The Seven Months since I ordered an Eve V


I haven’t really been active on these forums in the sense of active participation, however I have been checking and reading and waiting and expecting for more than 7 months.

I ordered an Eve V on the 4th of December, I had been following the V for a while at that point and couldn’t wait for it to become available to people beyond the start up. At present I am still without the V and will probably ask for a refund once the how becomes released.

Anyways, I wanted to document some things that happened to me in the months I’ve spent waiting.

-December: I order the V after having saved up money for a few months for a new computer to help with university. Spent Christmas with parents and my brother, not knowing it would be the last Christmas spent where I would still be living with them (nothing grim dw).

-January: family and I take a trip to Thailand, family decides to move to Thailand for business reasons. I will need to live alone in Australia to finish uni.

-February: got my motorcycle learners permit with my friend, awesome month. Started campaign to sell the house. Second year of uni started.

-March: Somehow keeping up with uni with good ol’ pen and paper. Family go to Thailand again without me for more reconnaissance.

-April: Sold the house. Uni getting rough. Packing everything.

-May: Got a bike. I moved into an apartment and family left. Exams coming up, wrapping up final assessments.

-June: living alone is super weird. Exams were rough. Can’t get a job. Winter sucks. Got drunk for the first time, hated it.

-July: in Thailand for holiday. Still no Eve V. Should’ve just saved a bit more and gotten something more available.

If you’ve read this you’ve surprised me. I’m sure those waiting with me have lived their own 7 months, this has been mine condensed. I hope everything gets resolved without further issues.


You are not alone dude.


Misery loves company…


Same here… this is my replay to last eve email

I just received your email postponing again the shipping of my item…to end of august…Are you kidding me… It’s been 7 month since à I bough this item… Even the wort chinese compagny would have send my item by now…
Why would I beleive you? I think in august I will received an other email telling me that shipping will be in september…
You are only good has your word, but now your word means Nothing… You not able to deliver…

I am sad to say it but this is the end. I’m Calling Visa tomorrow to make sure that Eve compagny won’t be able to charge my credit card anymore and for ever.

Sadly goodbuy


Welcome to Thailand!

It’s quite a lot raining so becareful if you go to the beach or mountain.

Hope you find jobs soon!


it is so refreshing to still read something so privat. And that others care. That is what a community is about - careing and looking out for each other! Hope we will get more of it soon.


Just finnished the paperwork for my credit card company and they requested copies of my communication with Eve. A thick pile of paper that was - delay after delay, saying several times how sorry they were. Two times me contacting support, the other time asking if the company still was in operation or maybe folded without us knowing.
But life goes on; during this time our dream house has evolved from scetches of our architect to a construction site and we’ve seen the walls rising. A long project but maybe not long as buying an Eve. All this time opening heavy dwg-files with my Surface Pro #1 who like a loyal dog has been hanging into his life just for me. Tomorrow I let the old 128 GB friend go rest in peace…


hi, so does anybody have any idea when will the v will be shipped?


@prolongpain Hahaha. If they did, they have precognitive skills that would make a fortune on Wall Street or at the race tracks. At this rate, any of us are more likely to accurately predict a Triple Crown winner than when Eve might be able to ship more laptops. Ok, now my laughter has turned sad. Sorry.


@Prolongpain did you order on 4th December ?


yes, i just received a email saying another delay till august.


I already order on 4th December and still no V here.
The shipping-Estimator says End of June and now it says August, and I know yet what will happen then, the shipping-Estimator will maybe say Christmas… ;-(
I am waiting for the “Cancel”-Button (and not a survey that doesn’t work), so that I can buy something else that will arrive in max 2 weeks.


I am in the same boat and I have asked for my cash back and they say that I will be paid by the end of September. I am going to take them to court for breaking a contract between equals because they have all the power.


Yeah I gotta wait till September too. Makes no sense why we gotta wait so long