The Mechanical Keyboard Thread


I think the haloing primarily comes from the fact that I had to use a giant lamp blasting down on it (or my flash, which gave even worse results) in an otherwise quite dark room. As I said, I am really not happy with the lighting, but I think it suffice to show my keyboard and unusual layout. It was never intended to be a work of art. Besides, this is already a tad off-topic.
I actually go over my lens quite often, as it’s a small thing that’s nice to fiddle with in an idle moment. Granted, I don’t go over it with anything more than a t-shirt or fold of paper, so it could still be the problem.

I rarely take photos more than for practicality though. The train of thought around a photo like this is:

  1. Does it show what it should:
    -Yes - good, then I use it.
    -No - change something to try and make it better, then repeat question 1.


I have bought a sampler before grabbing them - and at least the MOD-L feels very similar to the lighter Zaelios (62g). :slight_smile:


I already made photos of all the keyboards I use in the german keyboardlayout thread.
Therefore here just the link.


I hear someone mentioned g710+?

Here’s mine. Got it when it first came out. Still working great after 4 and a half year. I even spilled half a glass of water on it once… but some hours of sunshine dried and saved it.


My G710+ has so far been spared any accidents, but its G15 (original, not refresh) predecessor survived a number of spills ranging from water to soda to booze.

Take it apart.
Throw many of the parts in the dishwasher.
Put it back together.


I used to have a G710+ (My first Mech), but then I started tinkering with customizing my keyboards and found that the bottom row for the G710+ is incompatible with most keycap sets on the market. Now it is sitting on the shelf with a plate next to it that says, ‘My First Mechanical Keyboard’.


I completely forgot two important ones.

It may not be a mechanical keyboard, but this is after all. It’s really good, apart form the horrendous ANSI layout (more on all all that here).

Then this:

My beloved G600.
It’s definitely not a mechanical keyboard. It’s not even a keyboard. But most of the time it acts as one, only better, as it is a mouse as well.
Whenever I don’t need to actually write something, I practically only use it. But as the mouse itself can’t properly show just how much I do with it, have a screenshot of the layout on it:

I did actually try and fit a whole keyboard onto it once. Suffice to say I did not use it long enough to get used to it, and as such it wasn’t the most pleasant experience. Perhaps one day I’ll try it again.


here is my cherry mx blue clicky keyboard…Love it!


I’m thinking about making a keyboard for taking it with the V on the go with a V Keycap (Flipped Pyramid), and the oops! key


I didn’t have to remove them, and I never hit them… And no, I don’t type slowly and I don’t look at the keyboard when I type…


Wow, so impressive !! How do you manage to do that ? :wink:


That’s not what I meant… I meant that removing keycaps is very drastic and quite pointless especially since we know @nawthor can even get used to exotic key layouts like dvorak. It doesn’t take much getting used to not to press those keys when you don’t need to…


That mouse looks very confusing!


I’m also considering to get one of those MMO gaming mice for shortcuts, but I’m hesistating over if I really need them and whether it feels better than the MX Master


Sure, to some. It comes down to personal preference, I guess. I still hate caps lock and insert with a passion, and have no problem with not having them on my keyboard. And I don’t think it’s drastic to remove a keycap when getting it back is a very simple matter, while the lack of it makes it no harder to press the key and only makes it less likely to be hit accidentally.

I guess that comes down to your workflow, but I can never say enough how fantastic it is to have them for mine. Even the unassuming stuff like backspace, delete and enter entirely changed how I interact with stuff. Combined with cut and paste, it allows me to do most of my editing without even touching a keyboard. And a double-click button is quite addictive as well.


I’m really surprised that you, who uses all sorts of weird layouts, even on your mouse, are struggling with these keys… To me it’s like a matter of days to get used to a new keyboard and never hit them again. I actually don’t remember when was the last time I hit caps lock while typing… So it’s surprising that a person like you has a problem with it :smiley:


To revive this thread, I’m going to post my new keyboards here! (Yes, keyboards)


SA Godspeed build with Brass plate, Revo One Case, Invyr Pandas with Mod-M stems!

Canoe with GMK Carbon and Vintage MX Blacks

I’m starting to geek out again…


Check out this retro baby

I can’t wait to use it with my V


Yea, the Azio Retro is indeed a pretty good-looking retro board in my opinion.

Weekly Update 15.02

I have the WASD Code Blue at home (Cherry MX Blue):

And the quieter KB Paradise V80 Tenkeyless Olivetti Quiet Click Keyboard at work (Matias Quiet Click):