The most wanted products of 2019!


so great to see the team getting back to community again. Keep on working here…


Mine is simple. A better Surface book competitor with more TB3 like Macbooks.


I’m interested in some devices PCH was involved earlier to get a look into their capabilities. Are they able to engineer a Surface Book like hinge or a Surface Studio like mechanism for example? Or are they responsible themselves for the lenovo yoga a 940 ugly hinge solution…


In case of MS Surface Book 1/2 it is done based on proprietary connector which has similar functionality as Thunderbolt 3. This allows to have additional graphic card and other ports in base.


I still want a device for drawing like Wacom Mobile Studio (with it’s ERM technology), but with better design towards portability and better price. And yeah, sound matters too. And this time LEDs for status. And a keyboard that won’t die in half a year.


It’s a pleasure to have the desire to daily check again the community as for first time I bumped into eve tech, no more complaints or others (even if interesting) off-topic topics.
I wouldn’t try to make a product like V more complete using fancy keyboards thunderbolt 3 connected, I think it wasn’t designed for that reason and there is always the possibility to connect it with an external GPU anyway.
That’s doesn’t mean I’m not for this concept, but I would start again from sketches trying to get the best of Surface book and improving it with good ideas as LG oled sound display as I read in last post, more ports, Finnish design a bigger trackpad, a convenient way to make it upgradable…etc etc

I’m all for the development of something like this as it is near an already known field and there is enough space to improve the concept.

I’m also excited to see which will be the smaller satellite projects.

The engine s quietly starting, it has not been a simple task or an happy journey, but now it’s OUR turn to make things to change! So let’s move community:)


As an aside, just to throw that in here… I always was wondering why we did not see anything like that in the USA here… maybe somewhere else… would that be an option for a more solid V? I mean the turning function…

I mean the one int he middle…


What exactly is the difference? I think its just a difference in styling


IIRC those kind of hinge is rather fragile, feels less rigid, and prone to damages, which is why its pretty much replaced with 360/Yoga-style hinges

Fun fact: HTC once made a phone with this form factor, it looks like a cute mini-laptop.

7:20 for the mechanism


We need something which we can type on our knees… if possible…

And a portable ssd or nvme case and others add-in to the V also would be nice.


I got no idea what exactly is different. Just check out this windowscentral review: He’s always turning it with both hands and it seems very wobbly.


Rotating hinge changed to YOGA type from rather than for toughness,The problem of cost is also.
The yoga type just replaces the hinges with the design of a regular laptop.
Because rotating hinges involve changing the housing. .
Lenovo’s X series used tablet as a rotating hinge. This part has never been broken, but Lenovo has made it a YOGA type hinge.
The X201tablet, X22tablet I was using were completely different things than the other X201, X220. (Battery is designed separately too)
At other than cost, the rotation type seems to be unable to make it thin so it disappears.


It is a very good idea.
But. . .
The keyboard will have to be very heavy for stability.

Alldocube put a weight for stability and the keyboard was about 1 kg.
If you make it lighter, you need some ingenuity like this Vaio A12.
Probably because it is patented, we have to make it different.

The problem of 2-in-1
重心= center of gravity

Flap stabilizes the center of gravity balance
2-in-1 while achieving total weight of 1 kg.


If this is the case, then I really like the idea of a new keyboard with a battery inside. Maybe it could extend the lifetime of the V itself past the death of the original battery. At least for desktop use.


So you have me with this idea but with some changes. For me V is to small to be “Studio” thing. BUT! I believe the best compromise will be NEW F*** AWESOME STAND for V. It is true that artist & graphics don’t have to carry eGPU with themself every time. So creating good Docking Station is best scenario for me. What it should be like?

  • it should hold V from USB-C TB to USB A on the opposite side
  • it should allow V to be mounted both horizontally and vertically (next to monitor as in my setup)
  • in the footer of the station there should be some ports on a side: usbc usba hdmi-out, front full card reader
  • I need eGPU inside, not for gaming. 2GB or something
  • I will be tight, but real DAC with some juice for mini-jack on side or rear
  • The handle should allow for a perfectly vertical position (next to monitor) as well as in the painting position, a few percent inclination
  • maybe small cooling system on a arm, quiet one
  • is it possible to add cable to charge stock keyboard?

EDIT: we can’t create new topics sooo:

[BUG/SOMETHING TO CHANGE - SOFTWARE] - As you all know I don’t carry my V, it is mounted stationary vertical. Please, change booting logo to vertical! It looks dump now when it is mounted.


I do like this dock/stand idea. I would want a more gaming GPU but I am sure they can make variants. It is essentially a desktop/all in one mod for V


Hey Guys! Been off the forums for a long time now, as I’ve had a major change with my career and it’s been a bit all consuming… the flip side here is that my V has been all over the world with me over the last few months, and I even managed to take it back to it’s birthplace in China!

If EVE was my baby, the future would be a V.2. Tweaked to perfection, with LTE/4G and GPS onboard + any other bits people felt were missing.

Then a more conventional laptop with some sort of dGPU onboard.

Then a desktop machine of some sort…

I would stay clear of the tablet/phone market which is far too over saturated, and fast changing for a more niche player to keep up. The market for well built laptops, hybrids and desktops remains a solid choice.

IMHO of course…

Lastly, my final missing accessories have all arrived recently - good job!

And kind regards to all at EVE HQ.


Hey Konsta and community :slight_smile:
Good to hear that things are moving and the community is on it`s way back to regain strength.

Since I have my V for quite a while now, I must say Eve V Version 2.0 would be something.
I wasn’t very happy with the Keyboard(needs to be stronger) and the USB C connectors are wearing out pretty fast.
Performance is good but an Updated Version would be cool :slight_smile:
Maybe a second SD Card reader…Love that one on my V. Have different cards setup for different use cases (Retrogaming,DJing and CAD) so that I can extend the Hard Drive without taking always an external Drive with me.
Also the fingerprint sensor definitely needs some rework.
Maybe a bigger Screen?

A cool strong Mini PC with a lot of connections would also be something I’m looking forward to.

Let us go back the the full potential of this community :slight_smile:



A gaming rig like zotac’s Mek Mini??


Thank you all for your contribution so far. We already have 1000 answers:)

Quite many people are interested in Mini PC and All in one.

Could you shortly summarize:

What is in the market today and what is missing?
What are the use cases for mini PC and AIO?
Why would you buy one? :slight_smile:

They are not winning categories but pretty big so it’s very interesting for me to know! Cheers!