The Newsletter went out! Did you see it?


Hello to all,
This is all about weekly newsletter. (If you don’t know what that is, seriously, keep on reading :slight_smile: ). Make it serve you.

About two hours ago, the latest newsletter rushed to your email inbox. Or at least it tried to.

What was in the newsletter?
-iKirin (a.k.a Peter) joins Eve as Eve.Community Manager. → Augmented Devotion from Eve to serve you.
-We live our lives, but the tech sometimes comes in the way. In a bad way. → Share your pains here, allow PF to augment yourself!

As important as those notifications are, they ain’t the focus here.

Question goes, did you receive the newsletter?

  • YES
  • NO
  • …maybe?..

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If you didn’t, the reason is simple: You did in fact receive it, but not to the email account you really use. (So the poll Q above is a trick question)
Weekly newsletter goes to the email address you used while registering to this tech-home of a community.

The newsletter comes weekly, allowing you to quickly see the biggest advancements and discussions.

So make sure your email address is the correct one here, if you have the FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Here’s how to check it:

(I know the individuals here are savvy enough to get the point from that little doodle there… :wink: )

In this thread you are urged, nearly forced to state your thoughts on the weekly newsletter.

What can be better? What could be reduced? What what?

The top, fitting ideas will be implemented. In fact we are here scratching our heads a bit: “Why didn’t we have this thread up before?”. Being about crowd-wisdom. Community Manager @iKirin is actually the catalyst here, he raised this issue (by never having seen the newsletter…)
And Community Manager will allow us to accomodate your needs, better and better.

And finally, for the ones who made it this far:
Do you find the weekly newsletter good?

  • YES
  • Occasionally
  • Hardly ever
  • NO

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Community on top, the stage is yours.


This was actually the first newsletter that arrived right away when you sent it :wink: previous ones were horribly late for me. For example, the one which had in it arrived about 4 hours after our gaming session. Good thing I was on the forum at the right time, hehe


As mentioned in our talk, I still haven’t received the newsletter on the email that is now set in my account but the one I registered with :wink:

And I’ll bring my idea I already suggested to the Community!

Maybe just in time with the newsletter a weekly “What happened” thread would be a good addition :slight_smile:

With that we could shorten the newsletter a bit by omitting the part that is a little longer and if people are interested in the slightly longer version they can just click on the link to the thread (that should be included in the newsletter) the so they can read up on it and be back inside the community again :wink:


Excellent, some conversation around this topic! :slight_smile:

Yes, the previous newsletter went to the email that was registered to the newsletter list. For the next one, we will run the systems to update the changed emails.
So that will be in order, if only people update their email address within the next couple of days :slight_smile:

And as for the ideas on development:
Good points.

“What happened” thread is pretty much normally covered by our summaries on certain part of development. Beyond that everyone can see the threads on top of the “latest” and join in where they find it interesting. In a sense I wouldn’t start too much directing people’s focus on only certain things, but @iKirin you have a chance here to test our your thought :slight_smile: I have been wrong before, so perhaps others can give advice what they’d like to see in this weekly summary thread?

For the shortening of newsletter:
As each person has different needs from the newsletter, perhaps it is unnecessary to remove portions which are “extra” to some, but helpful for others. Threads can be effort-full to go through, even if the general gist of their content is easily summarizeable. The longer clips on the newsletter are to explain the “beef” of each mentioned topic.

So if it turns out that the longer read is just plain waste on everyone’s sake, =delete. Before that, I invite more thoughts, and especially comments on what is liked in the newsletter!

Flip on.


As this was the only newsletter I received since I’m fairly new to the community I cannot really express much of an opinion but as a first for me it was pretty good in both layout and information included. Keep up the good vibe, community! :slight_smile:


You just summarized 100% of all the newsletters you’ve received. Thorough work :wink:

Indeed good job!

Keep em coming.


@Artur @Ervin @AntonyTerence

You’ve been featured in the newsletter sometimes.
(In a nice way) :wink:

Has there ever been a disappointment when you’ve read it? Have you ever actually noticed anything special about it?


Ummm… No I was never disappointed. I never got that newsletter :grin:


No disappointments, but to entice active members, you could drop a hint about how things are going on in the company.


I like them :grinning: it doesn’t go to the primary ‘folder’ in gmail as I’d like to but I feel it’s a nice way to have a summary of the activity in the community :smiley: Didn’t have any disappointment and noticed a special thing which I liked: the comment in the footer :wink:


We had a small break with the community newsletter due to preparations of Pyramid Flipper, but on Tuesday it went out again.

If there are comments, missing emails, or especially some complaints. Let me know, I need to know! I hunger to know.