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I haven’t received my tracking code (DHL -> EU)… :confused:

@inffy lol… thanks mate :slight_smile:


Could someone explain what that means?

Monday, December 04, 2017 Shipment information received
Location LUTON - UK
Time 08:46

Where did my V arrive and what steps awaits to be gone though until it will arrive at my local post office.


That means that the 4px has printed the DHL label for the package and its waiting for DHL to pick it up


My LB order is also in shipped status as my HEB order and received the same HEB tracking number.
Sent e-mail yesterday to EVE support but in response received HEB tracking number I already have.
EU delivery.


I haven’t received my tracking code here in Australia either, are all supposed to have been sent out, or still processing in warehouse?


@iKirin I haven’t received my tracking number yet (France).
Should I be worried ?
Thanks for your help


@iKirin I also haven’t received any tracking in the US.


The AU tracking codes should’ve been sent out on Dec 1, but it appears that the V’s haven’t left the AU warehouse yet (for unknown reasons).


According to @Cyrus46’s post 4px haven’t even asked DHL to pick it up. So 4px are delaying again.


@jayqqq that normal there is an erron in the link
just take out the numeric part of the url out (that your tracking number ) and use it on th right section!

@iKirin I just get DHL on phone and some of the tracking number have been printed but they dont have the purcel and there is no order to pick them up, it’s ready since 2 days now
DHL told me to get in contact with the expeditor because its not in there hand yet and they can’t do nothing
so hopfully you will be able to give us so light on why the warehouses hold them up ?


Hiya @Cyrus46!

I’ll investigate why it has taken them so long, but I know for a fact that first people have started to receive SMS with the tracking information on their mobile phone today (05.12).
If DHL can hold up their estimate that was mentioned in the SMS to those, then it’ll be delivered tomorrow (06.12)

Won’t say any names as I’m unsure if those people are comfortable with me sharing that information - but basically during this week I expect (and hope) for most EU people to receive their Vs :slight_smile: Depending on where they live & how fast DHL is in their area obviously.


thanks for the fastest answer ever
that good news if some of us get V tomorow!
DHL certified they have no info yet to pick them up for delivery apparently it’s still a 4px warehouses since the tracking been printed thanks for investigate and im sure you will comeback to us with some fresh news :wink:


Hi there. It seems that none in the US has received the tracking code. Have an idea why it takes so long?


If it’s alright, please investigate why for Asia countries the parcels have been stuck in the 4PX HK Warehouse for so long too? Received the tracking number on Saturday 2 December and only gotten an update yesterday night 4 December that the shipment information was received but nothing done. The worst part is that it still needs even more time to be shipped from Hong Kong to the various Asian countries.


4px is such a big that they definitely have daily DHL pickups without calling


You say that but they should have had a daily pickup yesterday then… Anyway, I hope you are right, and that our Vs are picked up today by DHL! I will be a lot more relieved once my V is in DHL’s hands :slight_smile:


EU people have had DHL pickups yesterday like @Hige


Unfortunately no. I’ll investigate.

@jayqqq I’m unsure why it’s taking 4px but e.g. Europe is going out today - received info from many European backers (got info myself as well) that it should deliver tomorrow until end of day!

So I hope tomorrow morning (European time) Hk will also have the confirmation for delivery going out!


Not so - just advised of tracking numbers for majority. And in m,y case is a 250kn journey up the M1 from Luton


That’s strange, just three hours ago he said he had no tracking code…

It’s also strange if DHL are only picking up some Vs but not others…