The name "Donald"


Courage, there are other Donald’s around : the most read one first: Donald Duck…:star_struck: Quite different to your description. :hugs:

[Donald Dock][Step 2.1][DISCUSSION] What you need and how you will use it

What’s in a name …mostly that what one puts in it :relaxed: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m hoping it is just the name of the project, and not the product.


Correct - it’s just a codename “internally” while the product is being fleshed out.


Donald Duck is the final creation of Carls Barks, a great artist and creator of Scrooge, Huey Lewey & Dewey, Giro Gearloose, Beagle Boys and others.
Carl was the greatest and whatever is to be connected with “Donald” or “DD” reminds on him .
When DT will have been retired or gone, Carl’s figures will remain. You may name a Dock Donald, no problem, but the name will always being brought into special connection.
Standing in the shadow of Donald Duck…


didn’t knew donald duck was a racist.


All right, give it any name you want to. CB died at the age of 99 years, until this date he had “childhood fantasies”?
Walt Disney Productions will be the keeper of the rights for this name. EVE-tech may feel free to use the name, that is brought in conjunction with Donald DOck.
Myself, I don’t care…


We could switch it up and call it the Donald Dick? More fitting to the trumpeter

My thoughts are it’s generally going to be more relatable to the cartoon than the idiot POTUSA especially among the age demographic that are likely to purchase eve kit

I see your point though


While it is true that the name Donald carries a degree of unpleasant stigma right now, I’d ask that we all maintain a sense of history and confidence in how insignificant this will all be in a few years. (more or less) Anyway this degree of P.C. & politicizing is making my head hurt. It was a pun son! Imagine all of the other good and noble Donalds that might be out there right now contributing to the benefit of humankind. Are they not people possibly deserving of our adulation?

Or call it Dorkie Dock, Petunia Plug or whatever. Everything is not a political or moral issue (happy happy joy joy). Some are just plain funny. (dinky dock?)


You are really complaining about the Name?

There Was a poll you had a chance to vote for another name and there was a topic to find ideas for the projects code name.


Its a Project name. Doesn’t really matter what it is called.


Oh boy, someone hates Trump a bit too much :smile: Please calm down, we all know he’s a jerk, but come on… You’re comparing it to guys who killed millions of people. So far he hasn’t killed anyone :slight_smile:

I have no idea who that is and I certainly don’t associate him to “moron leader”, lol… I guess I don’tbelong tothe “everyone” you’re talking about? I associate the name more withbarking dogs because you know… barks…


Like others, I was struggling to understand your points about Donald Duck - I’d never even associated the project name with Trump. Given there are many Donalds in the world, and Trump is just one of them, it seems somewhat ridiculous to dislike the name (particularly when it was specifically referencing Donald Duck) just because of Donald Trump.

Secondly on your point on Trump himself. While I appreciate that Trump bashing is very much fashionable at this time, I think you need to look at the wider picture: There are countries where people are being arrested, imprisoned, even killed for their religion, their sexuality, their political beliefs, or even for speaking out and saying something that’s contrary to the official line. There are leaders that are embezzling vast sums of money from their country while their people starve. While I think that Trump is a bad leader, fortunately there are mechanisms in place in the US that can minimise the damage he can cause (unfortunately,it can’t control what he says). So, if you were to ask me which countries are in most need of a change of leadership, the USA would not be top of the list, it wouldn’t even make the top 50. Regrettably, there are many people in the world doing far worse things than Donald Trump, and they’re not called Donald.


Not really - in my mind using a name like Donald Dock sounds like something a child or a weed-smoker came up and thought it was funny but in reality it’s just juvenile and opens up a whole can of worms with litigation coming from doors and windows if a Disney rep even smells it.

But as I’ve learned here, suggestions are completely pointless and a few individuals hammer their viewpoint through no matter how stupid they are. So, I don’t really care - just wanted to point out it sounds incredibly dumb from a non-interested viewpoint.

How can we improve community development before Eve Dock's crowd development is kicked off

The name for this project was chosen by the community, and will not at this time be changed. Some people will like it, some will not. To keep this topic from turning political, I’m closing it.