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Same here, Czech republic :slightly_smiling_face: Can’t wait!!!


I’ve mine with me in hong kong…
I encountered the speaker issue…


I tried to play a song in spotify, sometimes the sound is breaking, that’s pretty annoying… the same song played fine in another device… so gotta be the speaker issue…

the touch for the keyboard is awesome… the cons is… once it got stained, not easily to remove…


Any updates on when we can expect tracking numbers or any info for that matter for Canada shipping?


What exactly do you mean? If the sound is cutting in and out (or ‘choppy’ as some might say) that’s more likely due to network/software/driver issues than speaker design. As has been mentioned in another thread, there could potentially be a problem with the audio drivers, and I would expect the team to push a fix once they get a chance.


Sorry to be clear you have your V already and you are saying there’s a speaker issue?


it’s more like the sound of electric current, like the interference of some radiowave… like 0.5 sec and it is fine again.
I will try to upload one later if possible…


Again, without real info those timings are useless.

We don’t know how long they have been held in customs, how were they packaged when they arrived. How many boxes there were that would have needed to be unboxed and put on their own shelves etc.


I got a text message from DHL yesterday stating that my (UK) delivery was scheduled for today. Unfortunately (if I can call being sat at a bar in the blazing sun with an ice cold beer unfortunate :sunglasses: ) I’m on holiday, so have had to reschedule delivery for when I get back (which was easily done on the DHL website), but at least that will be something to look forward to on my return.


@inffy you hit the nail on the head. How hard is it to track the shipments to the local warehouses…? 3 different airbills or however many local warehouses there are! The lack of communication…


Given the current shipping fiasco may I suggest renaming the dock from “Donald Dock” to the “Whatever-Can-Go-Wrong-Will-Go-Wrong-Dock”. :sunglasses:


I personally wouldn’t want to change it to that, but if you’re going to make that suggestion maybe “Murphy’s Dock”? Say’s the same thing in a lot less words :wink:


I’v got SMS that DHL will deliver my EVE tomorrow ( to my doorstep).
P.S living in UK


@Constantine how was your tracking? did it say it has already been picked up?



Ok i have came to a conclusion.
Everyone who has received the sms/call from DHL today for tomorrow’s delivery, had their V “picked up” on monday.
The rest, me included, only have “Shipment information received”. that means that in the same day some Vs have been picked up by dhl, others we still dont know where they are.

I know this is not directly team’s fault. But in 450 HEB lets say that half (225) are european backers (i made up this number), it is a little scary that they cant process 225 at the same time… I dont like the fact that my V is 2weeks on the move and nowhere to be found.

(not trying to be pessimist and over dramatic)


Just to clarify - Have not received any calls or SMS from EVE. The text mesage came from DHL.


Might be more DHLs problem van could have been too full or something. I’m with the same situation, still in the warehouse waiting to be picked up


ups, i wanted to say DHL.
after 12h of working my brain is lagging. just edited it


Just because there is a tracking number doesn’t mean that they’re waiting for DHL to pick it up. It just means that 4PX has created a tracking number - 4PX may not have arranged a pickup with DHL for the item yet. I doubt it’s a problem with DHL not being able to pick it up.