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The Brexiteers will be delighted at the UK being physically moved almost out of Europe


Bit more info in new update


In which case 4PX’s performace is just a bit embarrassing really. Unbelievable.


Totally, I would have never thought this could happen with them. I have never had any problems when they have been the shipper (ordered many OP phones where they where the shipper etc etc).

Its even harder when you know that your device has the tracking number but nothing is happening. Kind of lost hope that it would move tomorrow, if it wont its basically next week the soonest delivery


Mine has finally arrived (mainland China)! I didn’t receive a tracking number so it came as kind of a surprise.

Unfortunately I’m in the hospital now waiting to get my tonsils removed… at least now I know what to do to distract myself from the post surgery pain…


It does seem to be taking 4px/DHL and incredibly long time to start shipping from Luton. There doesn’t seem to be any logic in why some people have already received their devices and others not. I could understand if it was just shipments to Switzerland which is outside the EU, but backers in the EU are also still waiting.
In summer I ordered an Eva polar, personal AC unit. Shipped June 28th, delivered July 10th with FedEx direct from the factory in China. That would have been quicker than the Eve process of China->Hong Kong->regional warehouse - >customer.
FedEx also use intermediary distribution centers, but from Luton my Eve V still has to go to DHL UK->DHL continental Europe (DE) -> DHL CH (clear customs) -> delivery.
There are only ca 500 HEBs and not all of those are in Europe so I’m not confident 4px will scale for thousands of fire sale units.


Check the newest update from yesterday which has comments about the problems 4PX is having.


so let me update my situation.
i reported yesterday that i got i call from DHL that i had a package.I thought it was the V.
as it turned out it was something i ordered from with express delivery it arrived in1 day! from Germany to Greece.
i was very dissapointed yesterday so i didn’t write anything here.
According to DHL the V is still in Luton UK. As it stands right now i will have it probably next week.
Very disappointed with the delivery method.Never happened before. I got things delivered from china or the USA in 6-7 days at my door.
Now we have what?..17 days and still no delivery.


Munic, same problem. I also ordered a sleeve.


Looking at that timing I presume that Eve could charge them if it will be possible for such delay. Because they’r authority get’s stained by such delay and I guess they can refund their shipment costs from 4PX. Even if this wont make major difference, they can return this money to backers as a relief.
If it\s even possible. May be later.


I’ve just received a huge package (Hong Kong)

Just the box, foot-long ruler to scale


Same state for me Shipment information received since Monday, December 04, 2017 at 09:08 to Zürich.
I had the idea as well that they handle Swiss deliveries with low prio but now we can I think just wait.

I don’t want to experience what happens when I go for Christmas holiday abroad and the packet goes back to the sender :wink:


lb with 1tb for me


Since the “contact us” function on the 4PX webite doesn’t work I’ve searched for another way to contact them. Probably it’s wasted time because it’s not the right support category but in the faq is an email adress for “further help about tracking” and I sent a mail to it.



I really don’t think you’re going to get anywhere approaching 4PX directly - they would have zero interest in you as an end customer. Much like Sharp would have no interest if you rang up asking where Eve’s LCD screens were, or the assembler, etc.


But you are probably right and as I stated before it’s more like to clutch at any straw :grin:
Maybe if enough of us write them…


Looks like those of us stuck with “Shipping information received” aren’t going to get their devices this week.
They’ve been sitting there since Monday at least. Meanwhile, backers from the Americas have no idea where their devices even are.

What worries me beyond this is the reports of uninflated packaging, incomplete orders sent (IE, Vs sent without sleeves) etc.

And this is with a small batch of 500 orders. Scaling up, I can easily imagine packages arriving damaged, or even getting lost in the system. I don’t buy their excuse about the holiday season. I worked at Royal Mail where the workforce is scaled up by almost double for the season, and facilities were expanded via temporary tents near the sorting facility. It’s their job to plan for this stuff.

I don’t know what Eve’s service level agreement with 4px looks like, but surely Eve are not getting what they paid for. Not that there’s anything we can do about it. It’s clear the team are working hard to get the LB devices out by Christmas, and switching to a different company guarantees that Limited Birds won’t get their devices by January at the earliest. Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t? Who knows.


Seems like they unfolded the carton and used the bubble-folio! That’s good news


I’m worried.
Who knows how ours Vs are? Almost 2 weeks on the move is not safe.


Same as many others with the shipment info received on December 04 and thereafter no further updates. :disappointed:

@Team : Maybe someone ought to take a look at what the hold up is?