sigh, two more months to wait :disappointed_relieved: .

To make an informed decision about the SSD upgrade, the potential customers need to know a couple of things:

  • the data transfer rates has already been discussed at length at so nothing further about that
  • the Samsung SSD energy consumption compared to the Intel SSD and what does it mean in practice
  • the Samsung SSD heat generation compared to the Intel SSD and what does this mean in practice especially for the i7 customers

Without these pieces of information, buying the SSD upgrade is a bit like (apologies for any misspellings or other mistakes) pig in a poke, да купиш котка в торба, prendre gat per llebre, 挂羊头卖狗肉, kupiti mačka u vreći, koupit zajíce v pytli, at købe katten i sæcken, een kat in de zak kopen, ostma põrsast kotis, acheter chat en poche, ostaa sika säkissä, Die Katze im Sack kaufen, αγοράζω γουρούνι στο σακκί, חתול בשק, zsákbamacska, að kaupa köttinn í sekknum, kucing dalam karung, ceannaigh muc i mála, comperare un gatto in sacco, pirkt kaķi maisā, pirkti katę maiše, d’Kaz am Sak kafen, да купиш мачка во вреќа, kjøpe katta i sekken, kupić kota w worku, comprar gato por lebre, cumperi mâța în sac, купить кота в мешке, dar gato por liebre, купити мачку у џаку, kúpiť mačku vo vreci, kupiti mačka v žaklju, köpa grisen i säcken - well, you get my meaning :smiling_imp:

Please, make every effort to provide the above information about the Samsung SSD :pray: .


@Xinjie - I second that request! I put forward some suggestions on measuring battery consumption in the SSD thread, which shouldn’t take long to complete. You may get some additional takers depending on the results, which will contribute a bit towards the Eve coffers!

Congrats to the team for getting the screens. Looking forward to receiving the V at the end of the month!


Why did you put the mythical Konstantinos cat in a bag? Animal mistreatment? :cold_sweat::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome. Must feel great for you guys to have gained control again.

I second that request and want to add that power consumtopm should optimally be tested…

  • at least two times per SSD (to rule out background services or something runing amok in exactly that moment)
  • in the same device
  • optimally with full runtime test, not just by measuring power consumtopn at a given moment (tests at Notebookcheck never add up with the runtime tests)

So maybe you could take one device where the screen is not glued in and let it run PCMark battery test two times two times, than change SSDs and then do two tests with the other SSD.

If you send me a device and the new SSD I would be willing to make those tests. Just to save you some time, you know? :rofl:


I understand your concerns.
We have put this request to Emdoor a while ago (we only have two samples of Samsung SSD, and they are all in Emdoor and Intel).
This week the whole China is on vacation, so we are not able to provide the power consumption result before we start the T-shirt and SSD upgrade sales.
But next week when Emdoor back to work, I will put this task to higher priority for them.

How and When can you upgrade your V to 1TB SSD and get some V-shirts?

um… it will be great for first batch and 2nd batch getting a t-shirt for free by eve no? :stuck_out_tongue: just sayin


nope, those shirts are plainly for to support eve


The improved battery life could be enough to sway to buy the 1tb ssd.


YES! This is what I want to hear! Now we know that V is finally coming, no doubt from that.


Awesome! Any news on the Windows version that the V will be delivered with?


I believe it’s windows 10 home unless you opt for a windows 10 pro upgrade? Atleast that was the IGG reality.