The most wanted products of 2019!


@darkrealms very valid question!

When we started Eve V project it was the first time doing such a complex product. We had to learn a lot and everything took us a lot of time during the development due to the steep learning curve. Also it was the first time we have crowd developed.

This time around we think it would be great if we could do few simpler projects and one bigger project at the same time to provide community enough different projects to get involved in and for us to be able to improve crowd development process itself.

So to answer your question we are right now very open minded and are very interested to try different product categories out. So as @dibadibadu mentioned we are potentially open to a

As long as there are enough tech enthusiasts around the world having the same need :smiley:

@kevinstreet is right that this is the first step and we will make sure to spread this message out to see what do people really want!

@ktham and @Artur_Jedrzejewski V2 is certainly very interesting for us too as one of the bigger projects as we have a lot of experience in 2-in-1 area

Can’t wait to share the survey results with you :slight_smile: They are pretty interesting actually!


@Konstantinos what do you think about Upgrade Program?


That sounds like an interesting idea, but we can’t really start considering that until we are working on something to upgrade to! I do think it makes a lot of sense! Now we most importantly get started with products and minimize any of the previous mistakes we made.


So I gave you to ideas!

  • V2 as above
  • New keyboard, hard one, with 2GB GPU (not for gaming, for artist & graphics) + HDMI out. It should works as a Surface Book one. Should holds V without kickstand. Will not scratch screen layers. I would definitely buy such a keyboard.


There are various markets but EVE comes later. It is unacceptable unless it is quite unique. Good luck try hard in a difficult place.I think that EVE V succeeded because it supplemented the missing surface.

I think that resources are insufficient, so I think that the next project will be only one, but I want you to make 2-in-1 again.

I want a correct evolved V2
・Do not reduce the existing connectors plus
・Full size SD reader
・For TypeC connector both sides support Thunderbolt 3
・The LCD surface does not need the same AR coating as before. Lost and cost down. You can sell the protective film as an option.
Please make Wacom EMR stylus, please.
→AES and MPP have jitter, I can not write slowly.

and I want a mobile monitor with the same design.with 2 screens, the work is quick.

One more
I hope to resurrect Clie (palm made by Sony) with the current technology as a phone.In particular, PEG-NZ90
One-handed operation with jog dial was the best.
Because old sony had Vaio VGN-UX and many fun things. I’d like them to be made with the current technology.


I am certainly interested in the upgraded keyboard people are talking about.

Personally I’d like to see

  • Eve Bluetooth ANC over ear headphones better in every way for less
  • A Surface Book competitor
  • eGPU enclosure
  • A Bluetooth dock that essentially connects two different speakers to it self and you would pair your device to this Bluetooth dock so that you can have stereo sound from any pair of Bluetooth speakers lying around.


Interesting, its like a jack splitter, but wireless

Makes sense, since phones dont have headphone jacks anymore


I might be alone on this, but I’d love a premium 2-in-1 Chromebook with at least 8GB of RAM. With ChromeOS adding native Android app support, native Linux app support, and the upcoming ability to dual-boot with Windows, it’s an area that I think has a lot of potential with currently little competition. The only options under 1.5 kg with at least 8GB of RAM is Google’s Pixelbook and Pixel Slate. Wouldn’t really need to go far off the specs of the V, and either changing from a convertible to a 2-in-1 or repurposing the V’s design could make for a quick turnaround.


If we are going with pure dreams : )
I’d like a translucent flexible OLED display with LG Crystal Sound (concept) built in that I can stick on a wall or window (doesn’t matter the curve/shape [understandably no sharp edges]). It has one cable (ribbon style) feeding from an edge or corner (preferably the bottom side) that feeds into a control/power unit and has Display/HDMI/Analog video and audio inputs. A 12v/24v direct power so it can be used on the go with both US and Euro vehicles as a power source. The feeder cable should be detachable on both ends (I know, I know extra bulk on the display : [ but still). Even proprietary is fine but with multiple length options, this is both for replacement and cable pathing.

Thanks, good info.

This will only be possible with BT 5.x, @Lin mentioned that earlier as well.

I think any 2 in 1 at this point will be a refresh/upgrade to current tech. The question is will a dual boot OS sell to the community? I would be interested in it but I don’t know how well a concept like that would sell. Or what that feature would be worth $$ wise to people.

I’m a little concerned about that business model… If its a fridge and a microwave, why are you driving to McDonalds or ordering pizza??
Wouldn’t you want it to drive you to the store to restock the clearly empty fridge ; p


We don’t need to reinvent the wheel or start a new product category. Sometimes the best products come from being able to join different features already present in different products (even in different categories) and come up with something unique and valuable (like the V did).


I guess I may be the first low tech guy here, but since the survey was open to many things, here’s my stab at it.
I really would like a travel backpack that can safely store my V , accessories like cables, adapters, and also an externel bluray player. It would allow me to also store a change of undies, toothbrush and other sundry items. Thus:

  1. I would not have to check my tech stuff
  2. I would have access to my V while traveling.
  3. Be able to have some change of clothes if my luggage gets lost or delayed.
  4. Can also be used while hiking or other day or short trips.
    Wherever I have looked at backpacks and luggage, I’ve rarely seen anything geared heavily towards tech travelers. Maybe there is and I have missed it, that certainly is possible and I apologize if my idea is already out in the marketplace, in that case please ignore this post.
    Secondly, I also like the dock idea, I want to be able to connect to a blu ray player and 2 large displays.
    Lastly, I would like a reasonable cost battery replacement. I am disabled and cannot buy new every year or two or three, so I rely on my device to last awhile, not forever, but not a disposable either, so since batteries usually have to be replaced every so often, this is important to me. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1" tablet that I bought “open box” 7 or 8 years ago I believe and replaced the battery once by myself for little cash. I don’t know what the cost for Eve to replace a V battery would be, but I hope it would be reasonable.

I enjoy reading the post you guys do on the newer hi tech stuff that frankly I am a real newbie at, but many points I agree with. I’ll step off my soapbox now! lol


I for one would second a high tech backpack.


I apologize to bother you again and again.

I want EVE tech to incorporate Transformation and Combine as it’s a Eternal boy’s romance.
Whatever product to develop.


I’m super glad this community and the brand EVE is preparing the next steps!
Even when I am still waiting for warranty reply, I’m looking forward what future we will create with the community!

Keep it up EVE, lets make it better!


Well, I’m definitely supporting the idea of the ‘Surface Book’ style hard keyboard. It could be a great way to upgrade the V without having to make a totally new V, plus to make the V even more versatile. An issue would be to make the keyboard heavy enough to avoid the V to flip, but with graphic card, additional ports, Asus NumPad/Trackpad, battery (not very useful since the V’s battery is already great), RAM (possible?), it should be OK. And as you say, please avoid making it scratch the screen.


Also, I don’t know if it is doable, but what about a new hinge to be able to put the V in the ‘flatter’ position. Something replaceable by the user him/herself so it does not require to send the V back to Eve.


One issue with advanced keyboard bases is that the V’s keyboard connector is based on USB — and I believe 2.0. After all, it was only meant to attach a keyboard, and that’s more than sufficient. It also means that though a keyboard could have a hard drive or SSD in it (albeit with a slow connection), GPUs are outside the realm of possibility for the current V.

Of course, if this kind of expandability was taken into account during the design phase, it could totally be possible for any successor to the V!

edit: I do recall there were some community designs floating around for a keyboard base that connected up to the V’s Thunderbolt 3 port through a cable or mechanical arm. It’s not the most elegant solution, but it does enable fancier options like fast storage and graphics processing power…


Oops, you’re right. I missed that point.

Besides connection to Thunderbolt 3 port through cable or mechanical arm, the advance keyboard could have a frame in which the V will fit in and get connected to the thunderbolt 3. Kind of the dell duo (illustrated below), although the screen of the dell duo cannot be removed

However, it would increase the bezels of the V. Except if the V can be slid between a double frame and thus the edge of the frame would be in front of and behind the bezel of the V.

It’s a shame I’m so bad at sketching, it would be a lot easier to explain with a drawing.


These are some designs the community has come up with so far:


Very interesting technology, saving space for speaker, need to see the audio quality, and also need to get contact with LG first :slight_smile:

Good idea, will think about it when resume project Donald Dock

Battery replacing is something didn’t get well considered when designing V, so replacing battery is quite complicated technically, and expensive (considering the shipping cost).