The HEB Shipping Corner


Now that our HEB Vs are well on their way to our doorsteps, here’s a spot to complain about your least favourite courier, celebrate when your delivery person trawls through the mud to present you with your long-awaited, untarnished prize, and/or scream when it takes a tumble and ends up in said mud.


This post is now a wiki, so you can help to keep this list up-to-date :slight_smile:. Dates should mostly be in UTC and are gathered from community reports; your V may arrive slightly later than the first one in your region.

Tracking numbers sent

  • Dec 01 Australia (Australia Post)
  • Dec 02 Hong Kong (4PX / Shun Fung Express)
  • Dec 02 South Africa (DHL)
  • Dec 03 United Arab Emirates (DHL)
  • Dec 04 Europe (DHL)
    • Austria
    • Finland
    • France
    • Germany
    • Greece
    • Italy
    • Norway
    • Poland
    • Portugal
    • Switzerland
    • United Kingdom
  • Dec 05 Czech Republic
  • Dec 06 Canada
  • Dec 08 India
  • Dec 08 United States of America

Out for delivery

  • Nov XX :toilet::sheep: ToiletSheep (click-and-collect)
  • Dec 06 Europe
    • Austria
    • Czech Republic
    • Germany
    • Portugal
    • United Kingdom
  • Dec 07 China
  • Dec 07 Hong Kong
  • Dec 08 Canada
  • Dec 12 Australia


If you’re anxiously waiting for a tracking number, I was notified by email:

The team seems to be managing them via BackerKit:

HEB Shipping Confirmations in USA?
Reasons not to buy the V
Frequent liner update 30.11
GOOD One liner update 08.12

So, it looks like us Aussies will be wrestling with Australia Post! I’ve actually had decent luck with them compared to most couriers.


Well the eve @Team has got to be the worst courier I ever had. Not even free food at delivery can make up for the missing tracking number and not getting to know when my package arrives until the same day. And then there was this weird ginger kid, I swear he had no soul. They even made me come out to pick it up myself, why did I even pay for delivery?

end of sarcasm

Now let the race for second begin :slight_smile:


Well I’m officially jealous.


I have my tracking number now too, I suppose good luck to us that have to use AusPost, I’ve yet to have a good experience with them :joy: I’m semi-rural though, so I guess I can’t expect metro area kind of postal service.


Um… that’s what they called good courier?


Forget the sarcasm of Ho Yi Lee

It’s the Christmas period and Australia Post will go faster and be less worried about the content.
They also start weekend deliveries in December because of the Christmas delivery surge.

So I think it will be a good time for the Aussies getting their V’s in the next day or so.


You are dealing with this courier for the continuous business, not just ‘christmas time’. (Short term vs longer term)

Reconsider this as sacastic. Above users In the past suggested they had a ok service only.


Yes, it’s OK service!

And I don’t think you have actual experience in this.

I have used them for more than 40 years, I know what I’m talking about.
They are mostly good, and certainly better than the small couriers that have entered the market here.
Their Express Parcel delivery is world class.

My concern previously was the Chinese warehouse company being used in Sydney, but that concern may have been unfounded. Time will tell what is true or what is conjecture.

Nothing is continuous as they can change couriers later depending on performance or efficiency. I think the TEAM had no choice in the end of line courier.

And YES I still consider your comment sarcastic, as it was based on unproven comments and innuendo.


As an Australian who lived in Sydney, I have had plenty of troubles with AusPost. We had a steep driveway, and so the postie would often just leave a ‘sorry we missed you’ card in the mailbox and not bother to come to the front door to deliver parcels. There was always someone at home, so we know they didn’t try. We complained to AusPost plenty of times, and always got told ‘sorry, we’ll look into it’.

AusPost is not the best. Perhaps their 1.6 star rating here after about 3,800 reviews would convince you?

Anyway, I don’t live in Australia anymore, so it’s not my problem. But just weighing in to say AusPost is not as good as you seem to think.


The thing is for someone the AusPost is good and for others it might be bad.

Not a single courier or postal service is good / great for everybody.


Up till now no HEB received their device except Tim? Wow is it a service failure? And I don’t quite understand the logic of this? If DHL don’t offer who else is better them them with their infrastructure in shipping?


“after about 3,800 reviews would convince you?” – Nope!

Besides I don’t live up a steep driveway.

People are much faster to whinge than give good reviews. (just look around you)

I didn’t say they’re the best, but I did say:- “Time will tell what is true or what is conjecture.”

I have not had any problem worth complaining about from Aust Post.

I’ve heard of FedEx, DHL and other couriers leave a card rather walk what they consider too far.
That’s fairly standard “worker” mentality in some cases, and it’s getting worse in many industries.


Little over a week (10 days). All shipped from Hong Kong. The one that did received it picked it up himself since he was in Hong Kong.


I changed my delivery address last minute from Australia to mainland China. Even though it’s far closer to HK, I still haven’t received the tracking number yet.
At least I can confirm my change of address actually registered…


That’s so unusual, it seems nobody in China has a tracking number yet.
I don’t understand that, yet part of me does.

The best courier service I ever had anywhere was from Xiaomi and SF Express couriers

It took less than 24 hours from Beijing to Qingdao, they texted by Wechat and called me on the phone.
The best and most surprising part was, delivery driver insisted on waiting for me at my home for 45 minutes until I drove back to my apartment meet him and receive my new Mi Mix phone.
Xiaomi insisted that I got the phone into my hands personally.

They used SF Express Courier for that kind of service.
Two awesome Chinese companies in my opinion.


Hopefully, my LB ships quickly. I live in China at the moment


Terrific news.
I still dont have any tracking number from the EU warehouse (Portugal here).
I assume it wont take long… i just hope to receive the V this week


As a Hong Kong HEB, I’ve received a tracking number from BackerKit too.

Shun Fung Express would be delivering it. The tracking number isn’t tracking yet, but I believe it’s normal.


Nobody from EU has received a tracking number. Nobody even knows if the stuff are at the warehouse. Same goes for US/Canada