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Still no update on my Eve V shipment to Switzerland (shipment information received). On backerkit it said “It may take up to 2 days for a tracking number to provide an update” and its been over two days. Looks like I won’t get my V this week. :sleepy:


I think that is the time the notification of packets to deliver has been send to DHL
That should be the same for all in EU.
The 2nd time in my case (December 05, 2017 19:40) is the time the package was picked up by DHL (I think).


My ‘shipment information received’ update was at 9.09am actually, not 6.42am (I am also in the EU)… And it hasn’t changed since.


It’s not the same time for all in EU, if you look at the screenshots in this thread it varies. I thought maybe that timestamp gave a clue about order of delivery, but it seems that @PBem is still waiting and should have his on the way if this was the case (06:42). My timestamp for Shipmment information received is 09:08.


My version of that update was 9.08am (I am UK, so EU for now at least) so looks like there were at least two EU batches for DHL to collect


Mine is finally here =) (Hildesheim, Germany)


When I say EU I mean Europe, no European Union for me (Norway). :wink:


It’s here!!! :slightly_smiling_face: Czech republic


Oh noes. Now I see my LUTON notification was done 08:46. No movement, so I guess I’ll still have to wait ._.

I imagine gigantic stock of Vs in the city centre, just waiting to be picked up *_*


Glückwunsch, you seem to be the first!
Greetings from Berlin


Got a call from DHL Portugal, the package is in Lisbon already and with the delivery courier and will be in my hands in 16:30 today!

Yeahhh :smiley:



Seems like this is a non-inflated bubble wrap (correct me if I’m wrong). The V and it’s package has a perfect condition by the way.


Got it too! :slight_smile:
It seemed that a bottle of red wine leaked on my outer package but the V was fine. However, the protector which should have been on the display was no longer on it (calibration?).

Now let’s start the tryout :wink:


I don’t think the screen protector is fitted. But it should be in the box.


Danke! Finally, I’m very happy :blush:


still stuck since monday awsome for a express delivery … drive me nuts …


Has arrived at reception :slight_smile:


Same with mine which just arrived.


At least you might still get it this week. North American peeps will have to wait another week, or 2…


that is a non-inflated bubble wrap, my chinese tablet arrived in that too, albeit inflated.
So… someone didn’t even bothered to inflate the bubble wrap?
Glad you guys got the packate in perfect condition though.