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Well, unless a miracle happens, and Eve shows up at my door tomorrow, I will hopefully get it in two weeks time since I have to go on a business trip to USA. All in all, extremely frustrating experience…


So apparently I had to re-add the sleeve a second time to Backerkit, which I haven’t done it seems, so no sleeve for me. Kinda disappointing to be fair but oh well… Also had the uninflated issue.


Its not moving from Hong Kong itself, I have no idea whats happening. I thought being in India will give me the advantage of getting the device faster but…


Same on my order

Stuck at uk warehouse


We are on it! 4px promised to start shipping more units tomorrow!

We will keep you updated.

One liner update 06.12

oh i hope thats true - its so frustrating to be this close


Well, that’s a mixed bag. Good that they plan to ship more, bad that they obviously did nothing since Monday and are not doing anything today.
That means no chance of getting my V this week :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Konstantinos, have they given any indication as to why there has been this serious hold up and what they plan to do to rectify it for the future?


My tracking is still the same (shipment information received 04dec) but DHL texted me.
Delivery on Monday!!!


every single one of us from day 1 knew we were not buying from a regular supplier with Eve

Part of what you pay for when buying (for example) a Surface Pro is their network of distributors, VARS., resellers and retailers - we havent paid for that

what we have paid for is a passionate project team who wear their heart on their sleeve and share every piece of news transparently and openly. You would never get that with a “regular supplier” who would have covered a delay up saying its a customs issue or some other smokescreen.

Im sure everyone of us has bought a Chinese product straight out of China before and been suject to the vagueries of a 7-21 day delivery window. Ebay, Amazon, Alibaba, Tinydeal, Geekbuyer, Banggood etc etc

The Eve stands out because its different - I for one love hearing about the trials and tribulations and how they overcome them - Im just as frustrated by this delay as anyone but I also accept its part of the process and 5 days shipping delay on top of a years wait is something i can live with.

Seeing the units being assembled in the factory was a real eye opener - i have bought thousands of electronic products over time but never even given the first thought to how they get assembled - you imagine everything churning out of some hugely automated production like but actually thats not how it works - Ive learned much about the lifecycle of a product development and it makes the final device so much more unique and special to me.

In short - there were always risks - mistakes were made but thats normal - I wont get overly frustrated by this minor final hurdle. I know its nearly here and thats all that matters


Take your point and I’m not having a go at Eve - far from it. I’ve acknowledged all along that delays were likely and unavoidable and been happy to ride it out.

However, I won’t extend the same courtesy to a supposedly well-established, professional outfit like 4PX. They’ve been entrusted with the seemingly simple job of collating a few items and moving them from A to B (which is something they ought to be able to do in their sleep) and they’ve failed.

I’d like to know what their excuse is as it’s pretty frustrating knowing that my V is a few miles up the A1 and hasn’t moved all week.


UK warehouse? Or someother?



I’m still waiting…nothing in tracking still.


Same here – hopefully 4PX are making their way through them all this afternoon and the remaining EU folk will get further info today (fingers crossed anyway!)


me too, lets keep our fingers crossed PBem is a postive sign for us :slight_smile:


So “unlucky” @PBem… It will arrive tomorrow, but since tomorrow is holiday you should get it monday only…

Maybe you can try to contact DHL to pick it up tomorrow at the warehouse if its close to you… :wink:


same with mine :cry:

I think it depense to the timestamp of the “shipment Information received”. Mine is 08:46, as i remember all deliverd V`s had erlier stamps like PBem - 06:42


I have the same timestamp and all the ones I have seen have timestamp from 6am


Mine was a 06:41 at Luton