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I didn’t get a tracking update until now but it sounds promising so let’s wait :blush:.


I thin they’re in the process of sending out all the info.
And he did not have his number but DHL had it - on forwarded it to him earlier today! :slight_smile:

Update SMS are going around in Europe so I hope most people will have their V until the end of this week! :slight_smile:


Nope actual pickups and SMS from DHL and tracking shows the parcel being picked up yesterday

@ganny backerkit had a error and some tracking codes weren’t filled up. Huge was one of them. @iKirin fixed it and I just talked to Huge about it and his box is already in DHLs sorting center in Luton UK :slight_smile:

I am still waiting tracking updates but hopefully it’s today


Not for me currently - and seems for some others as well. Maybe later on


So I got my tracking number for DHL on 2 December, as I mentioned and it still doesn’t show up on DHL’s system, which is still the case when I call them. I then checked 4PX and it seems the tracking number does show up on their system only.
Last status:

Dec 02, 2017
06:29 pm
Shipment arrived at facility and measured.4PX

As a reminder, I live in South Africa.


Yes, only a tracking number for me (also Europe) so far. DHL hasn’t got the package yet. So some in Europe have received SMS from DHL and others not.


Still no tracking number for me :worried: (UK delivery)


Please send a.message to @iKirin


@iKirin I wonder why the EVE team is so quiet about the US shipments, as there seem no one in the US has gotten their’s? Why is there no follow-up by region?

There are not many HEB, that can’t be sorted by hand in one or two days by different warehouses! Lets say its 1400 HEB, it takes maybe 5 min to sort one customer’s order, that is generous…Amazon takes about a minute per package.

So that is 7000 minutes devided by 24 and 60 that gives you 5 days to sort it if only one person worked on the job 24/7. Now considering that it is at least 3 regions … 1.6 days per region


@iKirin I am from India and still haven’t got a tracking number, could you please let me know the status of the India shipment.


well not really. Come on think about it…the Vs are in maybe 2-3 different big boxes (every model packed to a one big box etc), then all the sleeves, possible accessories. Everything in their own boxes.

Then the warehouse needs to sort them to their own places on the warehouse so they are easily colllected.

Saying this takes 5mins per order is pretty much not true.


Mine is still like this.
No SMS here


nope I am doing logistics and material handling as a profession, and 4PX does this as a profession.

yeah it is that way. give it 10 min so double the time …and i doubt only on person is working on this in a warehouse


Where are the US shipments being held up? Nothing is being communicated.


It should be less than 500 HEBs … (some opted for SSD upgrade).


I believe, from a question I asked some time ago, that there are 50 HEBs waiting for the 1TB SSD.


So lets do this calculation again:

450 HEB x 10 min = 4500 min / 24 / 60 = 3.125 days / 3 regions = 1.04 days per region for sorting if only 1 employee sorts it 24/7 …so let 1 employee sort for 12 hours per region = 2.08 days for sorting…

What is going on? I think what most people are frustrated by as I am is, this touting in the media and feeling of no communication by the Eve team over the past two weeks. Even saying, hey we asked the warehouse and they did not reply would be better than radio silence.


I’ve already received a SMS from DHL scheduling the delivery for tomorrow!

And this is what i got in DHL tracking page:

So, already picked up yesterday and processed in Luton today, tomorrow will be delivered to me! :slight_smile:

@ganny btw, i said i didn’t have any tracking nr, then talked to @iKirin who somehow sorted out the problem and sent me the email with tracking code… :wink:

@PBem look :wink: I think your’s still to update or you had bad luck :confused:


I still dont understand how is this possible.
Some packages are picked up, others aren’t.
I guess it’s just luck or bad luck. But it’s weird as there aren’t there many HEB in Europe.


Good bro.
Mine wasn’t even picked up yesterday. They just received the information