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PreBrexit problems friend.


That doesn’t seem right, can you manually check if there are any details listed in BackerKit?


Still no update on the tracking. I guess DHL didn’t pick them up today then…daaamn


Yes probably you’re right. But we are so close now that one or two days don’t matter too much.

On the other hand I’m really hyped and this status won’t change until I get my V. It’s hard not to check the DHL page permanent :rofl:

Tommorow I have to refrain myself to get some serious work done but it’ll be hard.


actually on friday there’s an holiday here in Portugal!
one day or two will change a lot for me :stuck_out_tongue:
let’s pray for thursday then :wink:


Seems like no one in the US has gotten their tracking numbers! Why is Eve not following up with their fulfillment partners in the US? I assume it is UPS? who are notoriously known for kitting and fulfillment (from my previous experience in electronics fulfillment)

Sad to say but pretty poor “people support”.


Zzz, I’ve changed address from HK to NY, now I’m leaving NY


Fullfillment in US is done by 4PX as well with DHL as shipping partner. Problem seems to be the sorting process which is done by 4PX. Eve has no influence on how fast they handle this process. They have booked the fastest option but apparently the definition of fastest seems to differ pretty much.

I received my tracking id for my delivery to Germany today but nothing has happened with it yet. That indicates that sorting for EU is done (more or less) and that the packages will be given to DHL anywhere in the next few days.


Thanks, for the info. A little caveat with “Eve has no influence” though, timelines are defined in a service contract, and if not held you follow up on them. So Eve should have influence, since they get paid by Eve either directly or through someone!


I’ve been checking Backerkit daily :frowning:


I am sure Eve is checking with the logistics company and probably not having a great deal of luck with their inquiries just yet.
As a result I would think they are not able to report anything about it until it is or can be resolved.

I too have had similar problems and whether you “the Customer” are paying them or not you are still just a number in the queue. Logistics people are not the most understanding humans on the planet. They get complaints every day, so you are not really all that special to them. They might pretend but in the end they probably don’t care all that much.

I suggest a bit more patience might be the order of the day.


aren’t you experienced in china logistics? I have no idea how this is working. Gimme some insider knowledge how to export electronics from HK to the world. Are the chinese export customs? Is it better to sort the parts of the individual package (V type, keyboard language, sleeve, extra cables) in China or after import customs in the delivery-country? I’m really interested about your thoughts to the slow delivery of the HEB devices (about 2weeks now)…


received my trackingcode yesterday morning, from DHL UK warehouse.
but no delivery estimate or other info from DHL.
the link from Backerit does not work. but the code is correct if you fill it in directly at DHL


same thing here. For some reason DHL hasn’t picked up the parcel from the warehouse. Pretty shame, as I would have received the device today. Tomorrow is a national holiday in Finland (independence day) so it’s thursday earliest.


Same thing here, received tracking number for local carrier (SF Express) couple days ago, but they still haven’t provide any actual information.


So looks like 4px is employing further delay tactics… We don’t know when they will actually give the products to the couriers :frowning:


Maybe they like the Vs so much, they’re keeping them all for themselves :slight_smile:


Can someone from @Team help out here? Hulby is missing a tracking number for Australia Post.


Thanks for pointing this out!

@Hulby Check your messages! :slight_smile:


also @Hige is missing his EU (DHL) tracking code @iKirin