The off-topic topic


Hey community,

As renovations are ongoing, there will be limited access to the forums. Until things are up and running in full again, this topic will be the place to talk about anything that isn’t related to the official update or crowd development.

Normally, the off-topic category covers anything that “doesn’t have anything to do with Eve, or Eve devices. It doesn’t even have anything to do with tech. But you really want to share it…” and that “Cat pictures also go here.”. This topic, however, will also be open for tech discussion. Keep in mind that our community guidelines still apply!


Just fulfilling my duty here


Offtopic, but i cannot create a new topic anyway (it sais wrong category - maybe you should hide the “new topic” buttons):

Currently your website is That is “Eve Tech (nologies)”.
The youtube channel though is which translates to “Eve Devices”.

I also see that the About page has the same “Eve-Tech” branding.

I think having the youtube channel also have the name “Eve Tech”, or “Eve-Tech” would bring a bit more cohesion to the brand Eve.


I understand you’re restructuring the forums but i want to ask you: please please don’t replace discourse with some atrocities like phpbb or the dislikes of it (see xda, snbforums, autohotkey forums).

This very forum (discourse) is one of the reasons i kept coming back to eve.
Eve rything is beautifully presented here and the ease in usability is not something i have seen in any other forum software!



That will never happen so long as I’m here.


Though Discourse is not perfect (hence why we’re diverting some of the crowd development surveys to SurveyMonkey now), we have no intention of dropping it as out community platform. @nawthor and myself are quite fond of the rich feature set.

We are looking to update the looks to be more in line with the Eve website, though, looking forward to that!


Does the cat 's pictures collect here?≡≡≡ヘ(* ゚-)ノ!

nyancat… That brings back some good memories.


Anyone try Apex Legends on V? With and without eGPU?


Playing it on my V without eGPU and it works fine and fluid so far.
Don’t know the settings at the moment. But I can have a look later when at home.