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Messaging you right now! :slight_smile:


i got a call from DHL. will receive my V today.
tracking number still stuck in luton

it came today in rhe Airport. i will receive it now… so happy!!


That’s super weird, but congratulations, man! : )


yes very weird. according to tracking… still in luton…
will have it in a few minutes


Looks like I’ve finally got an update!

From Shun Fung Express (HK)

Ideally would get it by tomorrow or Friday!


first of congratz to all who received their V. My one (HEB from Germany) is still stuck in Luton :disappointed_relieved:


Yes but the difference is that your info and others who received it said “DHL picked up”.
Ours just just said “shipment information received”.
I’m in Portugal and other Portuguese guy is receiving his V today.
Mine comes with a magnetic sleeve, he chose the zipper one. Don’t know if that’s the difference for this delay


As I haven’t ordered an V i cannot really comment on this.

I can however, comment on how a big and successful company did it. I’ve ordered a MacBook Pro from the Apple website, and that experience was horrible! Had to wait for ages, until they decided to ship it while I was housesitting somewhere else. Eventually able to change the address to that house. Tracking said it should’ve been delivered, no delivery guy came for the whole day. I called, they told me I wasn’t home. Next day, same story. Third day, finally received the device. It was DHL btw.

Moral of the story, it doesn’t matter if it’s Apple or Eve. A shipping company give 0 ****. So if you have issues with it… I’m empathetic.


I’ve got the package in my hands! :smiley:

Mine has arrived safely :slight_smile:


Mine is stuck in Luton too. A HEB with a few accessories including the magnetic case.


Just one thing I wanted to check. Some people have been saying that their parcel is “stuck in Luton” – do you mean the tracker only says “shipping information received”? I was under the impression this means DHL are yet to pick it up from HK, they just know that the parcel exists. As opposed to them all being stored somewhere in Luton


It says “shipment information received” on mine. I’m guessing it’s already here in the UK but still somehow sorting out what goes in my box (i.e extra accessories i’ve bought). It’s been like that since Monday 5th Dec though.


Exactly the situation I’m in - shipment information received - Luton UK - since monday.


Oh I’m in the exact same boat as you guys, but I don’t think our Vs have just been chilling in Luton all week – pretty sure DHL haven’t yet collected them from the main warehouse in HK (I may well be wrong though, in which case I could have walked to Luton and picked it up quicker than this)


I think the same, but if that is the case… God more than 2weeks for the processing??


That is not true. All the EU Vs are in Luton / 4PX warehouse.


@HerrJeh hopefully our bavarian Vs don’t get lost.


Seems to be the 4PX fulfillment centre isn’t fulfilling that quickly. Until they have packed DHL can’t pick up


Guys, I think I’ve identified the issue. Went on the 4PX website to see if there was anything that might indicate what was going on and found this map of 4PX warehouses. If they think that’s where the UK and Germany are, our packages could be anywhere!

(Thought I’d try to introduce a little levity to the situation)


Still have the “Shipping information received” too for my UK package :frowning: Also I seem to get daily phone calls from Singapore (haven’t picked up so far) does anyone know if this could be connected to the delivery somehow?