The HEB Shipping Corner


Same here. So ‘express’ shipping means that it takes more than two weeks to get a package delivered.

Actually, not really surprised that even the shipping has encountered unexplainable delays.


Obviously or not something happened that’s pretty much outside EVE hands. Maybe we’ll get some more info when EVE will have that info : ) Considering that people are getting their tablets, in the long run we should not be afraid or unsure what will happen. We will get our product.


I have almost the same except Destination is Toulouse.

If there are any of the team on here would it be a good idea to poll all HEB with “Received / Not Received”. Depending on the result they could contact 4PX for likely dates/times for DHL pickups.


4PX knows how many “EVE packages” they still have so poll wouldn’t really tell anything new.

Something is up and the Team is getting in contact with 4PX to know what the **** is happening in there


checks Eve forum
readies visa to go Shenzhen to pick up V myself


i hope i will be getting my V on Friday. tomorrow seems impossible.
tracking info still stuck in luton


I’m in the same situation. In Luton from Monday 08:46. This is infuriating…


To be fair - I got my tracking 25 hours ago and this morning the V was on my doorstep - so let’s see :slight_smile:
Basically 18 hours from the notification to having it at my place :smiley:


so if we get a notification today, like… now. we will have it tomorrow


I’m glad some people are getting their Eve’s, but it isn’t actually helping all those that are stuck…
Does anybody even knows the percentage of the Eve’s that were picked up by DHL?


Not really. It might come but that depends on DHL too


Many of us here seem to have gotten our tracking number closer to 50 hours ago, and still no V – it would seem thing’s aren’t going particularly well with the warehousing partner


talking about an understatement … … …


I’m talking about the notification that it’s going to be delivered.

We’re working our rears off to get them out ASAP in good packaging :slight_smile:


Fair enough.

And I don’t doubt that the team are working insanely hard to get it all sorted – effort which is much appreciated by us all.

Any news from 4PX as to why the process is taking so long?


Envy level 9000

You live in Austria right?


Yep, I live in Austria - backed it for me personally when we launched the campaign as I was unsure due to personal reasons if I’d stay with Eve for e.g. 2-3 years and I’d surely have to give back my work device if I left.
So it was handled as any other customers order - which also gave us as team some nice insight in things :slight_smile:


So, I need to back-track here. My friend received his V today, but with no case (they forgot to send him his case). So, perhaps you are right that where 4PX needed to add accessories such as a case to the box, they are taking longer…

Has anyone else who ordered accessories received their Vs yet? If so, then this theory becomes obselete, and it is really just 4PX being inexplicably slow (not that having to put accessories in a box provides much of a reason anyway…).


Just a general note - there are folks who want to keep everything a surprise and folks who don’t. If you’d like to discuss your newly minted V, packaging etc, there is a thread does that! And those who don’t want to know - you can mute the topic/know it’s a spoiler thread based on the tag. Happy V’ing!


I got and opened my order, very happy but my sleeve is missing :frowning: @iKirin?