The most wanted products of 2019!


Okay, here’s my take,

I’d like an updated V, with a number of quality of life changes and one major change that would allow it to be shipped both a normal typecover or a Laptop Base like the Surface Book which can host a dGPU.

Over a one year use of my V, this is what I feel needs to be fixed for a 2nd generation:

  1. Lighter: The current V is heavier than the SP5/SP6 but not offering any real benefits from the weight. Its performance is worse and its battery life is around the same as the Surface lineup.
  2. Design with fan: Using the Y-series CPU’s is just too weak. A silent operation could instead be implemented through software. I currently have a Lenovo Ideapad 720s 14" with an i7 8550u, and after undervolting and tweaking it I can go through a whole day at university without the fans kicking in. This is mostly because I set a throttlestop profile which limits the performance by a bit while on battery. This also increases my battery life and I’m getting 8-9h of university work on a 50Wh battery(55Wh new).
    This also means I can “release” the CPU on demand if I need to do any intensive tasks however, giving me the best of two world.
  3. U-series CPU: The i7 8550u reaches around 600(multi) in cinebench, compared to the 250 for the i7-7Y75. Granted there’s a generation gap, but still.
  4. Improved palm rejection: Compared to my SP3, I never use my V for taking notes as I can’t trust the palm rejection.
  5. Working fingerprint reader. No explanation needed.
  6. Fixed modern standby sleep: As a number have experienced the V sometimes wakes up in the backpack, causing battery drain and a dead V when you want to do work. Feels unreliable.
  7. Smaller bezels Not too small so that it can still be held without touching the screen, but smaller than they are. The iPad Pro has small bezels and that seems to work with people.
  8. Port placement farther down the side: More natural position when it’s upright.
  9. Better pogo pin design: I have reliability concerns with how the pogo pins currently work, and had to return a previous V cause the keyboard stopped working.
  10. Ability to flip the keyboard around: If I’m going to use my V for taking notes I’d like to be able to keep the keyboard flipped but still on like the Surface Lineup. There’s usually not enough space in the lecture theater to place the keyboard on the desk in front of me forcing me to put it in my backpack instead.
  11. No antireflective coating: Not unless it can be guaranteed to not flake off from the keyboard rubbing against the screen.
  12. Reliable bluetooth keyboard: I love the idea of the keyboard being able to be used over bluetooth, but it’s unreliable and has input lag and dropped letters.
  13. LTE enabled: This would be quite beneficial for some, though a cost/benefit analysis would have to be done. It’s weird if it can’t be cheaply implemented though as even very cheap smartphones support 4G.

And my big proposed change:
I think it would be really cool if the V could be made to be compatible with both a typecover style keyboard and a laptop base. The laptop base would then be like the Surface Book and have both a battery and a dGPU. Of course that would be expensive, so that would be an upgrade for those that want that. The “normal” V would come with a normal typecover.

That’s what I’d like to see for a direct successor to the V anyway :slight_smile: Personally I’m not that interested in Mini PC’s and AIO but it’ll be interesting to see what the community comes up with. The laptop and 2-1 market is a bit saturated right now so I can understand a decision to not make a direct successor.

Tell us what you think about tablets

IMO, in the AIO space there is no real windows competidor to iMacs in design, specs and price. I feel that in the market, if you want a good looking AIO for your office for more than admin stuff, the only true option is go with Apple, but are many people that don’t like MacOS and want to stick with Windows. The Surface Studio is what windows have that might be able to compare, but it’s for a different target audience (and budget).


I really like your thinking, LazerCut! I just got my V, but the V2 does seem like the most logical “big” project for Eve to do, as it would build on the success of what they’ve already accomplished.

A lighter V with improved palm rejection and two different kinds of bases (keyboard and laptop) sounds like a great idea.


I would argue that I would want me V to become a sort of all in one through the use of a dock. All in ones are typically clunky and ugly. The surface studio is great but super expensive. My mom uses a hp aio for watching things when in the kitchen but it’s really just a media device with browsing.


I’m with you on this, bring the price down to a more reasonable level and I’ll buy one tomorrow.

The Studio is the best looking and most powerful desktop solution for me, though I can’t bring myself to pay that kind of money for it. It is still living in the luxury level price range.

With a reasonably large (30"+) Hi Res screen (4k+) I’d have one in the bedroom as a work/play/movie machine with a blue-tooth keyboard and mouse.

I have enough portable devices for my daily use and I’m not at all interested in gaming,
Though I always appreciate higher than I need video, RAM and CPU specs, so a powerful desktop AIO is my dream machine today. Oh and a tilt screen is a must because I use a sit/stand desk or table arrangement often.


The Surface studio really isn’t powerful at all. At least not for a desktop. I mean it’s seriously using a mobile CPU in a desktop, that kind of not powerful.


What do you guys think about an affordable version of this, maybe with an empty slot for a GPU and a basic CPU?
Upgradeable processing power is a crazy selling point.


Yeah, you’re right, I’m really in love with the look of it and the hinge and overall design.

I think we as a community can collectively design a much better one with a better, more powerful cpu, video etc and maybe with a removable “nuc” style module that we can carry and insert into other desktop setup etc.


I would want a replacement of Surface GO with LTE support that provide more connector ports, and better performance. On the design, ability to type on knee and kickstand to support portrait mode.


The problem in general with mini PC’s and AiO is that they are all either weak,not upgradable or unbelievable expensive…

iMac,MacMini, Surface studio,Dell 24 5000 are nice machines but paying nearly 4500€ for a maxed out MacMini is completely insane.
The Dell is okay but not upgradable… and so on…

Problem for me personal in the whole computer industry is, that they are not listening to the people and they are trying to make compromises or selling old hardware and so on.

Except you are completely building your computer on your own it is pretty hard to find something that is powerful,upgradable and has a reasonable price point.


Hi, no matter what will be the next device: I’d really like it to have a replacable battery.
For laptop / 2 in 1, I like the idea to use the keyboard as a kind of “replacable battery holder”.


Indeed, why not create a modular laptop? With technology evolving, modules like cpu (incl chip set), gpu, camera, 3G/4G/5G, etc can be upgraded.


only if the bezel is thinner ( I would like that)… I do not think bigger overall will do it… for a portable device…

mini PC:

  • for comfortably sitting on the couch, looking at the internet and typing
  • for traveling


  • for above
  • PLUS for drawing painting - outside in the sun (=> need antiglare as on the V & superbright screen at least as the V)

who needs gaming… :thinking::thinking:



Thanks @kevinstreet! The unique selling point of a V2 would then be that base switching capability, more ports and a cheaper price than the competitors. Unfortunately some competitors like the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 tablet are beginning to include more ports on their tablets, reducing the niche for the V.

If Eve is to make an AIO it definitely should be a Surface Studio competitor(i.e. Tilt and draw functionality) but I can imagine getting such a high quality screen is going to be a pain in the ass, also I can’t imagine them being cheap as supply is probably quite low.

In terms of brainstorming, I’m thinking it might be beneficial to put some components (like the SSD’s) on the monitor itself and not on the base to reduce the size of the base. It’ll also allow for better thermals by separating some of the components from each other. Of course it has the drawback of a completely ruined PC if the monitor accidentally detaches from the base, and there might be some added latency and engineering issues.

It would also be HUGELY beneficial if the Eve AIO could be used as just a screen as well, making it usable when the hardware is dated. I’d also love this functionality for a tablet style device as well(Miracast is just unreliable).


In the survey I voted for a Surface Studio like AIO but then went back to clarify. It’s not the AIO-ness I want but a High res, active pen touch screen that can work as a drawing board or a normal screen. If it can be plugged into a standard PC all the better!


Now that’s a good idea!

It could be use simply as a stand alone AIO or it could have a device say like a “NUC” / V / or any other CPU with motherboard device plugged into it is well and make great use of the superior screen for multiple purposes.


I forgot to name that, too!!! raising hand


It is sad that there is no 2-in-1.

All in one already has the correct answer for myself. The price is very expensive.
Wacom Cintiq Pro 32 is it.
PC module that can be replaced with an LCD tablet is attached.Now I can choose Xeon and i5.
This LCD tablet can also connect high performance PC.
But It’s really very very expensive.
If EVE comes out with US$3000~3500 with PC, I’m consider purchasing.

Mini PC
I do not like board type for putting it in a certain pocket now.
I will break if I sit with PC in my pocket.

For presbyopia it is hard work to manipulate Windows 10 with my finger on a small screen.
So I need a pointing device.
It is also necessary to have a hard keyboard.

I would like a grip to make it easier to hold.I think it would be better to grip an externally replaceable battery.
It would be great if modules were added to the side like Nintendo switch!


Just to throw a different idea in the mix, even though I think this would be a very tough product to pull off…
How about a Mirrorless Camera for enthusiasts which offers what current offerings don’t (I think the community could definitely come up with some very unique ideas here).
I don’t have time to line out which features I would want from such a camera right now, but I can later on.


Would love for Eve to produce a NUC or other small form factor PC that has the same qualities as the V. Something that could really compete with Intel while keeping the cost low.

If that is not possible. Perhaps a more powerful V with newer 4 cores U processors. Keeping the same ports. Maybe a bit larger screen or smaller bezels. A More reliable keyboard