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I know - that’s why I’m envious!


What regions are confirmed so far? EU obviously. Where else?


I just was ranting about Hong Kong still sitting on our V’s, and now I’ve got a tracking number. 404 actually, but at least it is in UK, and soonish at my doorstep.


Please check the URL - there’s some bug that the number is attached at the end of it somehow - it’s not a 404 :slight_smile:


Any US backers has their code?


Someone from the americas got one?


How should it look like?
I’ve got
replace 99999999999 with a tracking number.

Nvm. Reread some posts.
That’s how it should look like


So go to and 7nsert that number


I am from India and still haven’t got my tracking number. It should come directly from Hong Kong warehouse I guess. No idea how much more time it will take.


@Ho_Yi_Lee @Xify I think we should get the US codes pretty soon - bear in mind that EU is a few hours ‘before’ the US in terms of time (e.g. it’s 3.38PM here right now) so the codes might take a tad longer to arrive.
However, since all units are shipped with express shipment I hope that most backers should receive their units in this week :slight_smile:


I have been looking stupid constantly refreshing the DHL tracking page at work :stuck_out_tongue:

It is still stuck on:

Shipment information received ¦ LUTON - UK

Has it moved for anyone else in the EU?

The issue is ‘Shipment information received’ is just the status of the tracking until the package has been picked up by the courier, so it seems it’s not in DHL’s hands yet… I hope 4PX gets it out of their hands soon!


I have been doing the same :laughing: it’s still at the same status as yours. You also have the option to sign up for shipment info in the same page, if you prefer to relax and get details via email or sms.


hasn’t moved yet. Also DHL does pickup rounds so it will pick them up (hopefully later today). REmember its still just shy 3pm in UK :slight_smile:

From previous dealing with 4PX (Oneplus used to use them too) its usually about 4-6pm UK time when DHL picks up their parcels from them. We should get updates later today if DHL picks them up


My tracking number is still not found on DHL’s site. I got mine on Saturday.


It concerns me. I don’t want my V spending any more time in Luton than it has to, I wouldn’t wish a stay in Luton on anyone, or anything.


Did you see the posts about the format of the tracking URL being broken?


Email recv’d 11.31 this morning. Latest location Luton UK, 08.46

“Destination Service Area” - Toulouse, France

May be Wednesday ?


Received my tracking number for delivery to Switzerland this morning. Status shipping information received, but that is fairly standard practice. I expect to see an update once the package leaves the DHL distribution center. Only a few more days to go until I have my Eve V!


Not yet. I am in Michigan. Will report as soon as I get a notice. Happy waiting!


Nothing yet. I am in U.S… Colorado.