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Having these deliveries all at once is an interesting insight into the vagueries of global logistics!


Delivery guy called, will be here in 2 hours… just bragging a little :grinning:


I asked DHL, about the status and got this reply:

Dear Mr. Franklin,

Thank you for your inquiry through our website.

Unfortunately your shipper didn’t sent your parcel yet with us. They only made a shippinglabel but did not hand it over to the courier. I advise you to contact them when they will sent your shipment.

In case you have any further enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact me through e-mail or contact our customer service at 088-0552 000. My colleagues can be reached on weekdays between 08.00 and 19.00 and on Saturdays between 09.00 and 14.00

Kind regard


Ha yours is probably driving past my house (Newbury) but yet mine is still sat there.


Give it wave as it goes by :slight_smile:


Tracking for my V on the DHL website is stating they received shipping info on Monday, but neither the 4PX website, nor nor can find any information on the parcel – all completely blank


Look at @frankklin44 answer.
Ours weren’t even sent by 4PX.
Maybe when the team said “most will receive this week”, they already knew that they weren’t all sent to DHL.


Again DHL picks them up. They aren’t sent to anywhere.

Now the question is why some have been picked by DHL and some haven’t.


Is there any german HEB having DETAILED shipping dates from DHL already? If I fill in the tracking Number I still get the message, that the Number is unknown.


I’m from Germany and DHL says:


Atleast @andybotty gets his V today


That so called “express” shiping is a nightmare…


When DHL gets the package it will be express delivery I guess. The problem is that they didn’t pick it up until now (at least for many of us) an it look more like a problem with 4PX if you ask me.


Same for me. Frustration in Munich :unamused:


Same here in Heidelberg. I guess that 4PX has sent the tracking number to DHL in advance, but the package is still in China. Why some Europeans already have a package underway - I don’t know. Maybe 4PX had to split the delivery…:thinking::sob:


Maybe @iKirin can check the status with 4PX if he have time and didn’t do already. I don’t want to whine but it would be great if we can get our V’s this week :blush:. But if it will be next week it’s fine as well.


Got a call from DHL, there was a problem with content (battery). Rescheduled for tomorrow…


As @inffy wrote it seems like I will get mine today


I’m shaking my tiny fist rt you!

JK … Enjoy!


Our first tracking info is exactly the same: " shipment information received" even the minutes…6:42