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Doesn’t sound realistic. 4px is so big that DHL definitely goes there every day.

And as others have already been picked up.


4px is big, but so is DHL. I suspect that it is the sorting at the 4px facility that is the bottleneck. If I understood this correctly they are to repack the various items into a pack that is ready for shipment by DHL, I guess some were ready for pickup on monday, the rest weren’t I find it kind of strange that the rest was not ready on tuesday though… I got so exited by the tracking number yesterday, but just staring at “Shipment information received” is very anticlimactic!


Hong Kong HEB here.

I realized just after reading your reply that the tracking number I got is recognized by 4PX.

The tracking number did not work on the local carrier’s website (SF-Express).
It never worked ever since I got the tracking number on Dec 2nd.

4PX’s system (accessible here: recognizes it and gave slightly more information:


Ok, now I scared. Mine is totally empty! No packing…
But were you one of those who received it?


I haven’t received anything before.




mine is still stuck in luton.
our friend here in italy will get it today. i am in the neighboring country greece and still nothing.
the waiting is killing me


Mine is still sitting in Luton :weary:


I’m also completely blank


The clipboard icon next to “Detail” can be clicked, is there anything inside?


No greyed out. 202020


I’m in Portugal and some Portuguese guys are already receiving it today. What does your 4PX tracking say? Is it possible it hasn’t even been packed by them?


Given whether DHL already has the item doesn’t seem to be geographically-based within Europe, perhaps it’s based on what was ordered. I’m just guessing here, but maybe those that ordered accessories, such as sleeves etc. are taking longer for 4PX to prepare.


MIne is still the same status as before. I was using, but here is the official 4px system:


Same for me, mine is sitting there since 2 Dec too


According to my experience a week can past between DHL receiving the shipment information and actually handling the item.

So we need to chill tf out💆


I dont even get origin country flag, just unknown for everything :frowning:


still in luton


That’s a plausible guess. That said, I ordered with a case and UK keyboard, as did my friend, both of us in London, and DHL says he will receive his V today. My tracking still hasn’t moved.


Mine has left Luton and arrived in Bristol.